Are you ready to go scuba diving in Santorini and do two dives?

Clear blue waters, great visibility, nice temperature - that’s Santorini, a true diving paradise! If you’re a certified diver, you should definitely go scuba diving in Santorini during your holidays in Greece. This 5-hour scuba diving experience is for people who already have experience in diving and have a diving certificate. Our experienced guides will take you out for an amazing time exploring the colorful underwater world of Santorini. We’ll take you for two dives during a half day boat trip (5 hours). We will dive at two different sites, with a break in between the two dives during which we’ll serve you some cold drinks and snacks. The water temperature is very pleasant with around 25°C during summer, so you can simply relax and immerse yourself in the beautiful underwater world. What are you waiting for? Join us for this amazing experience to go scuba diving in Santorini!

  • Two dives from a boat to discover the colorful underwater world of the Greek island;
  • Our experienced guides will tell you all about scuba diving in Santorini;
  • Escape the crowds and feel complete peace and serenity underwater;
  • You’ll have a snack break between the two dives where our friendly crew will serve you water, ice tea, cereal bars and fresh fruit.  
Don’t forget:
  • Scuba diving in Santorini is only for experienced divers. Please bring your diving certificate;
  • If you want to do two dives or try diving for the first time, we have those options too;
  • Wetsuit and full scuba diving equipment included;
  • Drinks and snacks are included, but feel free to bring your own;
  • Check-in should be done at the dive center 15 minutes before departure;
  • Detailed information about the diving school, including local telephone numbers and addresses, are included in your confirmation email.  


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Scuba Diving in Santorini - 2 dives
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