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Tips for your holidays in St. Michael

The most well-known of 11 parishes in Barbados, as being home to its capital Bridgetown, St. Michael is a Caribbean gem full of life, history and culture. Explore the Caribbean lifestyle and dive into an adventure so rich and colourful, you will never want to leave again! 
Not only home to the capital city of Barbados, but also to numerous beautiful beaches and with a wide range of activities to spice up your day, St. Michael is the absolute place to be. No matter what you’re going for on your holiday, from beach life to local shopping and a nightlife full of music and rum - St. Michael really has it all! Join us and discover this amazing Caribbean dream destination!

Language and Currency in St. Michael 

Over 90% of the population speak Bajan Creole as their language of everyday life, which will not help a traveler much. But since Barbados used to be a British colony, the official language in St. Michael today is English

The local currency in St. Michael, Barbados is the Bajan Dollar. The exchange rate with € is usually 1-2 or 1-3 (for 1€ you get between 2-3 Bajan Dollars, depending on the exchange rate). You can use the money changers that you can find downtown or simply get money at one of the ATMs.

Getting around in St. Michael

Rental Car 
Car rentals are very common in St. Michael and your private rental is an easy and independent way of getting around. Please remember this will only work if you have an international driver’s license and are comfortable with driving on the left side of the road. It might take a few rides getting used to, but once you’re confident a car is great to discover the island independently. 
In St. Michael, taxis aren’t metered. Instead, fares are set at fixed rates. The driver will produce a list of hourly fares and can carry up to 4 passengers at a standard rate.
In and around St. Michael, you’ll find busses running in pretty much any direction. The schedules are frequent but not very reliable schedules. This is very suitable for low-budget travelers as fares are low, but so is the level of comfort. The direction of the busses is shown in the front at the windscreen. We recommend you to carry exact Bajan change for the bus fare!

Best things to do in St. Michael 

Cheapside Market
Centered in the heart of the capital city Bridgetown you will find this buzzing, colourful and authentic market popping up every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wander the small alleys in which fresh fruits are being sold, handmade souvenirs are found to marvel at and enjoy an authentic taste of the Caribbean shopping culture!
Ride a Bajan Bus
The colourful vintage school busses are an amazing way of exploring the town in a comfortable way and getting a real taste of vintage St. Michael. The #1 Bajan Bus takes you on a journey to dive into the history and culture of St. Michael with a local guide. Learn about Barbados the stylish way!
The Beach!
Of course there are many things to do in St. Michael and if you tried them all it would keep you busy for weeks! But who really wants to be busy during their holiday? The best place to relax and shake off the tension of your everyday life is and will always be the beach! Don’t you agree? Visit one of the numerous beaches of St. Michael and simply tap out for a day or two to recharge.

The best boat tours in St. Michael

Can you imagine a better way of discovering the Caribbean Sea than by boat? Our favourite boat tour in Barbados is definitely a private boat tour to discover Barbados at your own pace. You will get to see the most incredible beaches of the island. But most importantly, you’ll have the chance to explore the amazing maritime wildlife! Snorkeling with turtles and countless species of fish is close to being checked off of your bucket list! After the snorkeling, relax and lie back on deck, enjoy the sun and the breeze on your skin while admiring Barbados’ tropical coastline. Holidays in St. Michael can’t be spent better than on board a private boat with a cold drink in hand. 

The best watersports in St. Michael

Barbados has an impressive underwater world to discover. To be able to get a real gaze into the underwater wildlife, you can join a diving trip in Barbados! Experience this hidden nature gem on a private diving tour in the Caribbean Sea and make memories that will last forever! Colourful corals, different species of fish and friendly turtles are waiting for you to dive into their world. There is nothing ever like this!

Where and what to eat in St. Michael

Known as “the culinary gem of the region”, St. Michael offers a great variety of traditional snacks and local dishes. Most of them can be found at the little street kitchens serving the national dishes like flying fish with coucou or delicious snacks such as breadfruit chips, fishcakes or even BBQ pigtails! There are also well known restaurants like the Harbour Lights you can enjoy authentic and fresh seafood overlooking the Marina.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches in St. Michael

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Barbados is blessed with stunning beaches and turquoise waters. You can find a beach for every preference - wavy, rocky, sandy, windy, quiet, busy - as you wish! The beaches of Carlisle Bay, for example, are know for their nice powdery sand and calm water. For swimming and snorkeling, even with younger kids, around Brownes Bay, Carlisle Beach and Bayshore Beach, you’ll be happy. If you’re looking for a more adventurous setting, try surf spots like Brandsons Beach!

Whatever you decide to do during your trip to St. Michael, we promise you will love this small island in the Atlantic Ocean! Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

De beste zee activiteiten in St. Michael