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Experience Haleiwa

Haleiwa is the biggest and most important town on the North Shore of the Hawaiian island Oahu. Surrounded by splendid nature and blessed with an amazing coastline, it’s one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting from all over the world. 
The charming town has a lot to offer and is a great place to visit during a day, or as a base point for adventures all around the island. Surfers love Haleiwa thanks to its close proximity to some great surf spots on the North Shore of Oahu. Since Haleiwa was a central town in the plantation-era, the architecture and history of this place burst of history. Here you can catch a glimpse of the feeling of Hawaii in past times. 

  • Our favorite beach: Haleʻiwa Beach Park
  • Our favorite restaurant: Haleʻiwa Beach House
  • Our favorite boat tour in Haleiwa: Private whale watching in Haleiwa
  • Our favorite watersport in Haleiwa: Full day Ocean Adventure in Haleiwa

Getting around in Haleiwa

There are several beautiful sceneries and tourism sites in and around Haleiwa. Renting a car is the most convenient way of transportation in Haleiwa, Oahy. The simplest approach to rent a car on Haleiwa is to secure one before of time and pick it up at the airport. There are several car rental companies to choose from. A car is the most convenient method to explore everything in the Haleiwa region, from its hidden beaches to its stunning cliffs.
Other than hiring a car, there are other methods for transportation in Haleiwa. Many travel companies, for example, provide day trips to rural places. Taxis and ridesharing services such as Uber are also available in Haleiwa. For shorter trips, Lahaina also provides bike and scooter rentals. How you plan to get around Haleiwa depends entirely on what you want to do there.

Language and currency in Haleiwa

There are two recognized languages in Haleiwa: the anglicized English language and the indigenous Hawaiian tongue. The good news is that wherever you go, English will serve you well. Aloha (Hello and Goodbye) and Mahalo (Thank You) are two of the most often used words in Hawaii, and the people you meet will appreciate your efforts to learn them (Thank You).
You can simply convert your money into U.S. dollars at any of the city's many banks. In Haleiwa’s tourist districts, credit cards are also generally accepted methods of payment.

Best things to do during your holidays in Haleiwa

The north shore of the island Oahu has a lot of amazing things to offer. Around Haleiwa, you can enjoy beautiful beaches and some fun activities to do. Relax on the many incredible beaches and explore the hidden corners of the region around Haleiwa!

Matsumoto Shave Ice
While you’d expect the most famous activities in Haleiwa to be some adventure in nature, it’s actually Matsumoto Shave Ice! Here you can get the most delicious ice cream you will find on the entire island! The Shave Ice melts in your mouth, and there are so many unique and delicious flavours to choose from. People travel to Haleiwa from all over the island to try the famous Matsumoto Shave Ice! It’s the perfect go-to snack during a day out in Haleiwa, and definitely worth the visit! Just ask the up to 1000 guests who come here everyday to get their scoop of the best ice cream in Oahu!

Clark Little Gallery
The Gallery of one of the world’s greatest water photographers Clark Little in Haleiwa is one of the Must-Dos during your stay in Oahu. Clark Little has made a name for himself over the last few decades, and his photographs of waves and surfers are famous worldwide. In his little Gallery in Haleiwa you can admire some of his best photos, and even buy your own prints. There are also some smaller art pieces available, as well as apparel with his prints. A visit to the Clark Little Gallery is indispensable during your stay in Haleiwa!

Haleiwa Beach Park War Memorial
The Haleiwa Beach Park War Memorial is located on the outskirts of Haleiwa and is a memorial in remembrance of the WWII veterans of the region. It’s a white obelisk located right in front of the sea, with a plate and surrounded by a grassy area. If you’re visiting the beaches nearby, paying a visit to the Memorial is a great way to honor the men who lost their lives during the WWII and attacks of Pearl Harbor. It’s a piece of history of the island of Oahu and Hawaii in general. 

The best boat tours in Haleiwa

There are many amazing boat tours in Haleiwa for you to choose from! Explore the fascinating North Shore of Oahu from the best perspective - the sea! While cruising along the coastline you get to enjoy the most incredible view over the unique landscape of the region around Haleiwa! 
If you’re looking for some real adventure, we recommend the unforgettable boat tour to go Snorkel with sharks in Haleiwa. Together with the experienced crew of marine biologist, you will get to snorkel safely next to the boat and observe sharks and other marine wildlife beneath you!
Another unique experience is the Private whale watching in Haleiwa. This boat trip will take you far out at sea, until the experienced crew finds some of the whales migrating around the island of Oahu. From the boat, you get to observe wild whales in their natural habitat. A truly magical experience! 
To end a day during your holidays in Haleiwa, the best option is our Sunset luxury cruise to Waunea bay. On this sunset boat tour you can enjoy the coastline dipped in the enchanting colors of a Hawaiian sunset. There is no better way to end a day during your holidays than being out at sea on a boat!

The best watersports in Haleiwa

The region around Haleiwa is super popular for surfing! Whether you already know the basics and want to improve your skills, or learn from scratch how to catch waves, the surf lessons in Haleiwa are a great choice! Together with experienced local instructors you get to spend some fun time in the waves, on some of the most beautiful beaches of Haleiwa! 
Another great watersport activity in Haleiwa is the SUP paddle board and turtle tour in Haleiwa. This Stand-Up Paddleboarding tour is perfect for all kinds of people, no matter their age or experience. SUP is super easy to learn, and so much fun! Paddle along the shoreline and be amazed by seeing wild sea turtles all around you in the sea! 
Of course we also offer kayak tours in Haleiwa! The full day with Ocean Adventure in Haleiwa is a great way to spend a full day out at sea, exploring the coast of Oahu. This watersport includes all the fun activities! Surfing, SUP and of course kayak! Experience the best the Ocean has to offer together with professional guides who will make sure you have an amazing day!

What and where to eat in Haleiwa

There are a few Haleiwa specialties you shouldn't miss if you find yourself here. Poke is one of the most well-known examples. It's hardly surprising that a place with abundant fresh seafood like Hawaii would serve fish in the form of a bowl with thin slices. Stop into the Haleiwa Beach House for some of the best Poke in the city.
Poi donuts are another popular snack in Oahu. Poi donuts are available in a wide variety, from the traditional sugar glaze to more exotic flavors like mango, and are created using a sweet dough derived from taro. Visit Waialua Bakery in Haleiwa for some authentic Poi donuts and other delicious food.
After a long night in the town in Haleiwa, nothing beats a traditional Loco Moco for a taste of home. Beef patty, rice, and gravy, topped with a fried egg. Delish! The greatest Loco Moco in Haleiwa may be found at Kono's Northshore.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches around Haleiwa

There are many amazing beaches on the North shore of Oahu and the region around Haleiwa. Whether you’re looking for a more frequented beach with good infrastructure, or hidden secret gems along the coast where you find some peace and quiet - you will find what you’re looking for around Haleiwa! 

Haleʻiwa Beach Park
The most popular beach in Haleiwa is probably Haleʻiwa Beach Park. This sandy beach is located conveniently close to the town, making it a great beach to visit without a lot of effort. Thanks to the calmer waves, it’s very popular for swimming and also amongst beginner surfers. If you’re lucky, you will even find some wild turtles along the beach. There is good parking close to the beach, and you can enjoy an amazing sunset at the end of a beach day! 

Puaʻena Point Beach Park
This beach just next to Haleiwa Beach Park is one of the go-to surfspots for locals and tourists. Depending on the conditions, it’s great for the more advanced surfers, or makes for a perfect spot for beginners. The golden sand at the beach is perfect for a relaxing sunbath, and usually you can also find many turtles all around Puaʻena Point Beach Park. It’s not a very long beach, but it’s usually rather calm, so you can always find a spot to relax at and observe the surfers catch some waves right in front of you. 

Laniakea Beach
Laniakea Beach is better known as Turtle Beach, and for a reason! Sea turtles love this beach to sunbathe everyday, usually somewhere around midday! Depending on the day you visit, you will get to admire somewhere between 10 - 80 turtles all around the sandy beach! To make sure that they can enjoy the sunshine without being disturbed, there are guardians at the beach educating people on how to properly behave around the sea turtles. It’s one of the best beaches in Oahu to observe sea turtles, and definitely worth visiting if you’re staying around Haleiwa! 

Whatever you decide to do during your holiday in Haleiwa, we promise you will love the boat tours and watersports. Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

De beste zee activiteiten in Haleiwa