• When to go whale watching in the Azores
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    When to go whale watching in the Azores

    The Azores are a real paradise for nature lovers and active tourist who appreciate the outdoors. No wonder that the group of islands has been elected one of the Top 10 most sustainable destinations in the world. The Azores are also the best Atlantic destination according to the International Tourism Fair in Berlin (ITB)! Obviously, there are a lot of reasons to visit this amazing and magical place. But one of the main reasons for us is definitely the 25 different species of whales and dolphins that can be seen around the Azores throughout the year! To make sure you have a great experience, we want to tell you when…

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    Dolphin & whale watching in São Miguel, Azores

    If you are planning your holidays to the Azores archipelago, you are surely considering a whale watching in São Miguel. The island of São Miguel is worldwide known for its stunning green scenery and for dolphin and whale watching boat trips. São Miguel is the biggest island of the Azores archipelago. It’s the island where most airlines operating to the Azores fly to: Ponta Delgada. São Miguel has 62.1 km in maximum length and 15.8 km at its width. Pico da Vara is the island’s highest point with an altitude of 1,105 m. There are many things to do on São Miguel, Azores. Most activities are related to nature, like…