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Tips for your holidays in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of Baja California Peninsula in the west of Mexico. It’s known for its luxurious resorts, clear waters and a buzzing nightlife that draws in millions of tourists every year. Cabo San Lucas has made its way from a cute little fishing village to an absolute top of the charts holiday location. A ranking well deserved considering the amazing beaches, stunning weather and exciting watersport activities offered! Nature is simply astonishing here, above water and under, which makes it a longing destination for snorkelers and divers. This Mexican treat will definitely fulfil your wildest holiday dreams!

Language and Currency in Cabo San Lucas

The official language in Cabo San Lucas is Spanish, but since the city is mainly frequented by American tourists, most people working in tourism will speak at least a little bit of English. However, it can’t hurt to know at least a few words in Spanish. Even though not necessarily needed, they will open you one or the other door more easily and with a smile. 

The currency used in Cabo San Lucas is the Mexican Peso. It’s exchange rate lies at about 24:1 with the Euro, which means you will get about 24 Mexican Peso in exchange for 1 Euro. 
Due to the high numbers of American tourists many places will likely accept US Dollars as well and international credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

Getting around in Cabo San Lucas 

Rental Car
Driving your own car is always a very convenient and independent way of getting around at your holiday destination. In Cabo San Lucas you can find a large number of offers online that seem quite cheap. You will still want to add a few extras, such as insurance, to make sure there won’t be any surprises when returning the car. A rental is incredibly convenient when staying in a holiday home and having to do grocery runs every now and again and you will definitely enjoy the freedom that comes with having your own ride.

Buses in Cabo San Lucas are quite comfortable and modern thanks to the touristic development of the region. They are also your cheapest option for getting around and schedules have become more and more reliable. 

Cabo San Lucas being such a well developed tourist destination, you will always find a number of taxis available. Your resort can most certainly arrange your rides for you and will even be able to provide limousine services, if you prefer. Taking a cab outside of your resort you will want to make sure to agree on a fare before starting your journey, since taxis aren’t metered in Cabo San Lucas!

Best things to do in Cabo San Lucas 

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas
The famous rock formation at the most southern tip of Baja California marks land’s end of the peninsula and is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the area. Water and weather have shaped the rock into an arch-like formation that you can visit on one of the many boat tours offered. Sometimes you can even spot some sea lions here and the colourful fish in this area encourage choosing a tour that includes a snorkeling opportunity! 

Hiking Solmar Mountain
The hike up Solmar Mountain is a short, but not exactly an easy one. You will be rewarded with an amazing view over the coast and sea of Cabo San Lucas from the top though, which makes up for the effort big times! We suggest taking a guided tour, since the paths up to the viewpoint can really be challenging and the way up is not always obvious.

Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas 
This upscale hillside area is a great alternative for all those who don’t dare the difficult hike up Solmar Mountain, but would still like to enjoy the breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean from a unique viewpoint. Visit the Pedregal area for one of the seafood restaurants and enjoy the view over the ocean and the nearby marina in the most relaxed ways!

The best boat tours in Cabo San Lucas

As mentioned before, there is not only The Arch but a number of stunning rock formations to marvel at in Cabo San Lucas. It’s a simple must to discover the coastline of this most southern end of the peninsula by boat! This allows you to not only discover the numerous stunning rock formations above sea level, but with your private sailing tour with snorkeling you will as well get to discover the incredible underwater world of this special area! Countless colourful fish and stunning reefs will take your breath away and even sea turtles can be found here!  
If you prefer to stay dry during your sailing tour along attractions like the Pelican Rock and The Arch, why not treat yourself to an extra special sunset sailing cruise in Cabo San Lucas! With your romantic sailing charter you can explore the area  to your full satisfaction and enjoy the most incredible sunset at sea afterwards. The amazing coastline of this area will definitely have your jaw drop more than once!

Where and what to eat

Mexican cuisine is brought to a new level in Cabo San Lucas! Many high end restaurants can be found in this area and seafood can be enjoyed fresher than you will experience anywhere else. Taste your way through fresh fish tacos and mariscos and enjoy some of the best views during your dinners! Thanks to a large number of American tourists you are likely to also find American dishes like burgers and steaks on the menus, which means you won’t miss a thing during your stay in Cabo San Lucas. El Peregrino Restaurant combines all those amazing offers in one incredibly tempting menu and offers a wide choice of Mexican dishes, American treats and the freshest seafood - all prepared to perfection. And if you’re game for a fruity cocktail after dinner, you’re already in the exact right place! 

Enjoy the beautiful beaches in Cabo San Lucas 

Beaches in Cabo San Lucas are stunning, even though many of them belong to resorts. Not so does Playa Pública Cabo San Lucas, which is a beautiful sandy beach with deep blue waters to relax at. Playa del Amor or Lovers Beach is a stunning stretch of sandy beach sandwiched between tall rocks that allow a feeling of privacy different from the long undisrupted stretches at other beaches. With this privacy comes the fact that there are little to no facilities available at this beach. If you’re looking for a more convenient beach day, try El Medano Beach with its numerous bars, restaurants and shops. And even water sports like kayaking or jet skiing are offered right here, so don’t hesitate to take off into your next holiday adventure! And if things go wrong at Lovers Beach, we hope your next stop won’t have to be Divorce Beach - even though this beach does exist and actually is beautiful too. ;-)

Whatever you decide to do during your trip to Cabo San Lucas, we promise you will love this part of the Caribbean! Sun, beaches and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

Las mejores experiencias marítimas en Cabo San Lucas