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Las mejores experiencias en el mar en Lanzarote

Things to do in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is the easternmost of Spain’s warm and balmy Canary Islands. Located off the coast of Africa near Morocco, its unique, one-of-a-kind volcanic landscape is truly magical. This has given the entire island an otherworldly appeal.

When it comes to things to do in Lanzarote, the good news is that there is plenty to do for every kind of traveller. While Lanzarote is associated with lazy beach holidays and all the typical comforts of resort life, there’s way more to Lanzarote than meets the eye. There are incredible cultural attractions, natural wonders, unique wineries, and even plenty of watersports and boat tours

What do you think of treasuring the Atlantic Ocean in search for some wild dolphins? From Puerto del Carmen it is possible to take a boat trip to the dolphin route. Navigate through the deep blue Atlantic Ocean in search of some playful dolphins.

Getting around in Lanzarote

Lanzarote isn’t a very big island (although the locals might ask you if you’re crazy when you want to cross the whole island in one day). From one part to the other it takes you about 1,5 hours of (comfortable) driving. We therefore definitely recommend renting a car! If time is not the most important factor, then you could visit the island by bus. Lanzarote has a great and affordable public bus service, which can take you to the most popular places on the Island. 

Best things to do during your holidays in Lanzarote

There are a few classics, that draw most visitors to Lanzarote each year. Among the favourite activities are road biking and hiking. You’ll see a lot of people riding bikes on the streets over the rolling hills of Lanzarote. And then there are various hiking paths around or on top of the countless volcanic cones

The best boat tours in Lanzarote

The half-day boat trip in Lanzarote to Lobos island is definitely one of our favourite boat tours in Lanzarote. Why? You will not only get the unique chance to explore the coast of Lanzarote, but you can also admire the beautiful Lobos island. There might even be a chance that you will spot some dolphins along the route! Enjoy the most stunning panoramic views during a day trip!

If you want to be more sure to encounter dolphins during your boat trip, we would recommend going dolphin watching in Lanzarote. Although we can not guarantee 100% that we will find dolphins during our trips because we “work with” wild dolphins and whales, the chances are very high! During this trip, it's also possible to swim and snorkel. That way you can explore the underwater world even more!

Enjoy the beautiful beaches around Lanzarote

Lanzarote has many beautiful beaches, but our favorite is Playa Francesa. If its isolation you crave, hop on this luxury catamaran boat tour in Lanzarote. This unique catamaran cruise will take you to the beautiful natural reserve of Graciosa island.

Enjoy the white sanded beach with its crystal clear turquoise waters. Oh, and did you know that the sunsets from this island are incredible?

Whatever you decide to do during your trip to Lanzarote, we promise you will love this unique island! Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

Las mejores experiencias marítimas en Lanzarote