Not even half as bad as it sounds!
Traveling during Covid – 100 doubts, but 1000 good reasons to!

Stella, the new member of our customer care team at SeaBookings, is currently traveling while working remotely. She’s inspired by her trip to Georgia and decided to share a bit of her experience in traveling during Covid.

I think I am speaking for us all when I say: We’re so damn ready to travel again!

Speaking for you most certainly, since you’re studying this blog post hoping for me to give you the one convincing reason to book this flight to this place you’ve always been wanting to go to – these days more than ever. You’re probably reading this from your home office chair on some seemingly endless Wednesday afternoon. But you know what? You deserve this! We’ve done well on Monday and Tuesday! So get a nice coffee and let’s find you this reason! 😉

We are, and we have been ready to travel again. The last vacation was in 2019, for many of us at least. Walking the same streets every day, taking the dog down to the same park every morning, getting the same croissant at the same bakery for over more than one year straight? That can only leave you longing for some beach sand beneath your feet, the smell of sunscreen on your skin and some exotic meal at a nice restaurant watching the ocean! Am I right?? Yes babe, I know. I’m with you. And that’s exactly the reason why I am going to tell you some very important things next, so listen up:

  1. Traveling is still possible – you’re still in control and this is your choice to make.
  2. Traveling is still fun and full of adventures that only beg to be lived! 
  3. Traveling now is your absolute one in a million opportunity to experience the biggest tourist magnets all around Europe in their pure and unspoiled beauty!

Yes, you’ve probably discovered it by now: This is a pep talk! And you can shake your head all you want, I know you need this. I needed it, this much I know! Because as scary and unpredictable as traveling seems these days, it is still in the cards for all of us. And it is nothing to be ashamed of having a desire for! I feel like these days it is easier to confess you’ve got a desire of being spanked with this sexy pizza box by your regular Uber Eats driver than admitting you’d like to go to Mallorca – just for fun. Stop the travel shaming! And also stop ordering pizza now, focus please, for heaven’s sake!

So, back to the topic: Yes, we do want to. And yes, we can still travel. And yes, we still should!

But how, you’re wondering? This maybe is just not the best time? You just won’t be having as much fun as everything is restricted and limited and supervised and difficult, you say? Sure, you’re not entirely wrong. Things seem a lot more difficult, and there are restrictions to follow. But how much difficulty is there really in opening the email from your local test center, telling you your PCR test is negative and you’re good to go? And how badly does wearing a mask on your way to your table at a nice restaurant at the coast of Spain really decrease the taste of your freshly grilled fish? How much poorer will the ocean look to you? How much less enjoyable will the mild ocean breeze feel in your hair..?

I am convinced: The only thing that’s holding us back is.. us. 

Welcome to traveling again, may I see your boarding pass, please?

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