Lisbon Boat Fest - the only festival in Lisbon in 2020

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Ready for the new party concept in Lisbon in the Era of COVID-19?

On Sunday, August 2nd, it’s the launch of Lisbon Boat Fest, the first water festival in Portugal that not only allows you to comply with COVID-19 safety measures but has everything to be the best day of your summer of 2020!

The idea is simple: each group hires a boat individually and everyone joins in the Tagus river. The festival takes place at the beginning of the afternoon for a visual show with Live DJ between dives and water activities such as speed boat rides, inflatable trailers, stand up paddle and jet skis! Pure fun from 12h30 to around 17h00.

If you are able to focus between fire-eaters, coloured smoke bombs and the freedom to feel the wind hitting you in the face while exploring the Tagus there is still time for an hour of open bar and strutting in front of the beaches of Oeiras with your mega boat and your inflatable flamingos and unicorns!

The Lisbon Boat Fest tickets are sold in packs for small groups and each is assigned a unique boat. It is in this way that it is ensured that people are physically conditioned to the group with whom they already interact in their daily lives without the possibility of approaching strangers.

The event will also be closely monitored by the Captaincy of the Port of Lisbon, which offered to provide any necessary support to guarantee safety.

For the launch, there are 4 types of tickets available that correspond to different categories of boats ranging from the most classic to the most extravagant and luxurious. We have boats for all tastes and budgets. Yes, it can be slightly more expensive than the usual summer festivals, but don't forget that this will be the only festival in Lisbon in 2020! Tickets start at 50 € per person. So worth it!

We know you were dying for a party, but still wanting to avoid the crowds. This is the perfect opportunity! The tickets are hyper, mega limited, so get your mates together and grab a boat before they float!


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Best seller Clean & Safe
Lisbon Boat Fest - the only festival in Lisbon in 2020
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