Paddle Cycle Boat Party in Fort Lauderdale

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Are you ready for a Paddle Cycle Boat Party in Fort Lauderdale?

Our 2 hours paddle party cycle boat shared tour is perfect for groups looking to experience paddle party without booking a full vessel.  Whether you’re from around the area or traveling from afar, our goal is to ensure the paddle pub cycle boat tour is the highlight of your time in Fort Lauderdale!
Cycle Boat tours Fort Lauderdale are 2 hours long and are BYOB(bring your own bottle). Pack a bag with your favorite beer, seltzers, wine, ice and snacks. We have a kicking stereo system onboard with Bluetooth, so bring your playlists if you’d like!

If you’re looking for a fun group activity in Fort Lauderdale, rent the whole Paddle Pub to yourself for yacht sightseeing like never before! Each Paddle Pub seats up to 26 people (the minimum is 7).

What are you waiting for? Join us now on this paddle party cycle boat tour in Fort Lauderdale!


What is Paddle Pub and what's included in the price?
We create unique outdoor memorable experiences that often become tradition!
Get together with friends and family, birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team builders, company outings, date nights, retirement parties, themed nights out – the possibilities are endless!
The price includes a two hour rental, and the Paddle Pub Experience. You’ll meet your US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, and your party host who will do everything in their power to ensure your party has the time of their lives! Be sure to bring your own beverages, snacks and ice (we do not have ice on-site yet)! We have coolers, cups, koozies and a clean restroom aboard for when the drinks pile up! There are 12 pedaling stations that power the huge paddle wheel in the back of the boat which we will use to make our way through Fort Lauderdale. Your host will get some music and party games going if you’d like! We might even have some little surprises along the way! We also have a front lounge/dancing area, a bumping sound system to sync up your tunes, and some party lights should you Paddle Pub at night! It will be a memory or in some cases a partial memory, but either way, your host will be sure to snap some great pics to last a lifetime!!!
Is there a bathroom onboard the Paddle Pub?
Yes, there is a bathroom! Is has an open ceiling, so please keep it reserved for #1s only. Most often we can make a pit stop for any #2 cases.
Where do we board the Paddle Pub?
All tours begin and end at our Cycle Party shop, located at 220 SW 3rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Parking can be limited on the weekends so we suggest carpooling or Uber.
Do you make bar stops?
We can not guarantee any bar stops during the tour, but you are welcome to request one and if we are able to accommodate the crew will let you know.
Can we drink on board?
You may, as long as you follow our rules and federal regulations. We provide ample cooler space. All alcohol is BYOB. Alcoholic beverages must remain on board at all times. Bring your own ice!
Is it hard to pedal on the Paddle Pub?
The Paddle Pub’s huge paddle wheel is propelled by 100% human pedal power. There are 12 pedaling seats where passengers sit to move the boat. Guests can take turns pedaling, pedal at their leisure, or stand/sit elsewhere on the boat and not have to pedal. We would say it is very light exercise and helps make the experience unique! Plus, don’t tell the rest of your group, but we do have an auxiliary motor which the Captain can kick into gear if you stop pedaling and just want to dance the rest of the time! We have had groups of all ages aboard the Paddle Pub and 70+ seniors pedal just fine. If they can do it, you can do it!!!
Can we get out and swim during the tour?
Yes, absolutely! We suggest our 3-hour Private Cruise option for a longer sandbar stop, but you are welcome to request a short sandbar stop during our 2-hour Cruises as well. The Captain ultimately decides if we are able to safely stop at the sandbar. Weather, tides and wind affect our ability to make a safe stop at the sandbar.
What if it rains?
Paddle Pub operates rain or shine! If it’s going to rain, we recommend bringing rain jackets and/or ponchos. It’s still a lot of fun- think of it as an adventure. We only cancel tours if there are unsafe conditions, in which case you will receive a credit or refund.
How many coolers fit on board?
We can fit approximately 3 full-sized coolers on board.
Are people under the age of 21 allowed on board?
Yes, but they will receive an “X”  on each hand and cannot drink while on board.  Riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present. The minimum age to ride the Paddle Pub is 10.
Is there a weight limit for riders?
Yes. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the vessel and the activity, passengers over 300 pounds will not be able to comfortably ride the Paddle Pub.
Can we eat onboard the Paddle Pub?
Yes, you can! Food is allowed onboard the Paddle Pub.



  • Geniet van het uitzicht over de verbazingwekkende kustlijn vanuit een uniek perspectief;

  • De perfecte activiteit voor een groep vrienden en/of familie om speciale gelegenheden te vieren;

  • Durf je mee te doen met de drankspelletjes?

Vergeet niet

  • Deze ervaring is exclusief eten en drinken, maar voel je vrij om je eigen mee te nemen;

  • Alle zee ervaringen zijn afhankelijk van het weer en de omstandigheden op zee. In het geval van slechte omstandigheden, nemen wij contact op om een ​​nieuwe afspraak te maken of een terugbetaling te regelen;

  • Gedetailleerde informatie over de touroperator, inclusief telefoonnummer en adres, wordt vermeld in de bevestigingsmail;

Wat is inbegrepen

  • Perfect activity for your group of friends or family to celebrate special occasions;

  • Aan boord zijn er toiletten beschikbaar en plekken met schaduw;

  • Aan boord kan je je telefoon via Bluetooth verbinden met het geluidssysteem;

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Paddle Cycle Boat Party in Fort Lauderdale