best things to do in Lagos,

The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal

The 10 best things to do in Lagos, Portugal

If you are going on holidays in Lagos Portugal, you will have many fun and cheap things to do. Lagos is a beautiful holiday destination if you are flying to Faro airport. The local people are very tourist-friendly, it’s a great destination for young to older people. For the younger generation, Lagos is a very cool place to go out and get drunk. The beach parties are definitely a must do for this generation. 10 best things to do in Portugal

For families, it also a great destination, as you have many beautiful beaches where you can relax, swim & play in or out the water. All beaches have lifeguards, and criminality is almost inexistent. For the older generation, September & October are the recommended months, there is less tourism and the city is emptier so you can walk around, without worrying.

10 best Things to do in Lagos Portugal

1.       Go to the most beautiful beaches of Europe

In Lagos, there is a beautiful place called Ponta da Piedade. At Ponta da Piedade, you can find the most amazing and stunning beaches of Europe. Go to Praia D. Ana, Praia do Camilo e Praia do Pinhão. Or have a better look at Ponta da Piedade, by boat;

Things to do in Lagos, Boat trips Algarve - Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Boat trips from Lagos- Lagos, Portugal

The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal

2.       Discover the historical center of Lagos

Lagos is known for the discoveries, thus you should check the slave market and the 16thcentury city walls. In Lagos you will definitely feel some of its history;

Best things to do in Lagos city center lagos

Lagos – The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal

3.       Do a grotto boat trip to Ponta da Piedade

One of the best things to do in Lagos are definitely the grotto boat trips from Lagos. On this boat trips, you will be able to go inside all of the caves in Lagos on a small boat.
This boats, normally take about 10 persons. Book in advance to avoid disappointments. This boat trip from Lagos is suitable for all ages;

grotto tours lagos things to do in lagos

Ponta da Piedade – The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal

4.       Do a dolphin watching trip from Lagos

In the Algarve, there are many species of dolphins and other wildlife. It’s definitely an ultimate experience, a must do of the things to do in Lagos. When choosing the company with who you are going, take into account, that only on the Rigid inflatable passenger boats you are almost able to touch them. The dolphins are never guaranteed, because they life in total freedom and are not fed.

Dolphin watching Lagos - SeaLife - Enjoy the Algarve, Portugal!

Dolphin watching – The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal

5.       Go horseback riding in Lagos

In Bensafrim, just about 10 min. from the center of Lagos, you have amazing spots to go horseback riding. Have a look at Quinta do Paraíso Alto, the most trusted British riding school in Lagos;

Best things to do in Lagos - Horse Riding

Horse riding – The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal

6.       Go to a traditional farmers market

Every week, on Saturday morning there’s a traditional farmers market opposite the Marina footbridge, and near the bus station. Here you can find many traditional and local quality food.

Best things to do in Lagos Portugal - farmer market

Market – The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal

7.       Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

In Lagos, you have a great scuba diving school, who can take you out for snorkeling along the beautiful Ponta da Piedade or take you on a boat dive to the most amazing underwater cliffs and wrecks. 10 best things to do in Portugal

diving tours Lagos - best things to do in Lagos

The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal – Diving

8.       Eat the best fish in Lagos

If you are looking for a typical fish restaurant, o “Bar da Lota” is the place to go. You can find it next to train station and fish auction buildings in Lagos.

Best fish reataurant in Lagos best things to do in Lagos

Sardines – The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal

9.       Eat the best shrimps ever

In Lagos, you can find a very long white beach, it’s called Meia Praia. At Bar Quim, at Meia Praia, you can enjoy the best shrimps you have ever tried before. Ah, and don’t forget the amazing beach view. 10 best things to do in Portugal

shrimps - best things to eat in Lagos Portugal

Shrimps – The 10 best things to do in Lagos Portugal

10.   Book your activities early

In Lagos, you can do many activities, from boat trips, parasailing,  kayak tours, SUP or Surf, there is always something to do for the whole family. In June, July and August, expect many tourists, thus don’t forget to book your things to do in Lagos early. Avoid disappointments on your family holidays in Lagos.

Enjoy your things to do in Lagos! 🙂

P.S. If you are going to stay in Albufeira, check out the best trips & tours.

Las mejores playas en Lagos

Our top 6 beaches in Lagos, Portugal

Discover the best beaches in Lagos, Portugal

We’ve been living in Lagos for almost 18 years now. Living in Lagos is great and the beaches in Lagos continue to surprise us every single day. Lagos is worldwide known for its stunning beaches.

In fact, there are beaches for all tastes. Around Lagos you’ll find very long white sanded and super cozy secluded beaches. The beaches in Lagos are all stunning and all different.

Our favorite 6 are probably Porto de Mós, Praia da Batata, Meia Praia, Praia do Pinhão, Praia D. Ana and Praia do Camilo. But is was hard to choose and we also like the beaches that are a bit further away from town.

One of the best ways to spend a warm day in Lagos is on one of the many beaches along the town’s coastline.  

During the high season, some of the most popular ones can become quite crowded. To find a more non-touristic quiet beach, we recommend you to hire a car and drive a few kilometers.

Please don’t forget to protect yourself against the heat and sun and bring a sunshade, hat, sunscreen and water.

Here is a selection of our favourite beaches in Lagos:

Praia Porto de Mós, Lagos

Praia Porto de Mós

The best beaches in Lagos: Praia Porto de Mós

Porto de Mós is one of the bigger beaches in Lagos. Its long stretch makes Porto do Mós ideal for a long beach walk.

Also, given its dimension, you’ll always find a nice quiet spot to spread out your towel, read a book or just relax. Praia de Porto de Mós is a sandy beach. Only on its far right there are some rocks.

Porto de Mós has got two beach restaurants. Campimar on the left, is an ideal beach side restaurant-bar, for a meal or snack at any time of day. António beach bar is excellent to quickly grab a smoothy, beer, water or icecreams. António Restaurant also serves nice dinners.

Also among the locals, Praia Porto de Mós, is a popular spot on a Sunday afternoon on the beach and to grab some beers to end the weekend. There are plenty of parking places (free).

You can also reach the beach by foot from the city town, but it’s quite a walk, about half an hour. You can also go by bus.

Praia da Batata, Lagos

Praia da Batata is very popular

Praia da Batata (or Potato Beach in English) is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos for the young generation. During the summer months, this beach is packed with young guys.

After going out at night in Lagos, this is where the youngsters go for an after party or to enjoy their hang-over in the sun.

Praia da Batata is also searched for by active travelers. From this beach you can go on a stand up paddle boarding tour or kayak tour to Ponta da Piedade.

If you like sports and want to explore the coastline of Lagos in an active way, kayak and SUP are definitely a must thing to do while staying in Lagos.

Meia Praia, Lagos

The best beaches in Lagos: Meia Praia

The best beaches in Lagos: Meia Praia

Meia Praia is the biggest beach in Lagos. Meia Praia’s wide-opened 4 km stretch of beach make it ideal for a long walk or run.

Also to enjoy the sun, this is one of the favourites of the locals with many regular visitors to Lagos. If you like a spacious beach and water sports, then this beach is for you!

Lagos Beach bars

Along the beach you can find beach bars for all tastes. Some fancier ones with fine seafood and other surf bars with live music.

You must stop in at Bar Linda, on the beginning of Meia Praia, by passing the Marina of Lagos. Here, you can enjoy nice juices and delicious honey chicken wings.

We usually go here after a long beach day to drink a beer with some wedges and fried onions.

Bahia Beach bar is great if you like Brazilian or African live music. Every Sunday afternoon around 18:00/19:00 the party begins.

Nice atmosphere and great music to dance and have fun are guaranteed. We recommend the delicious tapas, shrimp pasta and cocktails.

shrimps - best things to eat in Lagos Portugal

Shrimps – best things to eat in Lagos

A bit further away from Lagos, but still on Meia Praia, you’ll find a few more beach bars. Eat a nice freshly caught grilled fish at Gaivota’s beach bar.

This beach bar is definitely a great spot to eat fresh fish and enjoy a Portuguese “Vinho Verde” (Green Wine).

Bar Quim, is THE place to eat shrimps. The best fried garlic shrimps in Portugal are these ones.

While enjoying your meal with a nice local white wine, don’t forget to appreciate the amazing views while your kids play in the sand in front of the terrace.

If you are up for some watersports, you definitely need to check out some of the activities on Meia Praia, Lagos.

From Parasailing to Jet ski rental or windsurf lessons, there’s a wide range of things to do at Meia Praia beach in Lagos.

Praia do Pinhão, Lagos

The best beaches in Lagos: Praia do Pinhão

The best beaches in Lagos: Praia do Pinhão

Praia do Pinhão is a really nice alternative to the larger busier beaches in Lagos, near the city center. Just like Dona Ana and Camilo, Pinhão is stunning.

The rock towers around the beach create shaded areas as the sun makes its way through the day. That’s also why this beach is ideal on the windiest days.

The long staircase from the road and parking place to the beach provide you with a good daily workout.

Praia D. Ana, Lagos

The best beaches in Lagos: Praia D. Ana

The best beaches in Lagos: Praia Dona Ana

Praia D. Ana is one of our favorite beaches in Lagos. The award winning Praia D. Ana (or Dona Ana Beach in English) is considered the best beach by many references in tourism. In fact, it is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos.

Despite the fact that this beach has suffered some modifications to increase it sandy area, it is still stunning as always. Similar beaches to Praia da Dona Ana, are Praia dos Pinheiros and Praia dos Estudantes.

Please bear in mind that this beach is not recommended for people with physical disabilities as it is known for the many stairs to the beach. Parking might be difficult during busy summer months but the effort will surely be worth it.
For people with physical disabilities, we recommend to go to Praia da Luz.

Praia do Camilo, Lagos

The best beaches in Lagos: Praia do Camilo

The best beaches in Lagos: Praia do Camilo

Praia do Camilo is a sheltered little beach cove on the road from Lagos to Ponta da Piedade.

The beauty of this beach is apparent when you look at it from top, where you can park your car. Its crystal clear waters and impressive cliff formations create this little jewel.

As a result, Praia do Camilo is one of the best beaches in Lagos for snorkeling because the shallow rocky ocean floor attracts plenty of marine life.

Above all, the beach of Camilo is nicely sheltered from the winds on most days, which also provides for calmer waters

Just minutes walking, you can have an amazing walk over the top of the cliffs of Ponta da Piedade.

To access this beach, good physical condition is required as there are extremely long staggered stairs. You can park on top of the beach, next to the restaurant.

The restaurant, “Camilo”, is a must for fresh fish lovers or seafood, even though its prices are a bit above the local average. You can also grab a light meal, a beer or an ice-cream there.

Bonus: Sagres

Cabo São Vicente tour


From Lagos, the Southwest point of Europe, Sagres, is only a 30 minute drive away. There are also busses that connect Lagos to Sagres. In Sagres you have any amazing places with less people. Most of the beaches are known for their spectacular surfing conditions.

Therefore, you can feel the surf-vibe in the village of Sagres with its surf shops, surf bars and surf camps. Consequently, we recommend Sagres for travelers who look for nature, more quiet beaches of for a surfing experience.

Sagres is definitely worth seeing if you are staying longer than a week in Lagos.

We hope this list of our favorite spots and the reminder that Sagres is worth a visit too helped you to plan your holidays. Let us know if you happen to discover some other beaches that are worth sharing here and enjoy!

sunset cruise in Lagos 4

Our favourite private sunset cruise in Lagos

Lianne, responsible for the Spanish market and content/translations at SeaBookings, went to Lagos and tried out this unique sunset cruise in Lagos and shares her experience:

Captain Sérgio!

Captain Sérgio!

For Sergio’s birthday, I organised a champagne sunset cruise in Lagos and honestly, I couldn’t wish for a better experience than with Chris and Luis on board of their luxury boat in Lagos. At the marina of Lagos, Chris was already waiting for us. After having a drink at the marina, he gave us a warm welcome and brought us to the boat where he introduced Luis, his partner in crime! Together they are already partners for over almost 3 years and giving away unforgettable experiences to customers who are willing to enjoy their fantastic boat.

A warm welcome by Chris and Luís

A warm welcome by Chris and Luís

Together with friends and family, we went on board. We could sit comfortably in the sun or the shade, while Chris guided us safely outside the marina to show us the fantastic coast of Lagos. In the meanwhile, Luis came and sat with us to tell us more about the history of Lagos. Luis speaks many different languages and this worked out well. Because the grandmother of Sergio only speaks Portuguese, and as I am not familiar with this language yet, it was good to have Luis with us for some explanations in both languages! If you wonder how many languages Luis speaks, he is a real polyglot with Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French and German! Impressive, right?!

Welcome to the Marina of Lagos

Welcome to the Marina of Lagos

First, we sailed along the coast of Lagos and got to know a lot more about the amazing rock formations, sea caves and golden beaches of the Algarve coast. The waters of the Atlantic were quite rough because of the start of the so-called “sueste” which creates lots of waves. First, the plan was to stop at the bay of Lagos, but because the sea was too rough, Chris and Luis decided it was better to set sail to Alvor. With a thrilling speed ride, we headed to the coast of Alvor. On our way, we got the opportunity to sail ourselves and this was a very nice experience!

The boat is very comfortable!

The boat is very comfortable!

In Alvor, the ocean was calmer and we could enjoy some champagne, rosé and snacks on board. It was nice to have this special moment together. Chris and Luis made sure we all had a drink and something to eat. What is better than taking sips of your champagne and see that your friends and family are enjoying themselves? We could relax and listen to some nice music at the background. Even Sergio’s grandmother was very happy to sit in the sun and enjoy her champagne!

Feel the luxury!

Feel the luxury!

After having some quality time on board together with our beloved ones it was time to take a dive into the ocean! With the nice colours of the beginning of a sunset (and a little tipsy of the champagne), it was very nice to just jump in the ocean and floating around the boat enjoying the nice boat tour in Lagos we had so far! After our dip in the ocean, it was time to get back on board. Chris and Luis provided us with some towels and after a quick change of clothes, it was time to go back to Lagos. It was very nice to see the local and regional area around Lagos and to watch the sunset while we headed back to the marina.

I also had the chance to feel like a captain!

I also had the chance to feel like a captain!

Sergio also wanted to share how he experienced this special birthday gift:

This was a unique and effortless experience with Chris and Luis, they truly do complement each other as a team and made us feel ‘at home’ from the get-go. Chris with his calm friendly approach taking full control of his pride and joy and charismatic Luis providing endless stories and curious facts about the region. Even being a local myself, I was fascinated with his knowledge of Lagos and its surroundings. They provided us with everything we needed (booze :p) and knew when to step back and let us just enjoy the moment. I want to thank them again for the experience and highly recommend this tour to everyone.

Grandma had the day of her life!

Grandma had the day of her life!

Did you know that the champagne sunset cruise in Lagos is perfect for wedding proposals? Chris and Luis did this many times and they are always keen to make the process memorable! Or do you prefer to visit Ponta da Piedade or Benagil? Almost everything is possible when you book this private luxury boat! I am pretty sure we will go again the next time we are in Portugal. You can chat with your friends and family and share experiences while at the same time get to know the Algarve coast a little bit better.

The best things to do in the Algarve for groups – families

Traveling to the Algarve with a group? We recommend you to plan your things to do and to eat a bit ahead. Going out for dinner with a group of 8 or more may require a previous reservation. Otherwise, you may have to wait in line for a while. The same logic applies to things to do in the Algarve, like watersports and boat tours. In this blog post, we’ll share our top 5 best things to do in the Algarve for groups of families and friends. The segment we target is this post is the family and multi-age group segment. Previously, we’ve shared another 5 best activities in the Algarve for groups that are sporty and active.

Top 5 best things to do in the Algarve for groups

The best things to do in the Algarve for groups

BBQ sailing trip from Lagos – Algarve

  1. BBQ and grotto tour in Lagos

This relaxing sailing cruise in the Bay of Lagos is surely one of the best things to do in the Algarve for groups. Actually, when our grandparents and family com over to Portugal, we usually do this trip ourselves. During this sailing boat trip you will sail in the Bay of Lagos along the most impressive caves and rock formations.

You’ll anchor in a sheltered bay and the crew will prepare and serve grilled chicken, salad with our secret dressing, bread and wine. The lunch is delicious! Besides, we recommend you to bring your swimming and snorkel gear because the ocean will invite you for a swim. Beside the delicious BBQ, chance to swim and charming boat, another highlight of this trip is the famous caves of ‘Ponta da Piedade’. This cave will be visited by a smaller boat.

  • Duration: 04:30
  • Location: Marina de Lagos
  • Available Seats: 30
  • Price: 49 €
family fishing, fishing lagos - bomdia boat trips - boat trips in Lagos

Family fishing from Alvor

  1. Family fishing from Alvor

If you’re looking for the best things to do in the Algarve for groups and you’re near Alvor with your family or friends, check out this fishing tour! This will be the family highlight of your holidays in the Algarve! Come aboard on Donzela, a fully equipped sport fishing boat, and let’s sail to the best fishing spots, to find ground fish. While catching a broad range of fishes like breams and sea basses, you’ll have a great time together with family or friends. Who will be proud for the biggest catch of the day? You’ll be guided by local fishermen Miguel, who’ll be happy to teach you all about fishing and about the region.

  • Duration: 02:00
  • Location: Alvor
  • Available Seats: 8
  • Price: 25 €
Caves dolphin watching tour albufeira Algarve (1)

Caves & dolphin watching tour from Albufeira

  1. Caves & dolphin watching from Albufeira

Getting aboard of “Dreamer” in Albufeira is one of the best things to do in the Algarve for groups. If you’re travelling to the Algarve, most likely you’ve already heard about the impressive coastline. But did you know that you can find wild dolphins in the Algarve? Yes, you can! This boat trip takes you to the caves & dolphin watching from Albufeira.

This unforgettable boat excursion in Albufeira is the ideal thing to do in Albufeira for the whole family. The boat is very fast and stable and will comfortably depart from the Marina of Albufeira.

After visiting the famous cave of Benagil, the real adventure starts. The experienced skippers will do their best to find wild dolphins. You’re not guaranteed to see them because they are totally wild and not fed. Will you help us to spot them?

  • Duration: 02:00
  • Location: Albufeira
  • Available Seats: 20
  • Price: 35 €
Sailing Portimão (6)

Sailing from Portimão

  1. Sailing from Portimão

Portimão has strong historical ties with sailing and you can feel that yourself while having fun on one of our ships on the Atlantic. Get aboard on our luxurious yacht and enjoy Portimão from a unique perspective. Are you ready to feel the beauty of sailing while enjoying stunning landscapes, beaches and sheltered bays.

On this sailing excursion, you’ll take a break in a sheltered bay to relax or go for a nice swim. If you’d like to explore the underwater world, snorkelling equipment will be provided.

Sailing is one of the best things to do in the Algarve for groups. This half day experience is great. There’s also a full day experience, if you prefer.

  • Duration: 04:00
  • Location: Portimão
  • Available Seats: 10
  • Price: 45 €
Pirate boat Albufeira (2)

The pirate boat in Albufeira is a lot of fun for the whole family

  1. BBQ boat trip from Albufeira

“Leãzinho” is the favorite boat when we think about the best things to do in the Algarve for groups! “Leãozinho” is the wooden sailing ship from Albufeira that everybody loves. Beside the Captain Hook Cruise and the Coastal Cruise, this boat also hosts a full day BBQ boat trip. This BBQ boat tour is a lot of fun for families and groups of friends. You’ll be sailing to the most beautiful and hidden spots of the coast of the Algarve. From the boat, you can observe the magnificent rock formations and the paradisiacal white sandy beaches from a different perspective.

Then, we’ll anchor next to a secluded beach. Here you’ll have some free time for a refreshing swim and to enjoy the beach. The crew will serve you a typical Portuguese BBQ on the beach. Once we’re finished eating and having fun on the beach, we’ll slowly sail back to the Marina.

  • Duration: 06:30
  • Location: Marina de Albufeira
  • Available Seats: 22
  • Price: 48 €

In our opinion, these are some of the best things to do in the Algarve for groups that of families and friends. Of course there are many more. Please let us know if you’ve got any suggestions or questions. To book, don’t forget to be on time. Boat tours tend to get fully booked for days during the high season, specially for these best things to do in the Algarve for groups.

boat tours in Lagos

Our favourite boat tours in Lagos

Lagos is the perfect holiday destination for your summer vacation! Why? Well, how can you beat a super cute little town centre with amazing cafés and restaurants right by the beach? Actually, the beaches! In Lagos, you have a couple of beautiful beaches to choose from!

In Lagos you really feel like you’re in Portugal! Small white houses with colorful window sills, cobbled streets and always with a view to the blue Atlantic Ocean. Here you can do everything: party all night, relax on one of the amazing white-sanded beaches or, our favorite thing to do: go on a boat tour in Lagos!

We’ve prepared a little selection of the best boat tours in Lagos for you! Since we are experts in boat tours, it’s just a given that we know the best boat tours in Lagos, right?

So here are some of the best boat tours in Lagos:

The sunset is stunning!

The sunset is stunning!

  1. Sunset Wine Cruise in Lagos

The first one of the best boat tours in Lagos is this beautiful and relaxing sunset wine cruise in Lagos. Join us on board this beautiful catamaran with seats in the sun and the shade for a 2-hour trip along the impressive rock formations!

Not only are you able to admire the famous Ponta da Piedade, fascinating cliffs on the coast of Lagos, but can also try delicious local and regional wines, cheese, local snacks and/or seafood. And all of this during the most magical of the day: sunset!

Because of the relaxing atmosphere and the amazing wines and snacks, this is definitely one of the best boat tours in Lagos!

kajak tours in Portugal

The kayak tour takes you very close to the caves and rock formations

  1.  Boat and Kayak Tour to Ponta da Piedade

Yes, this boat tour in Lagos is 2 in 1! First, you get aboard of the beautiful spacious and modern boat. On this boat, we take you to the region of the impressive Ponta da Piedade. Here you can over to the kayak.

A kayak is the best way to discover the amazing caves and grottos of the region around Ponta da Piedade! You can get really close to the rocks and sometimes even inside of a cave! And of course, you stay fit too!

The combination of sightseeing, boat tour and kayaking around the caves and grottos in Lagos makes this boat and kayak tour to Ponta da Piedade one of the best boat tours in Lagos, don’t you think?

Schifffahrt für die ganze Familie in Lagos

You’ll love our catamaran

  1. Family Boat Trip in Lagos

Next up on our list of the best boat tours in Lagos has to be this family boat trip! If you’re on family holidays in Lagos or even with a group of friends or even just alone, don’t miss out on this fun boat trip in Lagos!

This boat tour in Lagos on a catamaran takes you all the way along the coast of Lagos to the famous and beautiful Praia da Luz! On the deck of this amazing catamaran where you can sit in the sun or the shade, you can relax and just admire the natural beauty of the coast. There’s also time for snorkeling, paddle boarding or jump on the water trampoline. So your kids will be entertained!

With so much fun in the sun, this family boat trip in Lagos is definitely one of the best boat tours in Lagos. Oh, and on this boat tour you can also, of course, admire the Ponta da Piedade!

Bootstour nach Ponta da Piedade

Stunning Ponta da Piedade in Lagos (by João Coelho)

  1.  Coastal Cruise in Lagos with Lunch

This coastal cruise in Lagos with lunch just has to be on our list of the best boat tours in Lagos! Why? Easy! It’s the best way to explore the amazing coastline between Lagos all the way to the secret beach called Cabanas Velhas.

On the way to this amazing and secluded beach, you will also be able to see Burgau. Burgau is a real authentic fishermen village in a beautiful bay. The bays of Burgau and Cabanas Velhas are truly beautiful and we’re sure you’ll love them.

In one of the amazing bays, the boat anchors and the friendly crew will serve you a super delicious lunch. And of course, you can also do snorkeling, SUP or jump on the water trampoline. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s one of the best boat tours in Lagos!

5. Sailing and grotto tour

If you like sailing, this sailing and grotto tour is the best option. You will go on an very cool sailing boat to Ponta da Piedade, to change to a smaller boat to visit the caves.


So if you’re on holidays in Lagos, make sure to include at least one of the best boat tours in Lagos in your plans. You wouldn’t want to miss the best time of your life, would you? We hope you enjoy this town and surrounding region as much as we do!