Kayak tour in Valencia

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Are you ready for a Kayak tour in Valencia? 

We are thrilled to offer an exciting kayak tour in Valencia for both individuals and couples. Our rental options include single and double kayaks, which have been used by Eskimos since ancient times and continue to be a popular choice today. Kayaking is an easy and straightforward activity that requires no special skills, and we are always here to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have.

With kayaks being easy to maneuver, you can explore places that other boats cannot without a guide. The start is either from Valencia's beach or marina, depending on weather conditions. It is important to note that the rental fee includes the kayak, paddle, and vest (a must for children and optional for adults), but the instructor and wetsuit are not included.

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable experience, and all you need to bring are flip flops, a towel, water, snacks, and personal belongings. We offer a shower and changing room where you can store your belongings safely. Although it is rare to fall into the water, the kayak has a hole to allow water to exit, which can also let water enter, so be prepared to get a little wet during the activity.

To avoid any inconvenience, we highly recommend that you bring a waterproof bag or backpack with a strap to tie it to your body, especially if you want to bring your cell phone or something to eat. We are confident that you will love our kayaking in Valencia, and we can't wait to see you on the water!

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  • Esta experiência dá acesso a áreas exclusivas longe das zonas mais turísticas;

  • Esta experiência é a melhor maneira de explorar a costa, e ao mesmo tempo, manter-se em forma e "trabalhar no bronze";

  • Sintam a natureza e aproveitem o passeio sem deixar um impacto negativo no meio ambiente!

Não esquecer

  • Todas as experiências marítimas estão sujeitas às condições meteorológicas e marítimas. Em caso de más condições, entraremos em contato para reagendar ou fazemos um reembolso;

  • Informações do operador como o número de telefone e morada completa constam no e-mail de confirmação;

  • Recomendamos trazer protetor solar, fato de banho, uma toalha e chapéu;

O que está incluído

  • Perfect activity for your group of friends or family to celebrate special occasions;

  • A nossa equipa experiente ensinar-vos-á as coisas mais importantes antes de começar. Não é necessário ter experiência prévia;

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Kayak tour in Valencia
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