Private Manta Ray Snorkeling Tour in Kailua-Kona

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Are you ready for this Private Manta Ray Snorkeling Tour in Kailua-Kona? 

This snorkeling tour from Kailua-Kona lets you snorkel with manta rays at night. On this manta ray private snorkel tour, you'll discover the beauty and elegance of manta rays on a boat tour. It's likely to be one of the top 10 experiences of your life. Manta Ray private snorkeling tour is open to everyone who can swim and feels comfortable in the ocean. Adults and children (ages 5+) are welcome.

For their safety, our crew's safety, and other guests' respect, non-swimmers aren't allowed on this trip. They should be able to swim 50 yards without help and be able to snorkel at an intermediate or advanced level. Children under 18 must be at least 5 years old, have strong swimming skills, and be accompanied by an adult.

There's no weight limit, but guests must be able to board and disembark without help. Snorkeling is a physically demanding exercise, and we are 20–45 minutes from medical help in an emergency. You should be an intermediate-to-advanced snorkeler. For safety reasons, everyone must speak English.

This ex-Navy Seal boat will get you to the mantas promptly. Depending on ocean conditions, it can be exhilarating and bouncy. Sometimes the ocean is glassy and sometimes it's choppy, especially in winter. Pregnant or back-and-neck-issued women are not allowed on this excursion. Your lifeguard-certified guide will supply all the appropriate equipment, including Rx masks.

No worries if you're a beginner snorkeler. Come practice with us in the morning or afternoon. You'll appreciate snorkeling with manta rays more if you're confident. A manta ray private boat snorkel can be the highlight of your Kona, Hawaii visit. This is Kona's best snorkeling, so don't miss it!

You'll be wearing a mask, snorkel, wetsuit, and flotation belt. A modified surfboard with rope "handles" around the circumference of the board is available. In the board's center, high-powered lights attract plankton, which mantas devour. 9–10 people per board. Your guide will take you to the best manta-viewing sites.

What's my swim time? 30–40 minutes is the appropriate amount of time before getting chilly. Kona has around 200 named mantas with black-and-white markings. The number of manta rays in the water on any given day depends on how much plankton is in the water. These gentle giants hide in warm, clean waters and have 16-foot wingspans. They're some of the largest fish in the ocean. They're safe. Manta rays lack stingers, barbs, and teeth, unlike stingrays. Their huge, vacuum-like jaws suck up plankton.

As wild animals, manta rays' presence is not guaranteed. If you don't see a manta, you can go again on space-available standby. During busy times, standby spaces may be restricted. This offer is never-ending but non-transferable and non-refundable. We're usually successful at finding mantas for you. 

Nighttime is the greatest time to see mantas because they feed on plankton drawn to our lights. Now is the perfect time to see them close up. Mantas can be seen cruising the reef during the day, swimming slowly towards the bottom and stopping at a cleaning station to get cleaned. Parasites are removed by small fish. While scientists don't have much evidence, it's possible mantas withdraw to lower depths during the day to avoid predators. Since manta rays eat plankton, they have no need for teeth or stingers.

Unlike bottom-feeding rays, Mantas are stingerless and toothless. They're enormous and swift, but no manta ray has ever injured a person. We've seen mantas hurt by humans: stuck in trash, on lines, and by propellers. We've seen a manta ray take off with someone's camera in its mouth. We followed it down and got the camera back.

What are you waiting for? Join us now on this private boat tour to go manta ray snorkeling in Kailua-Kona!



  • Ein Besuch dieses Meeresreservates ist ein Must-Do für alle Naturliebhaber;

  • Euer privater Skipper wird euch zu den schönsten Geheimplätzen der Region bringen;

  • Bei dieser Tour könnt ihr Orte fernab vom touristischen Trubel besuchen;

  • Diese Erfahrung ist perfekt für Familien und Freundesgruppen, die das Meer, die Natur und Abenteuer lieben;

  • Falls ihr nicht schnorcheln möchtet, könnt ihr trotzdem als Zuschauer mitkommen und die wunderschöne Aussicht genießen;

Nicht vergessen

  • Um bei dieser Tour mitzumachen, solltet ihr schwimmen können und euch im Meer wohlfühlen;

  • Alle Aktivitäten auf dem Meer sind abhängig von Wind- und Wellenkonditionen. Falls es das Wetter nicht zulässt, kontaktieren wir euch um ein anderes Datum zu finden oder erstatten euer Geld zurück;

  • Detaillierte Anbieterinformationen, einschließlich der lokalen Telefonnummern und Adressen, sind auf der Buchungsbestätigung zu finden.

  • Das Mindestalter ist 5 Jahre;

  • Bring bitte Badesachen und riffsichere Sonnencreme mit


  • Perfect activity for your group of friends or family to celebrate special occasions;

  • An Bord haben wir auch Schnorchelausrüstung für euch;

  • Zu warm? Erfrischt euch einfach im kristallklaren Wasser;

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Private Manta Ray Snorkeling Tour in Kailua-Kona