Coasteering in the Algarve!

SeaBookings’s team is fully distributed, which means that we all work remotely, from wherever we want. At the moment, we’re basically in between Portugal (from North to South) and the Netherlands. For the first time, we had our whole team together for what we call a “SeaBookings Summit”. The goal of these summits is simply to spend time together and also to brainstorm about the future of SeaBookings.

Team building is very important to have a close team, especially for remote teams. We thought coasteering in the Algarve would be a great thing to do as a team building event. Our partner who provides coasteering in the Algarve was very happy to have us on one of their excursions. And we were too! We had a great time!

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Never heard of coasteering? Well, if you like adrenaline and the ocean, you should really give it a try! Coasteering in the Algarve is a true boost of adrenaline while you’re progressing in between the coastline and the ocean. Coasteering involves swimming, walking, jumping from cliffs and a lot of fun!

Coasteering is great for team building because you encourage each other on moments of fear and adrenaline. You push each other to jump from the higher cliff and respect each other if the jump is already high enough.

Here are our thoughts on our experience coasteering in the Algarve:

Lianne and Bo agree this is one of the best sea experiences
Lianne and Bo agree this is one of the best sea experiences

Lianne, customer support and responsible for the Spanish market:  

“Wow! I never did something so scary and at the same time so fun in my life! Coasteering in Bordeira was such a nice experience. It was super fun to do this with my colleagues because we were all supporting each other and had a lot of fun. I have to say I was a bit scared of jumping from very high, but I did some nice jumps and for the rest I enjoyed supporting and seeing other people jump. The instructors helped us to look for our boundaries and they also did some nice backflips themselves. Between all the adrenaline I took my time to enjoy the view and waaaauw, this was amazing! After 4 hours of climbing, swimming and jumping I was super tired, but I was feeling satisfied. I did it, coasteering in the Algarve!”

It's not only cliff jumping, also swimming and climbing!
It’s not only cliff jumping, also swimming and climbing!

Lawrence, front-end developer:

“It was a crazy experience to dive off the cliffs! All of it is quite cool, from having to swim a bit to a lonely island where you start with smaller jumps, to looking at the rocks underwater and their wildlife, to climbing back up to jump all over again. The instructors were very friendly and fun to be with during the activity. Would go again!”

Even before ending the excursion, we knew we wanted to repeat soon!
Even before ending the excursion, we knew we wanted to repeat soon!

Fábio, CTO, or the one who’s in charge of all the geeky stuff:

“In one word: Amazing. In a few words: I want to thank the opportunity of trying out this new type of adventure. Adrenaline is still pumping through my veins. Definitely something to repeat.”

We even swam into a very dark cave!
We even swam into a very dark cave!

Bo, co-founder and all over the place:

“Coasteering is the best team building activity ever, if your team is adventurous, loves the sea and adrenaline, like ours at SeaBookings. I highly recommend it for true ocean lovers as being closer to the ocean and nature in general, is impossible! The nice thing also is that it’s suitable for several levels of “craziness” – some jumped from 12 meter cliffs while for others 5 meters was enough.”


Think coasteering is something for you (and your team)? Book online or email us for further questions you may have!

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