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We tried stand-up paddle in Benagil!

By Lianne, customer support and content creation at SeaBookings. Benagil, Benagil, Benagil.. What is so special about the Benagil cave in the Algarve, in the south of Portugal? I did a tour with stand-up paddle in Benagil to discover. This summer I’ve heard a lot of stories about this
Top 7 Algarve BBQ Cruises

Top 7 Algarve BBQ cruises

What pops up on your mind when you think about summer holidays? Sea, sun and BBQ, right? Good news, we’ll share our favorite Algarve BBQ cruises. We’ve selected a top 7 of Algarve BBQ cruises. These BBQ boat trips are a true “must” when you’re on holidays in the Algarve, the southern

5 Places to Spend a Beach Vacation in the Algarve

This is a guest post by Emily, an inquisitive explorer and connoisseur writing about her passion for travel. Dreaming about a beach vacation in the Algarve? Beach vacations are probably the best type of travelling getaways that everyone should pamper themselves with once in a lifetime

How do You Put Line on a Spincast Reel?

This is a guest post by Rifat Khan from There are a lot of factors that need to be considered if you want to be a successful angler. Fishing is not just about patience and dedication, it also requires you to have a great set of fishing equipment in order to have a gre
Kayak in Vilamoura

Why you should go kayaking instead of taking a boat tour

This is a guest post by Mark from Portugal is a beautiful country, with rich and diverse natural environments. With a warm-to-hot climate that is convenient for year-round outdoor activities, the Portugal coastline is perfect for exploring by water. If you prefer conveni

48 hours in the Algarve – Sunset, waves and culture

This is a guest post by Peter Jenkins, Owner and Luxury Villa Specialist, Sun-hat Villas and Resorts. There’s something magical about The Algarve. From the instant you step off the plane, you are transported to a holiday haven and can feel an indescribable buzz; not just from the deli

What are the Western Algarve Top Attractions?

This is a guest post by Hilary Graham from Affinity Villas. What are the Western Algarve Top Attractions? The Western Algarve has some incredible attractions for individuals, couples and families alike, hence the increasing demand for private villa holidays and hotel accommodation. Wh

Top 10 Things to do on the Lisbon Coast

This is a guest post by Chris Holt from 360GolfHolidays Lisbon is a gorgeous location on the Atlantic coast with amazing year-round weather. As the largest city in Portugal, it has developed as a centre of culture and activity, making it a great destination for families, backpackers a

We went surfing in Lisbon! And it was AWESOME!

Last Saturday finally I joined one of the surf days in Lisbon. Surfing in Lisbon had been on my list of the activities to test for a long while. I’ve been a surfer myself for many years. Me and my sister (and co-founder of were pretty good surfers when we were kids. F

Our top 6 beaches in Lagos, Portugal

Discover the best beaches in Lagos, Portugal We’ve been living in Lagos for almost 18 years now. Living in Lagos is great and the beaches in Lagos continue to surprise us every single day. Lagos is worldwide known for its stunning beaches. In fact, there are beaches for all tast
Vilamoura Portugal

Tips for the best holidays in Vilamoura

If you’re planning your trip to the Algarve, the South of Portugal, holidays in Vilamoura can be a good choice. In our point of view, Vilamoura is one of the Algarve’s finest resort towns. If you go for holidays in Vilamoura, you’ll get so much more than just amazing beaches and a ple

Whales in the Algarve: minke-whale in the Ria Formosa

Every year, we spot several species of whales in the Algarve. In 2016 we found 8 species of dolphins and whales in the Algarve. Dream Wave, a tour operator based in the Marina of Albufeira, revealed that in the course of 2016 they spotted 8 species of dolphins and whales in the Algarv

SeaBookings goes international with the support of Turismo de Portugal

SeaBookings, an online marketplace for watersports and boat tours in Portugal founded by two Dutch sisters, is taking its first steps towards international expansion with the support of Turismo de Portugal. Turismo de Portugal is the central public authority responsible for the promot

In 2016 we sighted 8 species of cetaceans in the Algarve

We chatted with our partner tour operator, Dream Wave, about the sightings of cetaceans in the Algarve. This tour operator, based in the Marina of Albufeira, specializes in dolphin watching tours in the Algarve (among other boat trips). The operator revealed that in the course of 2016

The best boat trips for your Christmas holidays in Portugal

Our favorite boat trips for your Christmas holidays in Portugal Are you one of the lucky ones who’s spending the Christmas holidays in Portugal? Well done! The time between Christmas and New Years in Portugal is usually beautiful. It’s not too busy and the weather is often very sunny

In 2016 there were two births of wild dolphins in Setúbal

Good news for dolphin watching tours in the Sado River and for nature! This year there were two births of wild dolphins in Setúbal, one in August and another in October. It was the Portuguese Institute of Nature and Forest Conservation that confirmed that two baby bottlenose dolphins

Nazaré Big Wave Event 2016

It seems like tomorrow will be the big day! Tomorrow the Nazaré Big Wave Event 2016 is expected to start. Nazaré, about 125km North of Lisbon, is one of the most popular seaside resorts along the “Costa de Prata” (Silver Coast), Portugal. Since November 2011, when surfer Garrett McNam
Christmas gift certificate

SeaBookings Christmas Gift Certificates

This Christmas, give an amazing experience SeaBookings Christmas gift certificates can be used to purchase any of the hundreds of things to do on A surf lesson in Carcavelos? Sure. A Stand-up Paddle tour in Cascais? Of course! A sunset sailing tour in Lisbon? You
Sunset Lisboa

Things to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit 2016

We live in Lisbon. We love Lisbon. The capital of Portugal is a very welcoming city. These days, a lot of people, around 50.000 to be more exact, will be visiting Lisbon to attend the Web Summit, one of the greatest tech conferences of the world. If you are one of those lucky people,

Sunset sailing trip in Lisbon: the best way to see the city

We invited our friend, Flávia Mota from the blog “Almost Locals”, to experience our sunset sailing trip in Lisbon. Flávia, from Brazil, shares her experience about the Sunset sailing trip in Lisbon in this article. It’s a great way to get to know the city and enjoy the Tagus Riv

The best things to do in Aveiro

Aveiro? Yes, Aveiro. In Portugal, in between Lisbon and Oporto, along the coast, you’ll find a fishermen town called Aveiro. Aveiro may not be the most obvious touristic destination, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for an authentic Portuguese experience. Aveiro is

Holidays in Portugal – a lot of awards in 2016

We’re so proud on our beautiful country. It is with great pleasure that we found that among the Europewinners of the 23rd World Travel Awards™, Portugal stands out. Holidays in Portugal are becoming more and more popular. This is why. Founded in 1993, the World Travel Awards are a gre

The best things to do in the Algarve for groups – families

Traveling to the Algarve with a group? We recommend you to plan your things to do and to eat a bit ahead. Going out for dinner with a group of 8 or more may require a previous reservation. Otherwise, you may have to wait in line for a while. The same logic applies to things to do in t

Parasailing in Lagos: adrenaline-boost and unforgettable views

We’ve been trying out the most amazing watersports and boat tours of Portugal. We’ve been “testing” some of the activities that we sell on By experiencing these activities ourselves, we’re able to give a better idea of what they consist of to our customers: you. In th

The best party boat in the Algarve

The Algarve, beside being a popular holiday destination for ocean and beach lovers, is also an attraction for party people. Cities like Albufeira and Lagos are known for their bubbly nightlife. These cities attract party people from all round the world, all year round. There are sever
Kitesurf school Lagos Portugal

The best activities in the Algarve for groups – sporty

If you’re traveling to the Algarve with a group, you’ll have to plan a bit ahead. Going to a restaurant with a group of 10 may require previous reservations. The same applies to watersports and boat tours in the Algarve. Today we’ll share our top 5 best activities in the Algarve for g

Jet boat Algarve: 100% adrenaline, wet and fun!

As we did with some other activities and boat tours that we have available on SeaBookings, we had to try the jet boat Algarve. We’ve had a lot of great feedback about the jet boat Algarve and now it was our turn to try it out! The Marina of Albufeira The jet boat Algarve departs from

We went kayaking in Benagil

Yes, we went kayaking in Benagil! We love to try out the experiences that are available on our platform. Femke and a group of friends went to try out the kayaking in Benagil. This kayak tour in Benagil takes you to one of the biggest marine caves of Portugal and even Europe. Kayaking

Sailing in Lisbon – Sunset, Friends and Fun

Our client and friend, Inês, offered us to share her experience about sailing in Lisbon. It’s a great way to get to know the city and enjoy the Tagus River by sunset. Check it out: Sunset, Sailing, Friends and Fun The Dock of Belém, Lisbon, on a late afternoon of a beautiful sum

We went to try out SUP and SUP Yoga in Cascais

Last week I joined a group of friends and woke up early to head to Cascais. It was worth waking up early as the sun and quiet ocean were inviting us for a relaxing stand-up paddle boarding session with a tour and SUP yoga in Cascais. Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP, is a fast growing

Tips on getting around in the Algarve

The founding team of SeaBookings grew up in the Algarve and as some of our customers have been asking some tips on getting around in the Algarve, we decided to share some personal tips. We hope these tips help you planning your holidays in the Algarve. The Algarve is the most sought f
In July this year, the Powerboats in Portimão are back.

F1H2O Powerboats in Portimão –  World Championship 2016

Ever heard of F1H2O? F1H2O stands for the Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship. This championship is an international motorboat racing competition for powerboats. The Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship is the highest class of inshore powerboat racing in the world. In fact, it is

Coasteering in Sesimbra Portugal – our personal experience

We went to try out coasteering. We had heard about it several times and the feedback of travellers who booked coasteering via SeaBookings has been great. We now discovered that coasteering in Portugal is one of our favorite ways to explore the Portuguese coastline. Our guide for coast

Cliff diving in Azores

After Texas and Copenhagen in June this year, in July the Redbull Cliff Diving will come to the Azores on the 7th. The Azores archipelago, part of Portugal, in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean will host the World Series of cliff diving for the fifth year in a row. If you like diving an
vertigem azul - dolphin watching from Setubal

Wild dolphins in the Sado River – only 30 min from Lisbon

Wild dolphins? You may think that dolphins can only be seen in zoos but we’ve got a surprise! Yes, there are wild dolphins in the Sado River and along the Portuguese coast! Jump on one of our dolphin watching tours and get to see dolphins in their natural habitat. We went in search of

Bo’s tips about the best things to do in Sagres

Ever heard about Sagres? Sagres is known as “the end of the world”. In fact, Sagres is most Southwestern point of mainland Europe, located in the Algarve, Portugal. Me and my sister Femke got to know this magical place when we were two young girls looking to explore the best waves whi

All you need to know about surfing in Lisbon

Lisbon is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination. Looking at its cuisine, the Portuguese capital is famous for its delicious codfish and wines. Musea, Fado and a great fusion of architecture attract culture lovers to the city. Lisbon, as a capital city, is unique due

Lisbon, the Sailing Capital of Europe

Lisbon is home to several major sailing events. In July this year, the Portuguese capital city hosted the Tall Ship Races and in 2017 something even bigger will happen. Lisbon will be the start of the Volvo Ocean Races, affirming its status as sailing capital of Europe. Sailing in Lis

The Ultimate Sailing in Portugal: The Tall Ships Races Lisboa

The Tall Ships Races Lisboa Have we already told you we love Lisbon? And have we already shared how much we like the ocean and sailing to enjoy it to the fullest? We’re sure we have. Sailing in Portugal is one of our favorite hobbies and one of the reasons why we founded SeaBookings.c

Fishing on Madeira Island with Captain Dave

We love the islands of Madeira. We’ve already shares our personal experience on the islands before. Now, we’ll focus on one of the best things to do on Madeira: fishing with captain Dave! Madeira is one of the two archipelagos of Portugal. The other archipelago is called Azores and is

The best of Algarve boat tours

Are you one of the lucky ones who are visiting the Algarve this summer? Be prepared. Your holidays will be awesome! To enjoy the stunning white sanded beaches and impressive rock formations to the fullest, let us share the best of the Algarve boat tours with you. In fact, the boat tri
Coastal canoeing Sesimbra

The best things to do in Sesimbra

Sesimbra, Portugal, is blessed with one of the most beautiful coastlines of Europe. With stunning beaches and impressive cliffs, Sesimbra is a very popular beach town near Lisbon. If you’re on holidays in Lisbon, Sesimbra is the ideal day trip to enjoy some of the best nature of Portu
sailing Lisboa

The best of sailing in Portugal

The best of sailing in Portugal Portugal has an enormous coastline. Portugal mainland has a coast of almost 1000km. To that, we should add 670km from the Azores archipelago and 250km from Madeira. Enough space to develop a broad variety of water sports and boat tours. Today we’ll shar
Activities in the Algarve - Easter holidays

Tips for your Easter holidays in the Algarve

Tips for your Easter holidays in the Algarve It’s almost Easter! Are you lucky to have booked your Easter holidays in the Algarve, the South of Portugal? Cool! We’ll share some tips on the best activities in the Algarve during this time of the year. Most activities and things to do in

Paddle Board Yoga in Portugal

Paddle Board Yoga in Portugal Paddle Board Yoga in Portugal is a must for yoga lovers this summer. Paddle Board Yoga or SUP Yoga is a variation of SUP (stand-up paddle boarding). Paddle Board Yoga combines the best of SUP with the best of yoga by practicing asana (yoga pastures) on a
Caves in Portugal

Algarve Caves: The top 5

Algarve Caves: Top 5 If you’re planning your holidays to Portugal, more specifically to the south, the Algarve, you’ve most likely already heard of the ocean caves of Portugal. In fact, the coast of Portugal is known for its impressive caves and rock formations. In this article, we’ll
Things to do on Madeira

Things to do on Madeira

Things to do on Madeira Madeira is a perfect holiday destination the whole year round. We’ll share the some tips to take the most out of your holidays on the island and enjoy the best things to do on Madeira. Madeira is one of the archipelagos of Portugal. The archipelago is composed
Boat tours Madeira Portugal

Portugal Tours: Top 5

Portugal is known for its stunning beaches and related ocean activities. Portugal tours can be done either in the water, like boat tours, or in the city, like the tuk-tuk or running tours, or even in the nature, like hiking tours. Today we’ll share the best Portugal Tours related to t
Lagos Benagil SeaBookings (3)

Benagil – the best way to discover the Benagil cave Portugal

The Benagil caves are some of the most impressive sea caves in Europe. The Benagil cave Portugal was listed in the world’s “Top 10 Coolest Caves” published by American online newspaper The Huffington Post in 2014. The south coast of Portugal is called the Algarve. The Algarve is the m

9 reasons to visit Madeira during the Fall / Winter

9 reasons to visit Madeira during the Fall/Winter Madeira, along with the Azores, are truly unknown natural gems of Europe. Madeira during the Fall / Winter is the perfect holiday destination. The Portuguese islands of the Madeira archipelago, an autonomous region of Portugal, compris