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Beste Aktivitäten auf dem Meer Saint Lucia

Tips for your holidays in Saint Lucia

If you had to imagine the perfect Caribbean dream island, your idea would most likely match St. Lucia at about 99.9%. This small island is part of the Windward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean Sea and on the border with the Atlantic Ocean. St. Lucia is of a stunning beauty and variety! Whether you’re into conquering the impressive mountains or you’d like to explore the tropical rainforest, the volcanic beaches or diving sites - you will definitely not be disappointed by any of those! 

Known for its especially beautiful beaches and broad marine wildlife, St. Lucia is a real gem in the Eastern Caribbean. No other island in the Caribbean offers mountain views while relaxing at the beach, the crystal clear waters in front of you. The tropical forest wraps the mountain peaks into a lush green coat, which contrasts against the white sand beaches and the clear blue sea like nowhere else. Welcome to St. Lucia!

Language and Currency in Saint Lucia

The official language in St. Lucia is English. However, 95% of the population also speaks French Creole, which had developed in the early years of French colonisation and is chiefly derived from French and the West African languages.

The local currency in Saint Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, while 1 East Caribbean Dollar equals about 0,32 Euro. The currency exchange rate is linked to the US Dollar which is widely accepted on the island as well. Money changers can be found everywhere and maybe even your resort can exchange some US Dollars into Eastern Caribbean Dollars. Paying in local currency often makes transactions a lot easier!

Getting around in Saint Lucia

Rental Car 
Car rentals can be obtained at the Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort and getting around independently is definitely always a good choice! For smaller budgets or those who would just like to enjoy some days off the responsibility of driving, there are lots of other options available as well such as:

Immerse yourself in the local culture by choosing the minibusses for your transportation. Schedules are frequent and you can reach almost every corner of the island at a low fare. The best thing about the busses is that the ride gives you a chance to observe the breathtaking landscape passing by outside your window!

Water taxi!
Our favourite way of getting around in St. Lucia! Water taxis can be found rich and plentiful around the coast and are by far the most fun and worthwhile way of travelling around the beautiful coastline of the island. Tickets can be booked online or in person, in advance or on short notice. This is definitely the most fun way of getting around in St. Lucia! 

Best things to do in Saint Lucia

Where to start? St. Lucia is a breathtaking island and offers the best of everything. With its unique mountains, its forest covering about 77% of the land mass, or the stunning beachsides, St. Lucia leaves nothing to be desired. And the adventure doesn’t even stop where the ocean begins! Even past the beautiful beaches and just off the coast you will find dive spots and coral reefs that invite you to spend your holidays exploring. Here are some of our favourite adventures in St. Lucia:

Grand Anse Beach
An experience so intimate and moving, you will never forget! Grand Anse Beach is known for its large numbers of sea turtles floating about in its crystal clear waters. This is the perfect spot for turtle watching all year round, but from March until August you can even observe their nesting behavior here! They return to the beach they once hatched at themselves to lay their own eggs and Grand Anse Beach is a real baby boomer! An absolute must see if you’re travelling to St. Lucia during summer!

Gros Piton
For all those into hiking, you can’t miss out on the adventure discovering Gros Piton, a volcanic mountain on the island’s west coast. The beautiful trails lead up to the peak from where you’ve got an amazing view over large parts of St. Lucia and the incredible Caribbean waters surrounding the island. The trail can be quite steep at times, but the hike itself isn’t too challenging and suitable for most adventurous travellers.

Pigeon Island
Pigeon Island is one of the most important landmarks in St. Lucia’s history and definitely one of it’s most beautiful spots to discover! Visit the many heritage attractions like ruins of military buildings used during the battle for the island between the French and the British forces back in the day. The national park also includes two stunning beaches and a restaurant to relax at before taking a hike up to the panoramic view point that allows you to overlook vast parts of the west coast of the island. 

Toraille Waterfall
The easiest to reach when it comes to St. Lucia’s many waterfalls is Toraille Falls, just a little out of Soufriére town. It’s a good spot to cool down from the heat of the day by taking a quick dip into the cold waters of the natural pool. The water is clear and fresh and the waterfall is located just about 50 meters past the gate to the park. It’s easy accessibility makes it a welcome attraction to tourists and locals alike.

The best boat tours in St. Lucia

Since there is just so much to discover in St. Lucia, we highly recommend taking a full day private boat tour that allows you to explore many of the island’s unique sights at once. Not only will you get to enjoy a perfect day on board cruising through the Caribbean waters, but you will also get to discover many of the main attractions like the Pitons, the bubbling volcanos, Toraille Falls, the incredible underwater world of the Caribbean Sea and you will enjoy a delicious lunch on top! The private boat tour “Tout Bagay” proves worth its name - “Tour Bagay” means “A bit of everything” and that’s exactly what you can expect. Snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Take a healing mud bath in the sulfur springs. Enjoy a unique buffet lunch at Mourne Coubaril Estate, an original 18th century working plantation and enjoy the view of Marigot Bay - all in just one day and these memories only shared with your favourite people! Learn more about your private boat tour Full day in St. Lucia - “Tout Bagay”

The best watersports in Saint Lucia

The Caribbean Sea is famous for its astonishing maritime variety like barely any other place. Visiting St. Lucia gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the hidden beauty of the Caribbean Sea and literally dive into a whole new world.Whether you are an experienced diver or you’d rather explore the underwater world snorkeling, there is an option for everyone. Enjoy the most beautiful snorkeling spots on your Private half-day charter in St. Lucia and get immersed in the stunning beauty below the surface! And once you need a break from your underwater adventure, you can simply climb back aboard and enjoy the sun and a drink with your favourite people. 

Where and what to eat in Saint Lucia

The cuisine in St. Lucia is an electric mix of American, European, Indian and Caribbean flavours that will have your head spin for more! The national dish is Green Figs and Salt Fish - boiled green bananas with salt-cured boiled cod. You will find loads of different herbs and spices in the St. Lucian cuisine and pretty much every meal will hold treats like plantain, breadfruit, fresh seafood and rich drinks on the side. Try a meal at The Coal Pot in Castries, a well known restaurant named after the traditional cooking method that has been used for generations in St. Lucia. This cute little gem right at the harbor serves French-Creole dishes and fresh seafood which simply burst with flavour! 

Enjoy the beautiful beaches in Saint Lucia

Everyone who’s ever been to the Caribbean knows that you don’t have to search too long when looking for the picture perfect beach to stretch out on. St. Lucia is no exception to this rule and is blessed with a number of just too perfect beaches along the entire coastline. Relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters and long white sand beachline of La Toc Beach! Or spend a day at Causeway Beach at Pigeon Island with its sunbeds and gentle slopes into the Caribbean Sea. Go snorkeling at Grand Anse or Anse Chastanet Beach and discover the variety of marine wildlife hiding beneath the surface. We can promise you with absolute certainty that you won’t miss a thing at your preferred picture perfect beach spot in St. Lucia!

Whatever you decide to do during your trip to Saint Lucia, we promise you will love this small island in the Caribbean Sea! Sunshine and a lot of fun are guaranteed! For any further tips or requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

Die besten Bootstouren und Wassersportaktivitäten in Saint Lucia