Kona Manta Ray Snorkel Tour

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Are you ready for a Kona Manta Ray Snorkel Tour? 

This Kona manta ray snorkel tour will take you to swim with wild manta rays at night! The Travel Channel named this incredible experience "one of the top 10 things to do in your lifetime," and it's a must-see for adventurous visitors to Hawaii's Big Island.

This small-group tour is for groups of six or less, which is the smallest number of people that any snorkel tour boat in Kona can take. As a result, our experience is more personal and intimate than that of larger "cattle boats" that carry 50 or more customers. For example, our manta ray specialists may interact with each tourist individually, allowing each guest to spend more time in the water with the spectacular manta rays.

Our manta ray snorkel cruise departs from Honokohau and travels to the best manta ray viewing location in terms of conditions and manta ray activity. The boat journey lasts around 25 minutes, and if you choose our early tour, you'll see one of Kona's legendary sunsets.

When we get to the manta ray location, you will enter the water and swim to our light board, which is no more than 25 yards from the boat. Then, while you hold on, our swim guide will tow the light board to the most active manta ray viewing area. Because we have a lot of experience with small groups, we can move quickly and put our guests in the best places to see the sights. Larger boats, on the other hand, have to stay in one place near their big boats.

Our swim guide will educate your group about Kona's wild manta rays while you view them for up to 45 minutes. You'll learn about manta rays, feeding behavior, and other fascinating Manta rays in Kona can have a wingspan of up to 18 feet and come within inches of our guests!

Now is the time to book your manta ray snorkel excursion and cross "swimming with big wild manta rays at night" off your bucket list.
Is it necessary for me to be able to swim? Yes! Everyone who enters the sea must be able to swim at least 25 yards in the ocean without a life jacket.
Do you sell flotation devices? Yes. Our "light board" is a surfboard with high-powered lights that lure the plankton that manta rays devour. You will grasp the light board's handles with your hands. We also give foam noodles to help with flotation for your bottom half.
Do you offer life jackets? Even though life jackets are usually on board, we strongly suggest that you don't wear one on this trip. Importantly, life jackets are meant to keep us afloat, with our heads above water and our feet dangling. On this trip, our clients must be able to float on their backs so they can avoid kicking the manta rays and hurting them or scaring them away from our group.
How long does the boat ride last? The boat tour takes between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the manta site and the ocean conditions.
Are manta rays harmful? Manta rays are gentle giants that pose no danger to humans. They lack barbs and stingers, unlike stingrays, for example.
What do I need to bring? Please come to the port in your swimsuit and bring a towel and a light coverup or jacket. We will provide all of the necessary tour equipment (light board, snorkel, mask, wetsuit).
Manta rays are wild animals that can be found 92% of the time. If we don't see any manta rays, we'll put you on any other available tour for free. We recommend reserving this tour early in your trip to the Big Island in case it needs to be rescheduled later.
We have GoPro Hero 9 cameras for rent that you can use to record 4K video and photos of your tour.
Is there a minimum number of visitors required? All tours must be done with a minimum of four guests. As a result, if we do not meet our minimum, we will offer to rebook you on another tour or provide a full refund. You can also buy more tickets to make sure that there are at least 4 people on the trip.

What are you waiting for? Join us now on this Kona manta ray snorkel tour!



  • Wir haben Schnorchelausrüstung für euch dabei, mit der ihr die Unterwasserwelt erkunden könnt;

  • Bei dieser Tour könnt ihr Orte fernab vom touristischen Trubel besuchen;

  • Dieses Erlebnis findet vom Boot aus statt, damit wir die besten Schnorchelplätze erreichen können;

  • Diese Erfahrung ist perfekt für Familien und Freundesgruppen, die das Meer, die Natur und Abenteuer lieben;

Nicht vergessen

  • Diese Tour ist nicht geeignet für Schwangere und Personen mit Nacken-/Rückenproblemen;

  • Um bei dieser Tour mitzumachen, solltet ihr schwimmen können und euch im Meer wohlfühlen;

  • Der Check-in erfolgt am Ort, der auf eurem Ticket angeben ist, 15 Minuten vor Abfahrtszeit.

  • Alle Aktivitäten auf dem Meer sind abhängig von Wind- und Wellenkonditionen. Falls es das Wetter nicht zulässt, kontaktieren wir euch um ein anderes Datum zu finden oder erstatten euer Geld zurück;

  • Detaillierte Anbieterinformationen, einschließlich der lokalen Telefonnummern und Adressen, sind auf der Buchungsbestätigung zu finden.

  • Das Mindestalter ist 5 Jahre;


  • Alles was du zum Schnorcheln brauchst ist inklusive: Guide, Wetsuit, Masken, Flossen und Schnorchel;

  • Unsere erfahrene Crew wird euch das Wichtigste beibringen. Ihr braucht also keinerlei Vorkenntnisse;

  • Euer einheimischer Kapitän wird die Fahrt kommentieren;

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