Hike and Kayak Tour in Puerto Rico

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Are you ready for a Hike and Kayak Tour in Puerto Rico?

This full day with a hike and kayak tour in Las Croabas is a unique opportunity to enjoy two of the best natural attractions in Puerto Rico all in one day! It included round-trip transportation, a fully guided Rainforest tour, and the world-famous bio bay kayak tour.

Your day will start by meeting your local guide in the morning at your accommodation or nearby meeting point. After completing all our pick-ups, we will head towards the Rainforest, taking the scenic route through the island’s Northside to share beautiful views and review a few fun facts about the areas along the way. 

This relaxing sightseeing drive will take you through 4 towns in Puerto Rico before arriving at our first stop at a fresh fruit stand in Luquillo. Here, your guide will pick up various fresh local fruit for the tour (included), and you can purchase some local fritters and a fresh fruit smoothie. After this stop, we will continue toward Puerto Rico’s majestic Rainforest.

El Yunque is, without a doubt, Puerto Rico’s most extraordinary Natural Wonder. It is the only Tropical Rainforest, and the most studied Forest, in the United States National Forest System. It is the most biologically diverse Forest, hosting hundreds of plants and animals, some only found in Puerto Rico! After an exciting hike through natural trails lined with beautiful flora, fauna, and some river wading, we will arrive at a hidden gem in the Rainforest’s heart. This breathtaking segment of the 29,000-acre forest is like a natural playground. 

Here you will have the chance to swim in the natural pools, refresh in the waterfalls, slide down an exhilarating waterslide, rope swing into the river, jump from different rock formations, and enjoy fresh local fruit with a view. With all this excitement, you will have time to relax to the sounds of cascading waters and take in the beauty of this extraordinary place.

By this time, you have worked up an appetite! We will stop for late lunch/early dinner at a local restaurant for you to enjoy Puerto Rican Cuisine and relax until it’s time for the 2nd part of your combo tour – the Bioluminescent Lagoon. Bioluminescence is one of planet Earth’s best-kept secrets. Tiny organisms called “dinoflagellates” make the water glow at night, and fortunately, they have found the perfect place to live in the Fajardo Bio Bay. Hence, we can experience them all year round.

Our Fajardo Bay Kayak Tour begins at Kayak Village in Las Croabas. After receiving a brief of Kayaking 101 and a few safety tips, we will load up in our kayaks and head toward the Red Mangrove Forest with a fantastic sunset view. The Mangrove Forest is part of Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. You will kayak for approximately 30 minutes, and along the way, your Eco Guides will point out Forest’s beautiful protected flora and fauna.

Upon arrival at Laguna Grande, the sun will set, and the magic begins. This kayak experience feels like discovering a whole new world. At every stroke of your paddle, lots of sparkles will appear in the water. The kayaks will create a swirl of light, and the fish will glow in the darkness of the water. To add to its beauty, the Fajardo Bio Bay is perfect for viewing constellations too!

We will cruise back through the mangrove channel to the departure point with your Eco Guides and the navigation lights on the kayaks leading the way. Through the darkness, the air is fresh, and the sounds of nature are exotic. After kayaking back to shore, enjoy complimentary snacks and water before returning to your accommodation.

What are you waiting for? Join us now on this Hike and Kayak Tour in Puerto Rico!



  • El patrón experimentado conoce todos los secretos de la región y con mucho gusto vos contará todos;

  • Disfrutad de la vista única sobre la increíble costa;

  • Esta experiencia vos llevará a áreas exclusivas lejos de las áreas turísticas;

  • Estamos seguros de que esta experiencia será una de las experiencias más emocionantes durante vuestras vacaciones;

  • En este paseo podéis disfrutar del viaje, ser uno con la naturaleza y sin dejar un impacto negativo en el medio ambiente!

No olvidar

  • Todas las experiencias marítimas están sujetas a las condiciones climáticas y marítimas. En caso de malas condiciones, nos pondremos en contacto con vosotros para reprogramar o hacer un reembolso;

  • El número de teléfono y la dirección del operador, se mencionan en el correo electrónico de confirmación.

  • Recomendamos traer crema de sol, ropa de baño, un sombrero y una toalla;

  • Recomendamos traer una cámara para sacar fotos impresionantes;

  • La edad mínima es de 8 años;


  • Perfect activity for your group of friends or family to celebrate special occasions;

  • Dad un chapuzón en el mar cristalino;

  • Serviremos algunas bebidas y snacks y podéis traer algo de casa también;

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Hike and Kayak Tour in Puerto Rico