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Did you know that La Palma is also called “La Isla Bonita”, the beautiful island or “La Isla Verde”, the green island? Well, it’s easy to discover why you should visit La Palma! The island lives up to its names because it’s truly beautiful and super green! La Palma is very diverse. The combination of the Canarian sun and the fertile lava makes that this island wonderful and definitely worth a visit. A true paradise for nature lovers!

Stunning views
Stunning views are one of the main reasons why you should visit La Palma. Photo: Hans van Bockel

From the LP-114 from Santo Domingo to Tijarafe you sometimes have beautiful views over the Atlantic Ocean. The forests with the Canarian pine trees create a beautiful setting.

One of the reasons you should visit La Palma that the island is one of the Canarian Islands that distinguishes itself from the other islands like Tenerife and Gran Canaria because there is no mass tourism. So are you looking for a nice and relaxing sunny holiday with not too many people? Then La Palma is the perfect destination for you! Relax on one of the quiet beaches with black sand or walk around and enjoy the fantastic nature!

"La Palma" - the palm trees, another reason to visit La Palma
“La Palma” – the palm trees, another reason to visit La Palma and always enough space to relax and enjoy your holidays

Los Tilos Forest is an explosion of biodiversity and greenness that you will fall in love with on your first visit. With a 1-hour hike through the Laurisilva forest called Los Tilos, you can get a free shower under this waterfall. Looks lovely! Right?

Enjoying a shower in this waterfall? Another reason to visit La Palma
Enjoying a shower in this waterfall? Another reason to visit La Palma. Photo:

Roque de Los Muchachos is a viewpoint that you certainly can’t skip during your visit La Palma. Go prepared because Roque de Los Muchachos is situated on a height of 2.426 meters. Bringing a good pair of shoes is not superfluous. Driving by car you can go a long way and we recommend to stop at a nice restaurant for a drink along the way. The view at the top is really breathtaking. Do we need to say more?

Here, you'll be above the clouds!
Here, you’ll be above the clouds! Photo: Meike G

If you really want to enjoy a calm holiday it’s best to stay in the North of the island, where it is much less crowded. If you would like to enjoy the beach and the Canarian sun, we suggest staying more in the South of the island.

The island offers a lot of nature, including the Atlantic Ocean where dolphins are the regular guests, as well as whales in the winter. Tazacorte is a very nice and colorful village with some good seafood restaurants, as well as a big beach where you can relax. From the harbor of Tazacorte we offer some nice boat tours to see dolphins and in winter you can encounter whales as well! What do you think of sailing on a Bussard to get really close to the dolphins and enjoy the impressive cliffs of La Palma in a comfortable atmosphere?

Our boat is very charming and confortable
Our boat is very charming and comfortable

If you would like to discover the mysterious world of the whales in La Palma then this whale watching in La Palma is perfect for you. Submerge yourself in the marvellous world of cetaceans with our excursions departing from Port of Tazacorte in La Palma. We will make sure that on board you will learn everything about these precious creatures. On our rigid inflatable boat, you’ll be in close proximity to them in the most natural environment possible.

Our boat is perfect for these expeditions
Our boat is perfect for these expeditions

In a nutshell, La Palma is the best holiday destination for people who really want to relax, love nature and good food with a glass of wine at sunset…

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