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The Dominican Republic is part of the Larger Antilles and shares its island with Haiti in its western end. In fact the Dominican Republic is one out of only two islands in the Caribbean that is shared between two sovereign states. But this is by far not the only thing that makes it as special as it is! The Dominican Republic is also blessed with lush green hills, crystal clear waters and beaches too good to be true. Many tourists come here every year to discover the stunning beauty of the Caribbean and to fall in love with the charme of the republic. 

Language and Currency in the Dominican Republic

The official language in the Dominican Republic is Spanish, which is spoken in a slight dialect called Dominican Spanish. It holds influences from African and indigenous Caribbean languages. However, communication will not be an issue for those speaking a regular Spanish. English as well as French are taught as second languages in all schools, when also the quality of this education is rather poor.

The official currency in the DR is the Dominican Peso. It’s exchange rate lies at about 1:64 with the Euro - meaning for 1 € you will get about 64 Dominican Peso. Money and traveller checks can be exchanged easily at local banks or exchange offices. ATMs cash out the Dominican Peso as well and European/ American credit and debit cards usually work fine here.

Getting around in the Dominican Republic

Getting around in the Dominican Republic is an important topic, since the country is quite big and roads are often in a rather poor condition. However, you will want to discover a little and there are some nice options provided allowing you to make the most out of your visit!

Shuttle flights
The Dominican Republic is quite big and the landscape can be rather tricky, which is why for greater distances a shuttle flight is a good and quick solution. Shuttle flights by Air Century connect a number of bigger cities and don’t operate on a regular schedule, but are scheduled upon demand. The airline operates 24/7. 

Rental Car
Driving yourself in the Dominican Republic can be a bit of a journey - not only considering your physical journey. Except for the highways, roads are mostly in quite poor condition and poorly lit at night, which demands a lot of focus and some actual driving skills. Next to these facts the police in the Dominican Republic can be a bit of a challenge. Policemen are paid rather little in the DR and are known to flag down cars and accuse the driver (often wrongly) of some sort of infraction. Paying a little “gift” will often sort the situation, but yet it’s obviously not one anyone really wants to be in. 

The Dominican Republic has a surprisingly modern and well functioning bus system in place that can take you to pretty much any destination you desire. It’s also the more affordable way of getting around while allowing you a glimpse into the everyday life of the Dominicans. Whether you’re looking for a bus ride down to the next fun beach or considering a long distance journey between major cities and tourist destinations, you will not be disappointed! 
For long distances there are comfortable coach options available with air conditioning and wifi on board. Just make sure you bring a warm jacket, since the air conditioning is always kept at the coldest possible temperature!

Best things to do in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is filled to the brim with holiday adventures, culture and history to discover an amazing nature and beaches to recharge your batteries at. Whether you are looking for something to keep your adrenaline level high or for the exact opposite, you won’t have to look too long in the Dominican Republic!

Damajagua Falls
The Damajagua Falls are a complex of 27 waterfalls close to Puerto Plata and are a real tourist magnet. For a good reason - well, for 27 good reasons, since the area is stunningly beautiful and offers some amazing adventures for hikers and adrenaline seekers! 
You can enjoy the amazing landscape and marvel at the lush green trails while hiking and cool off in some natural waterfalls and pools. There is no way of avoiding the water, so be prepared to slide down the wet slopes and be tempted to swim in the bright blue pools!

Hoyo Azul Lagoon / Scape Park Cap Cana
Hoyo Azul is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Punta Cana and definitely worth the visit! The natural pool of the lagoon is filled with the brightest of blue waters - it almost seems like it’s been real life photoshopped! The water is clear and cold, perfect to cool down after the about 20 minute walk to the lagoon from the park’s entrance. The entrance fee paid here doesn’t only include a visit to Hoyo Azul, but it allows you to discover the entire site of Scape Park Cap Cana. Besides some stunningly beautiful nature and vegetation there are zipline adventures waiting for you, a cave tour, a cultural introduction, waterfalls and much more! You can easily spend an entire day here exploring the area.

Snorkeling in Punta Rucia
Playa Punta Rucia lies at the southwestern far end of the Dominican Republic, almost at the border to Haiti. The shallow slopes at this beach and the crystal clear waters allow a real snorkeling or even diving adventure, without you having to venture too far from shore. Many friendly fish are waiting to be spotted and maybe you can even come across a turtle or some funky starfish! In any way you shouldn’t miss out on an underwater adventure in the Dominican Republic, since the marine world is just stunningly beautiful in the Caribbean!

The best boat tours in the Dominican Republic

The coast around Punta Cana is one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean. You shouldn’t miss out on exploring the coast by boat to experience a unique perspective of the beaches and the crystal clear waters! There are many offers for ocean lovers, which means there’s the perfect something for everyone. If you’re enjoying Punta Cana with your group of friends, take your party out to sea and join in for a unique day on a party boat! Celebrate life in the Caribbean with a fun party crowd, take a dive into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and take in the sun on your skin - could there be a better location for a celebration?
In case you’re looking for a more relaxed day out at sea, discover the coast of Punta Cana on your private catamaran! Together with your loved ones you will enjoy a textbook holiday in the Caribbean and you can even celebrate your own private party with up to 20 people on board. Whatever you decide to do, the Dominican Republic is your place to be if you love the ocean!

Where and what to eat

The Dominican cuisine is a perfect showcase of Caribbean flavours, herbs and spices! You will never be disappointed by traditional dishes like Mofongo, Sancocho, Tostones or of course the delicious seafood! Influences from European, African and even Indian cuisine make every dish a perfect mixture of the best of everything. And if the main dishes aren’t surprising enough for you yet, try some sweet cream of beans for dessert! 
At the restaurant Don Pepe in Santo Domingo you can find pretty much all of the above mentioned prepared to the absolute perfection! Enjoy some fresh seafood for dinner and taste your way through some amazing wines. You will not regret this choice for a real Caribbean feast!

Enjoy the beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic

Oh where to start! It’s not without reason the Dominican Republic is such a sought after destination for many holiday seekers. The Caribbean offers more beautiful beaches and perfect clear waters than any other place in this world. The Dominican Republic is not an exception - there is the perfect beach for everyone!
Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana is an absolute Caribbean dream with its white sand and clear blue water. It’s perfect for families and those who just want to drop off everyday baggage and enjoy a carefree day swimming and wading in the Caribbean Sea. But even those seeking a more adventurous experience will love Bavaro Beach for its many watersport options available just around the corner. Try parasailing or snorkeling to spice up your beach day!
For those looking for a more private and remote beach experience, Playa Rincón is the absolute place to be. Perfect white sand fading into the glimmering aquamarine waves of the Caribbean Sea. Lush green hills in the background and palm trees lining the beach leave you thinking you’ve been dropped right into a travel brochure. The water front of Las Galeras is lined with equally stunning beaches, so you will never have to look too long before finding your perfect spot!
Whatever you decide to do during your trip to the Dominican Republic, we promise you will love this part of the Caribbean! Exciting landscapes and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.