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Things to do with children in the Algarve

The Algarve is a perfect destination for families with children of all ages! Long sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, lots of nature and family-friendly hotels and accommodations invite families from all over the world to spend a great time here! 

Going to the beach is of course on top of the list!

We know that kids are already happy if they can play at the beach all day long and make new friends. However, to make sure your holidays in the Algarve really become unforgettable, we have found the best activities to do with children in the Algarve! From surfing to fishing to fun boat tours, the Algarve has a lot to offer for families with young children!

Sure, there are water parks like the Slide and Splash that are quite a lot of fun. But if your kids love being out at sea, there are many boat tours in the Algarve that are specially designed for your children to have a great time onboard! For those of you staying looking for a special experience, here are some great family activities s where your kids can really have a super fun time.

Boat tours are great if your kids love the sea!

There are private and shared options for boat tours with children in Lagos. If you prefer to spend some real quality time during your family holidays, we have a unique private family cruise in Lagos. Onboard of the stylish yacht, the parents can relax in the sun while the kids have a lot of fun playing on deck and diving in the crystal-clear waters. You even have the option to add some fun watersports like wakeboard, banana or SUP.

For the families who prefer a shared tour where the kids can make new friends, we have a fun family boat trip in Lagos. The big and stable catamaran is perfect for kids of all ages, as they can play on the deck and meet other kids to play with. Parents can enjoy a drink at the bar and relax in the sun. During this cruise in Lagos, you can enjoy the view over the rock formations while the children have the best time onboard! 

Surfing or inflatables, just enjoy the sea!

Now, while boat tours are always fun, we also have some more exciting great activities to do with children in the Algarve! One of them is an unforgettable kids surf lesson in the Algarve! This surf school is specialised in taking kids out to ride some fun and easy waves around the beaches of Lagos. This surf lesson is one of the best activities with children in the Algarve because they can learn a fun new sport in a safe and fun environment! 

Around the area of Albufeira, we have another fun boat trip on a real pirate ship! The Captain hook cruise in Albufeira is tailored for families with kids, and a whole lot of kids entertainment is included. As the name already gives away, the theme of this boat trip is Pirates! The children can play on the deck and feel like real explorers, while your parents can enjoy the cruise along the Algarve coastline! 

Some boat tours require life jackets, others not, but they’re always available, of course!

Another one of the best activities to do with children in the Algarve is our family fishing trip from Alvor. This fishing trip is specially made for families so that even the youngest can catch some fish! The safe and stable fishing boat is suitable for all ages, and all the equipment for the entire family is included. If someone from your family doesn’t want to fish, they can join anyway and support the rest of the family! 

And don’t forget to check if your accommodation has a swimming pool!

For those of you staying around either Armação de Pêra or Vilamoura, there is the option to ride on a banana! This fun experience is always great to do with kids! You can even make a competition to see who can stay on the banana the longest! Riding a banana is one of the best ways to spice up your beach day in the Algarve!

There are also some other fun watersports to do in the Algarve, like the Aquatwister in Vilamoura, as well as the Crazy Sofa, Crazy Cookie or even the Aqua twister in Armação de Pêra! Lots to choose from, or maybe you can even do all of these activities during your holidays? Your kids sure will love it! 

Dolphin watching tours are available from many locations

If you have kids who love animals, you should also think about joining one of the dolphin watching tours in the Algarve. There are many options, and most of them are done on board of fast and stable RIB Boats. These boats are not suitable for very young children, but if your kids are 4 years or older, this will be the highlight of their time in the Algarve! There are dolphin watching tours from all destinations in the Algarve.

For those families with younger kids, there are some great alternatives to the dolphin watching tours on RIB Boats. For example, we have a dolphin tour on board of a glass-bottom boat from Albufeira. This is a great experience for kids, as they can even admire the underwater world from board additionally to observing wild dolphins! The dolphin watching tour on the Dreamer, a bigger and more stable boat, is also a great alternative for families with younger children!

Just enjoy the sun, on a boat or on the beach 😉

There are many great things to do in the Algarve, but these were the best activities to do with children in the Algarve! You see, there are lots to choose from to make sure your holidays will be unforgettable for the entire family, no matter what age your kids are! And we’re sure they will love it so much, you will be coming back very soon to try some more fun activities in the Algarve!

Coisas para fazer no Algarve Portugal, Things to do in Albufeira

Planning the Best Holidays in the Algarve

Planning the Best Holidays in the Algarve

Are you coming on holidays in Portugal? The Algarve, is a perfect destination to relax, do some sightseeing, do some great activities and of course for the younger generation, a fantastic nightlife in bars or on a boat party.

Your holiday planning for the Algarve depends on the type of person you are. Who are you?


Party Animals

The younger generation, from 15 to 25 years old, should definitely enjoy the best of Albufeira.
In Albufeira, you have many fun things to do, as the Caves & Dolphin watching tour (my favorite tour), Captain Hook Cruise (an inexpensive way and fun to enjoy the coastline) or a wild boat party from Albufeira Marina!

Albufeira is perfect place to party until you drop down.  At day time, enjoy the beautiful white and sunny beaches with amazing cliffs and rock formations to recovery energy to party over and over again.

Boat party in Albufeira

Things to do in Albufeira

Young Adventurers

For young couples, in our opinion, as you might not want the wild nightlife, but rater prefer to have a romantic holiday in the Algarve. You should choose a city as Lagos or Carvoeiro, little cities, with an amazing history and nice restaurants.

Lagos is the city known because of the world discoveries.  In this city, you will have the possibility to see the most amazing beaches of Europe (Praia D. Ana and Ponta da Piedade).
The most popular tour in Lagos is definitely the grotto tour. On this tour from Lagos, you will enter in sea grottoes and enjoy the view over the impressive coastline.

Things to do in Lagos, Boat trips Algarve - Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Boat trips from Lagos- Lagos, Portugal

Boat trips Algarve – Ponta da Piedade – Lagos – Boat trips from Lagos



If you are coming on holidays with your family, we would recommend, first of all, to find a place that allows children to play and make some noise without stress. At the end, they are also on holidays. Taking this into consideration, with children of any age, we would suggest you to stay at a countryside apartment with a swimming pool.

We highly recommend Monte Rosa Apartments in Lagos, as you have comfortable apartments with a swimming pool for affordable prices.

The things we would recommend you to do on your family holiday in Lagos, is definitely, the dolphin watching tour.  This boat tour from Lagos is unforgettable because everyone will be impressed by this amazing wildlife.

Go to some waterparks, as Slide & Splash, or discover some beaches at the west coast.

Dolphin watching - Boat Trips -Algarve - Sagres, Lagos, Portimão, Albufeira, Faro

Dolphin watching – Boat Trips -Algarve – Sagres, Lagos, Portimão, Albufeira, Faro


Nature Lovers

For the most relaxing holidays in the Algarve, you should go to Sagres, a very calm place to discover the best of nature. From Sagres, you have several walking or cycling tours along the coast. Or if you just want to sit down and enjoy the views, get on a Jeep Safari.

Near Sagres, you have amazing restaurants to enjoy the freshest fish ever while looking over impressive views over the beaches and cliffs.

The friendly and calm population, makes this a non-touristic but a desired place to go. Go on a boat trip from Sagres to see the most amazing high cliffs and wild dolphins.

Cabo São Vicente tour

Cabo São Vicente tour from Sagres – Cabo São Vicente – boat trip Sagres – Sagres

Are you ready now? Don’t forget to have fun and book your activities in advance to avoid disappointments.