Algarve Boat Festival - Shared Party Boat

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Ready for the Algarve Boat Festival on a shared boat?

One stage, multiple dance floors and the western Algarve composing the scene. This innovative concept of multiple private parties, together, for a single show, like a drive-in festival instead of a cinema where the cars are boats. Physical distance and open-air are guaranteed. Join on this epic party boat with plenty of room to dance!
For this fourth edition of the Algarve Boat Festival, on August 27th from 15h to 18h, with all guns a-blazin, we present our most exquisite lineup!! DJ Vibe and Rui Vargas! None other than 2 pioneers of dance music and unquestionably THE most influential djs/musicians to have ever rocked a dance floor in the Portuguese club scene!
The Algarve Boat Festival has the support of the Municipality of Lagos and the Marina of Lagos. The Marina offers the night after the festival for boats from other Marinas. And the Port of Lagos, as well as the maritime police, will be present to enforce the Contingency Plan in order to comply with the “Safe Event” requirements, according to the DGS guidelines.

Buy your ticket now, we only have a few spots available. Come and enjoy this unique festival on the amazing party boats!

Basic Safety Rules:
  • Alcoholic beverages should be consumed in moderation.
  • It is strictly forbidden to jump into the water in the festival area. Outside the area, the rules of each boat apply.
  • The consumption of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is prohibited.
  • The skipper will follow the route and training directions indicated by the organization.
Please read the full Code of Conduct here.



  • Bailad al ritmo de las canciones de verano en nuestro barco espacioso;

No olvidar

  • No es permitido nadar durante este paseo;


  • Incluye una bebida de bienvenida y podéis comprar más bebidas a bordo;

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Algarve Boat Festival - Shared Party Boat