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Experience Lahaina

Lahaina is a popular tourism destination on the Northwest coast of Maui. This little town used to be a fishing village, and is now a hotspot for tourists looking for a tropical Hawaiian paradise. Stroll along the beautiful streets and enjoy delicious food in the many restaurants. Did you know that Lahaina is considered the town with the best food in Maui? 
From Lahaina you can also visit a lot of amazing attractions on Maui, like Kapalua and Kaʻanapali beaches. But even if you prefer staying in the town, there is a lot of culture like art galleries and exhibitions about Hawaiian history. Visitors who like nature will love the oldest Banyan tree in the US, which can be found in the center of Lahaina!

  • Our favorite beach: Lahaina Beach
  • Our favorite restaurant: Lahaina Fish Co
  • Our favorite boat tours in Lahaina: Private whale and dolphin watching from Kaanapali
  • Our favorite watersport in Lahaina: Kayak with whales and turtles at Olowalu

Language and currency in Lahaina

Throughout the whole state of Hawaii, including the island of Maui and in Lahaina, both English and Hawaiian (the term given to the original Hawaiian language) are recognized as official languages. It shouldn't be too difficult to move around in the tourist regions of Lahaina if you speak English. Even yet, if you take the effort to learn some simple Hawaiian phrases like Aloha (Hello and Goodbye) and Mahalo (Thank You), you'll encounter many more warm and welcoming locals (Thank You).
Lahaina uses the United States Dollar (USD), and currency exchanges can be made at any of the town’s banks in a matter of minutes. Most of Lahaina’s tourist spots will accept credit cards as payment.

Getting around in Lahaina

Around Lahaina there are a ton of amazing natural places and tourist attractions. Rental cars are the most convenient mode of transportation in Lahaina on the island of Maui. The easiest way to hire a car on Lahaina is to reserve one online before your trip and pick it up at the airport. Many different car rental agencies are available. A car is the easiest way to see everything in the region of Lahaina, from its secluded beaches to its dramatic cliffs.
There are other options for transportation in Lahaina besides renting a car. For instance, you can find many travel firms offering day tours to the outlying areas. Lahaina also has taxis and ridesharing services like Uber. Lahaina also has bike and scooter rentals for shorter trips. How you plan to get around Lahaina is entirely up to you and your intentions while you're there.

Best things to do during your holidays in Lahaina

Lahaina is THE most popular town for tourism on the island of Maui. No wonder, because there are many great things to do in Lahaina. Travelers of all kinds will find amazing attractions to visit in this charming little town! 

Old Lahaina Luau and Feast at Lele
Luau is a traditional Hawaiian celebration, with traditional Hawaiian dances like the Hula and traditional food. The Old Lahaina Luau is the most famous Luau on the island of Maui, and every evening you can experience this cultural highlight. Amazing food, breathtaking views and authentic Hawaiian Culture - you will find all of this and much more of Old Lahaina Luau. A visit to this event is a Must-Do during your stay in Hawaii! 
Another classic Luau in Lahaina is the famous Feast at Lele, which also offers the same level of entertainment, cuisine and incredible views. If you have the chance, visit this Luau as well and dive deep into the local culture! 

Front Street
Front Street is the main street of the town of Lahaina, and parts of it are literally on the water! On this waterfront shopping street you will find many delicate boutiques where you can find local designers and artists, amongst more commercial shops and plenty of restaurants. Enjoy the buzz of the town, watch the different kinds of people strolling along and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Lahaina on Front Street! 

Lāhainā Banyan Court
The Lāhainā Banyan Court is a public park in the center of Lahaina Town, and famously known for the impressive Banyan Tree. The tree in this park is over 60ft high and spans over an acre, and is the largest one in the whole of the United States! In fact, it is also one of the biggest Banyan trees in the world! It was planted in Lahaina in 1873, and is an iconic landmark on the island of Maui up until today. 

The best boat tours in Lahaina

Lahaina is especially popular for its whale watching boat tours. With us, you even have the chance for a Private whale and dolphin watching from Kaanapali, a private boat tour that will provide you with an unforgettable experience during your stay in Maui. Enjoy watching wild whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, while also exploring the unique coastline all around Lahaina and other regions of Maui. 
If you’re visiting Lahaina with your spouse and looking for a super romantic experience, we recommend the Private sunset cruise in Lahaina. During this beautiful boat tour you can enjoy the view over the fascinating coastline in the most beautiful light. Your private skipper will show you around the best spots along the Maui coast. 
Are you a fan of high-speed and adrenaline? Book your Jet Boat in Lahaina and enjoy a super speedy boat tour along the coast! Jet Boating is like sitting on a rollercoaster, only you do it at sea and with an amazing view all around! If you want this experience exclusively for your group, you can even book a private Jet Boat experience in Lahaina!

The best watersports in Lahaina

One of THE most popular watersports in Lahaina is, without a doubt, surfing! Lahaina attracts surfers of all skill levels thanks to the broad variety of surf spots with different waves for everybody. Not only can you enjoy fun waves, but amazing beaches at the same time when you’re surfing in Lahaina! Book a group surf lesson or a private surf lesson to learn how to surf or to improve your skills and catch even bigger waves! 
Stand-Up-Paddleboarding is also super popular along the coast of Maui, and you can book your SUP class in Lahaina to experience it with a guide. SUP is super easy and a great watersport activity for people of all ages and abilities. 
If you love animals, you should definitely join us on the Kayak with whales and turtles at Olowalu. This fun kayak tour in Lahaina will take you along the beautiful coast of Olowalu, and snorkeling with sea turtles and whales will for sure be one of the highlights during your holidays in Maui!

What and where to eat in Lahaina

Traditional Hawaiian cuisine is available in Lahaina, and on the rest of Maui. There are the common seafood dishes that you can find at most restaurants and stores, like spam and poke. Steak and rice topped with sauce and a fried egg is known as Loco Moco, and it can be found at most restaurants in Lahaina. Loco Moco is only one of the many authentic Hawaiian specialties served at Son’z Steakhouse.
If you want to eat authentic Hawaiian food in Lahaina at a reasonable price, Lahaina Grill is another great option. The Choice Health Bar serves up some of the best bagels and other breakfast options in Lahaina. Fuel up on energy at this cute little bar before heading to the beach for a sunshine-filled day in Lahaina! 

Enjoy the beautiful beaches around Lahaina

Lahaina is located right at the sea, which makes it a great destination for beach holidays. While there are not many beaches in the town itself of Lahaina, you can reach spectacular beaches within a short drive! 

Lahaina Beach
This small sandy beach is located super close to the town itself, so depending on where you’re staying you can easily walk here. It’s a rather small beach, but with the white sand it’s a great place to wind down from the hustle and bustle of the town. The waves can be quite rough depending on the conditions, so swimming is not always safe. It’s a great spot to enjoy some beach time without driving too far from the town. 

Hanakaoʻo Park
The Hanakaoʻo Park is located behind a beautiful 1-mile stretch of sandy beach, and is a great destination for picnics and relaxing on the lawn or at the beach. It’s super popular with swimmers and snorkelers thanks to the rather calm waters of this spot. Depending on the conditions, there are sometimes also good waves for bodyboarding at the shore of Hanakaoʻo Park. It’s located a bit north of Lahaina and is easily accessible by car or taxi! 

Baby Beach
This beautiful beach is located super close to the center of Lahaina, making it the best beach for people staying in the town. Baby Beach is a very family-friendly beach thanks to the soft sand and protected area for swimming. Due to the off-shore reef, there are no dangerous currents or waves at Baby Beach. If you like to swim in calm water and enjoy the time with your kids without worrying, Baby Beach in Lahaina is a great choice for you!

Whatever you decide to do during your holiday in Lahaina, we promise you will love the boat tours and watersports. Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

De beste zee activiteiten in Lahaina