Kitesurfing in Cascais


Are you ready to learn kitesurfing in Cascais?

Cascais, a fishermen village only 30min away from Lisbon, is known for its great kitesurfing conditions. Therefore, if you’re around come and join us and learn kitesurfing in Cascais!
Kitesurfing in Cascais is great because the region has got several beaches with different orientations. The broad range of beaches around Cascais have different wind intensities and waves. You’ll always find a great spot for kitesurfing in Cascais.
Cascais is easily reachable from Lisbon, either by a beautiful train route of about half an hour along the stunning coastline, or by car. We recommend you to take the full day for this kitesurfing lesson as you’ll also have some time to explore the surrounding beaches and the village of Cascais.
This is kitesurfing taster is a great introduction to kitesurfing. This lesson of kitesurfing in Cascais is designed for beginners. Your qualified instructor will start by explaining the principles of kiteboarding – introduction to wind windows, safety considerations and the equipment needed.
Being a beginners’ lesson, the course is entirely based on land. After the theory, your instructor selects a kite for you to get the principles of handling a kite. To experience first, you’ll start with a kite of 2/4 lines. Eventually, if we have time and you feel comfortable, we’ll try the inflatable kites to develop your control in different situations. Different kite sizes are used to maximize learning and to help build confidence.
All equipment needed for the the kitesurfing lesson - kites, boards, harnesses and protection gear - is provided. By the end of activity, you will be qualified and certified by IKO Kiteboarder Card. This kitesurfing lesson for beginners is given by a 100% mobile kitesurf school. This mobility enables us to teach where the conditions are better… we don’t wait for the wind, we search for it.

  • This introduction to kitesurfing in Cascais takes about two hours and a half and you’ll end up wanting many more;
  • You’ll learn how to handle kites, a 2 line kite and 4 line kite;
  • Kitesurfing in Cascais is a great way to explore the region;
  • Kitesurfing in Cascais can be done all year round, depending on the weather and ocean conditions;
  • Even if you don’t want to go into the ocean but would like to learn how to kite, this program is suitable for you as it can be fully land-based;
  • By the end of activity, you will be qualified and certified by IKO Kiteboarder Card.  
Don’t forget:
  • Bring sunscreen, swimming gear and a towel;
  • Bring your camera to show beautiful pictures back home;
  • All the kiteboarding equipment is included;
  • Food and drinks are not included, feel free to bring your own;
  • Please be present at the location agreed on 20 minutes before departure;
  • Phone number and address of the kitesurf school is included on your confirmation email.  


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Kitesurfing in Cascais