• Autumn in Lisbon
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    Autumn holidays: the best of Lisbon

    Why holidays in Lisbon during the fall? Summer has come to an end. You’ve probably already been on holidays this year, but why not go again? In between summer and Christmas, is a great time to go on holidays, even if it is only for a few days. In this article we will share why we think Portugal is a great holiday destination during autumn. High season in Portugal is, with no doubt during the summer months of June, July and August. September can be quite busy still to. When October arrives, the flow of tourists decreases a lot. In the Algarve, during the months of October and November it…

  • Sunset Lisboa
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    Things to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit 2018

    We live in Lisbon. We love Lisbon. The capital of Portugal is a very welcoming city. These days, a lot of people, more than 70.000 to be more exact, will be visiting Lisbon to attend the Web Summit, one of the greatest tech conferences in the world. If you are one of those lucky people, read on, we’ve selected the best things to do in Lisbon just for you! Lisbon, the city of the seven hills, is known for its nice blend of richness in culture, history, shopping, nightlife and startup scene. From all of its seven hills, you can find many “miradouros” – viewpoints – to enjoy the stunning sights…

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    Sailing in Lisbon – Sunset, Friends and Fun

    Our client and friend, Inês, offered us to share her experience about sailing in Lisbon. It’s a great way to get to know the city and enjoy the Tagus River by sunset. Check it out: Sunset, Sailing, Friends and Fun The Dock of Belém, Lisbon, on a late afternoon of a beautiful summer Saturday, friends and a sailboat just for us, with skippers, beer, champagne and fresh cherries waiting for us. We’re gonna go sailing in Lisbon! Yes, I know it sounds like a scene from a movie or who is a multimillionaire, but is not the case, I assure you! It was just what I did last weekend and…