Sunset tour in Lisbon 5

We experienced an amazing sunset tour in Lisbon

It was a nice and sunny day in Lisbon and at night we had a delicious dinner by the river with a nice view. I saw boats passing by and I thought to myself, that would be an awesome thing to do. Sailing along the river on a sunset tour in Lisbon and seeing the city from another perspective.

Together with my boyfriend and two friends we decided to do a sunset tour in Lisbon on a smaller boat. I really like to have some quality time with friends and I think sailing on a smaller boat makes that possible! We went to the Doca de Belém and with only 8 other people we went on the boat.

Feel welcome on this cute motor catamaran

Feel welcome on this cute motor catamaran

There were seats in de back and front of the boat. We were sitting on the front of the boat where the couch was covered with bean bags. The environment was immediately what I hoped for. Nice people on board and everyone was excited to see the skyline of Lisbon and an amazing sunset from the boat.

When the sunset tour in Lisbon started it was still nice and warm and because there is always a breeze on board it made it even more comfortable. During daytime, it was so hot, that a refreshing boat tour was just what we needed.

The other people on board were also enjoying

The other people on board were also enjoying

When everyone was sitting relaxed and enjoying the view, André explained us about the highlights of Lisbon. We passed by MAAT, the 25 de Abril bridge and Cristo Rei. Look how amazing this view is while passing under this impressive bridge. Another thing what really impressed me was the sound of cars, buses and trains that are driving over the bridge!

The beautiful bridge

The beautiful bridge

After a nice explanation of some of the highlights, André offered us a cold drink and some snacks. There was even this fish pate with different kinds of flavors; typical of Lisbon, delicious! It was so nice because everyone was chatting with each other and I could see that everyone was enjoying this sunset tour in Lisbon to the fullest.

Enjoy the magical colors!

Enjoy the magical colors!

The most wonderful thing for me was the tower of Belém. I didn’t know that from the river this tower looks even more beautiful. It appears that all the buildings are built with the best side facing the river, so from the boat, we could admire these amazing highlights even more. Did you know that the tower of Belém was built as the first line of defence from invaders on the river Tejo? This beautiful tower is even more impressive to see from the river during sunset!

sunset tour in Lisbon

Great activity to do with friends!

Thank you so much, André, for the nice stories you told us during the sunset boat tour in Lisbon and thank you, Daniel, for navigating safely over the river showing us all the places we needed to see. The next time I visit Lisbon I will surely do a boat tour with you again. Maybe in the morning as you really recommended this? 😉

Sailing in Lisbon – Sunset, Friends and Fun

Our client and friend, Inês, offered us to share her experience about sailing in Lisbon. It’s a great way to get to know the city and enjoy the Tagus River by sunset. Check it out:

Sunset, Sailing, Friends and Fun

Junta um grupo para um passeio de barco no Tejo

Join a group of friends and come sailing in Lisbon!

The Dock of Belém, Lisbon, on a late afternoon of a beautiful summer Saturday, friends and a sailboat just for us, with skippers, beer, champagne and fresh cherries waiting for us. We’re gonna go sailing in Lisbon!

Yes, I know it sounds like a scene from a movie or who is a multimillionaire, but is not the case, I assure you!

It was just what I did last weekend and (yet) with a smile, here I share this fantastic experience that SeaBookings has given us and that is accessible to all (to have an idea, rather than going out to dinner I went sailing in Lisbon).

Champagne e amigos num passeio de barco no Tejo

Champagneand friends while sailing in Lisbon

Once we embarked on Blangai, Gonçalo and Filipe, our skippers, kindly explained in detail how our tour would be (we could even decide what route would be!). The also explained all the specifics of the vessel and some sailing techniques and all the security measures. “Above all, we want you to have fun!”, they told us and so we did.

We set sail in the direction of Santa Apolonia, while Gonçalo enthusiastically explained some technical sailing stuff.

Vistas únicas!

Unique views over the city!

We crossed the bridge of the 25th of April and dazzled with that architectural colossus. On the right side we contemplate the margin of Almada, Cristo Rei, the beauty of Gingal Pier. On the left the hills of Lisbon show up and we realize the urban history of the city with this point of view.

We passed Cais do Sodre and the renewed Ribeira da Naus and remember the courage Portuguese sailors had over 500 years ago when they conquered the oceans from that place! Sailing in Lisbon, without engine, without fuel, just with the mastery of natural resources: the tides, the wind and the stars.

O majestoso Tereiro do Paço, Sé e Castelo

The majestic Terreiro do Paço, Sé and Castelo

We arrived at Terreiro do Paço and looked at this square from a magnificent viewpoint. This image represents the city of the Tagus, which so many times seen in the history books, now there live and in color!

I see the São Jorge Castle, the Cathedral, the typical neighborhoods of old Lisbon, the Pantheon. Even with the views and thoughts back in history, I quickly return to the twenty-first century, with my friends who give me a glass of champagne to do a toast (some with beer, others with champagne!). We do three “cheers”: to life, to friendship and to this spectacular evening!

As Tall Ships Races de Lisboa '16

Tall Ships Races in Lisbon ’16

The day was particularly special for sailing in Lisbon, as in Santa Apolónia the largest free nautical festival in Europe took place: the Tall Ships Races, the traditions of the great sailing ships. And we visited this event from the best point of view: there were 50 tall ships from around the world and crew members of various nationalities, right there next to us!

We then turned around. The skippers warned us as the boat turned while we playfully let ourselves slip, laughing and splashing water with our legs. Our concern was not to spill the drinks!

Os skippers: Gonçalo e Filipe

The skippers: Gonçalo and Filipe

We started to sail down the river while the sun began to set, a true “Kodak” moment (I confess that I lost count of the number of photos we took I am not “photo-addicted” but it was impossible to not capture the moments and unique landscapes we enjoyed during that ride).

In zen-mode, I closed my eyes and felt the warm breeze, the boat and the freshness of the river. It gave me the feeling of complete relaxation. I do not know how much time had passed, but it had the effect of 25 massages, 5 yoga classes 5 and at least 3 meditation sessions.

Torre de Belém ao pôr-do-sol

Torre de Belém by sunset

After this “time for myself,” I went back to friends and the toasts! We passed the Monument to the Discoveries and arrived at the Belém Tower. This tower is UNESCO World -Heritage and voted one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. It was a privilege to watch this monument from the river and we realized its defense function of the Tagus estuary.

The tour was already over and it was time to return to the dock. The tide and the wind changed and even the engine could not move us. No, no one came into stress because we knew we were in total safety. Gonçalo and Filipe quickly opened the front of the sail. In the end, for us it was even better because we experienced to “sail the bowline” (follow in the opposite direction of the wind).

Momentos de amizade

Moments of friendship while sailing in Lisbon

We enjoyed the final part of the ride to the fullest, in between champagne and fresh cherries the crew kindly offered us. I’m sure that you now think: “I want that too”.

The best of it all is that this experience was not only for me, you can do it too! Join a group of friends and contact SeaBookings! I will definitely repeat! It’s even much more accessible than we think and is at a distance of a click through SeaBookings! Let’s go? 🙂


Momentos Kodak!

Kodak moments!

Many thanks to Inês for translating this unforgettable experience of sailing in Lisbon into words. As Inês said, we’re happy to organize the same for you. Just grab a group of friends and tell us when and where and we’ll arrange a unique and unforgettable experience just for you, according to your budget! Happy sailing!