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Are you ready for our Kaneohe Bay Sandbar kayak rental?

With this kayak rental, you can kayak to Kaneohe's Sunken Island. We will provide all of the equipment and instruction you need to get out and enjoy your day on your kayak trip to Kaneohe Sandbar. From the ocean, you will see scenic views of the Ko'olau Mountain Range, glide around underwater coral islands, and arrive at Kaneohe Bay's Sunken Island, Ahu'O Laka (more commonly known as the Kaneohe Sandbar).

On your kayaking adventure, take in the breathtaking views and surreal experience of standing on the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar. A barrier reef protects the kayaking route to Kaneohe Sandbar, which is made up of underwater coral islands. This 4-hour or all-day Kaneohe Bay Sandbar kayak experience provides plenty of sun and kayaking time.

We'll make your visit to Kaneohe Bay Sandbar a breeze. We'll meet you near the launch site and supply foam pads and straps so you can drive 10 minutes down the road and launch the kayak directly into Kaneohe Bay from He'eia Kea Boat Harbor.

You'll get great views of the mountains, especially from the sandbar, and you'll paddle your kayak around unique reef formations on your way to the sandbar, where you'll see spectacular views of the Ko'olau mountain range.

You will receive foam pads and straps that are designed to fit all 4-door vehicles as well as vehicles with rails or cross bars. We'll meet you about a 10-minute drive from the Kaneohe sandbar kayak launch. Dry bags of 15 liters are provided for items that need to be kept dry.

Check out the underwater coral reef island on your way out to (or back from) the sandbar. Seeing the coral reef from your kayak is always a treat. You'll most likely see some fish and, if you're lucky, a sea turtle resting on the reef's edge.

Depending on the sea conditions, kayaking to the Kaneohe Sandbar takes between 45 and an hour. Since the wind usually blows from the sea toward the shore, it is usually faster to paddle back from Kaneohe's sunken island than to paddle out. What are you waiting for? Join us on this Kaneohe Bay Sandbar kayak rental!



  • Enjoy the view over the amazing coastline from a unique perspective;

  • This experience will give you access exclusive areas far from the busy touristic areas;

  • The perfect way to end a day with your family or group of friends;

  • This experience is a good choice for families and groups of friends who are passionate about the ocean, nature and adventure;


  • All sea experiences are subject to the weather and sea conditions. In case of bad conditions, we'll contact you to reschedule or arrange a refund;

  • Detailed tour operator information, including local phone number and exact address, is included in your confirmation email;

  • It's recommended to bring some form of footwear like water shoes for on the beach and rocks;


  • A safety briefing, insurance and life-jackets are included;

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Kaneohe Bay Sandbar kayak rental