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Experience Maui

Maui is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide and hosts 2 Million visitors every year! The second-largest island of Hawaii is a real gem for lots of different kind of travellers, so whatever you’re looking for on your holidays, you will be sure to find it in Maui! 
From the famous Road to Hana, over amazing opportunities for watersport activities like snorkeling and kayaking, boat tours to go whale watching and some of the most amazing surf spots of the world - Maui is simply like paradise! Hikers will love the amazing trails along lush green tropical forests, and from the Haleakalā volcano you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunrises on earth.  

Language and currency in Maui

Both English and Hawaiian, which is the name given to the original Hawaiian language, are recognized as official languages throughout the state of Hawaii, including the island of Maui. If you are traveling in the tourism areas in Maui and understand English, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting around. Nonetheless, you will meet many more friendly people if you take the time to learn a few basic Hawaiian expressions, such as Aloha (Hello and Goodbye) and Mahalo (Thank You) (Thank You).
The United States Dollar (USD) is the standard currency in Maui, and exchanging money at any of the island’s banks is quick and easy. Credit cards are accepted for payment at the majority of Maui’s visitor attractions.

Getting around in Maui

The island of Maui is quite large and there is a loooot to explore! Usually, the best way to get around in Maui is to rent a car. You can book a car in advance online and pick it up at the airport, which is the most convenient way to rent a car in Maui. There are lots of rental car companies to choose from. With a car, you can explore the hidden beaches and most beautiful corners of Maui without any hustle.
If you don’t want to rent a car, you can of course get around in Maui with alternative transportation. There are for example a lot of tour companies, where you can book day tours to take you to the more remote places. Taxis and rideshare apps like Uber are also available on Maui, but more on the more populated spots. You can also rent a bike or scooter in Maui for short distances. How you want to get around in Maui depends on your own expectations and on what you want to experience on the island. 

Best things to do during your holidays in Maui

Maui is a real paradise and so versatile like not many other places in the world. There are so many things to do in Maui, and we have listed the best options for you! Whether you’re travelling solo, with your family or group of friends, there are great things to do in Maui for everybody! 
Road to Hana
This famous road in the mountains is famous for its amazing views and breathtaking scenery all the way. Along the road to Hana, you will pass by some incredible places full of history and culture. If you drive yourself, you can stop wherever you want to and take your time to really experience this famous region. Or you book one of the many guided tours, that usually take one day and where you will visit the most important sights along the Road to Hana. 

Waiʻānapanapa State Park 
This Nature Park is one of the most beautiful state parks on Maui, and if you’re looking for solitude and nature en masse, a visit to the ​​Waiʻānapanapa State Park is a Must-Do! In this State Park, you can hike through amazing forests and observe unique bird species. Thanks to the reservation system, the park is never too crowded with tourists, so you can enjoy the stunning views from the coast and the secluded beaches in peace and quiet. 

Haleakalā National Park
The Haleakalā National Park is a park around the dormant volcano Haleakalā. One of the most popular activities in this National Park is the sunrise from the volcano, which is one of the most incredible spots to watch the sunrise on Maui. But nature-lovers will also be delighted to find a lot of rare endangered animals, many of which can only be found in Haleakalā National Park, like the Honeycreepers Birds. 

The best boat tours in Maui

Being the second-largest island of Hawaii, there is a lot of paradisiacal coastline to explore! The best way to enjoy the view over the unique coast of Maui is with a boat tour. We have some amazing cruises in Maui for you to choose from!
Thanks to its location, there are a lot of whales migrating in front of the coast of Maui, making it the perfect destination for whale watching boat tours. We have a few different options for whale watching tours for you to choose from! 
If you rather want an exclusive boat tour in Maui only for you and your family or group of friends, we also have the options for private charters of course. Book your private boat rental in Maui and explore the region at your own pace. The private tours are customizable depending on your needs, just let us know what you’re looking for and we will adapt the boat charter in Maui accordingly!

The best watersports in Maui

The coast of Maui is not only a great place for boat tours, but also for watersport activities of all kinds! Snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, swimming - whatever you want to do, you can do it here in Maui! 
One of the newest watersports you can do in Maui is the Eco Sea Scooter Snorkeling in Maui. On this eco-friendly guided snorkeling tour you can explore the underwater world and coral reefs without harming the ecosystem. Sea Scooter are a fun new addition to snorkeling tours, and make it easy for everybody to join this snorkeling in Maui!
On the Private Canoe Tour in Maui you can explore the coastline and paddle in the turquoise waters together with sea turtles and many other marine life. This guided tour is super fun and great for people of all ages and skill levels. Watersports in Maui are a great way to get to know the coast together with local guides!

What and where to eat in Maui

In Maui, like on the other islands of Hawaii, you can find some of the typical classic regional dishes. These dishes include spam and poke, two seafood dishes you can find at most cafés and shops. Loco Moco, a steak on top of rice with gravy and a fried egg, is also a classic Hawaiian dish you can find in Restaurants all over Maui. At The Restaurant at Hotel Wailea you can find Loco Moco amongst many other local dishes!
Lahaina Grill is also a good address in Maui to try typical Hawaiian food at a good price! If you’re looking for a great place for breakfast in Maui, try out the Paia Bay Coffee Bar and try some of their delicious bagels or other breakfast menus. After fueling up your energy at this breakfast place, you can keep driving to the Road to Hana and have a day of adventure!

Enjoy the beautiful beaches around Maui

On the island of Maui, you have amazing beaches all around the coast. With a car, you can explore the entire island during your stay. There are many beautiful beaches in Maui, and we have prepared a list with the best beaches for you! 
Kaanapali Beach
This long white sandy beach in the West of the island Maui is one of the most popular beaches of the island, thanks to the paradisiacal colors. The turquoise waters and the green fauna behind the white sand makes Kaanapali Beach so special. There is enough space on the long beach to enjoy it without too many crowds around, even though it’s located quite central with lots of infrastructure in walking distance. At the end of your beach day you can enjoy watching the cliff divers jumping from the cliff north of the beach, called Puʻu Kekaʻa. 

Kapalua Bay Beach
Kapalua Bay Beach on the Northwest coast of Maui is another hotspot for beachlovers visiting Hawaii. This beautiful swimming beach even won the award for America’s Best Beach in 2018! When you walk along the white soft sand with palm trees to one side and the beautiful cristaline Ocean to your other side, you will know why it won this prize! The water is great for snorkeling and swimming, which makes it a safe beach for families in Maui. You can observe a lot of colorful fish when you snorkel in front of Kapalua Bay Beach!

Ulua Beach
On the South Shore of Maui you will find beautiful Ulua Beach. It’s a sandy beach located between two rocks, and when there is no swell, it’s a great destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are colorful coral reefs you can explore from Ulua Beach. When the swell is up, it’s especially popular amongst body boarders and surfers. Watersport lovers will have a great time at Ulua Beach!

Whatever you decide to do during your holiday in Maui, we promise you will love the boat tours and watersports. Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

De beste zee activiteiten in Maui