Dubai is one of SeaBooking’s most recent destinations, thus we’re very excited about this place and absolutely happy about being able to make your holidays in this extravagant place even more amazing with our fantastic boat tours. However, Dubai is also very different from our European destinations. This is why we thought a guide with our top 5 travel tips for Dubai would be helpful.

One of the SeaBookings founders, Femke was already there and travelled there by herself as a (blonde) European woman! She also wrote a blog post about her experience, which is very interesting to read and good to know if you as a woman want to travel to Dubai. And of course, she was also able to come up with some very useful travel tips for Dubai!

Enjoy some sophisticated shopping
Enjoy some sophisticated shopping
  1. Visit the shopping malls in Dubai

The first one of our top 5 travel tips for Dubai is a very simple one – go and visit the two main shopping malls in Dubai, The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. And not only because of the incredibly large number of luxury shops as well as “normal” stores but also because of the many different attractions you can find in those extraordinary malls.

The Dubai Mall, for example, hosts a big aquarium, where you can see over 300 different species of marine life. They even have sharks there! It’s like going to a zoo, only that in this mall you have it as a bonus while doing your shopping! Cool, right? And there’s more: In front of the Aquarium, you also have a Rainforest Café, with such an impressive interior it will blow your mind away.

Yes, you can go skiing in Dubai!
Yes, you can go skiing in Dubai!

If you are looking for something really extravagant, head over to Mall of the Emirates and go skiing in Dubai. Ski Dubai is an indoor snow park, where you can escape the heat of Dubai and do some skiing! Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? Well, you surely know you’re in Dubai when you go to a shopping mall to go skiing!

There are spices everywhere
There are spices everywhere
  1. Enjoy all the Indian Food

Next on our list of the top 5 travel tips for Dubai is something for Foodies! It’s no secret that Dubai is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. But did you know that the biggest group of expats living in Dubai are Indians? That’s also the reason why you find so much Indian Food everywhere in Dubai! If you’re a sucker for some nice Indian food like we are, you will be in food heaven!

One of the things Femke liked most was the food!
One of the things Femke liked most was the food!

And you don’t even need to go out to a proper restaurant for some curry. There are so many take away and fast food choices with Indian food, that you will be able to just eat Indian food all the time and not spend too much money! That’s why number two of our top 5 travel tips for Dubai is to enjoy all the amazing options for Indian food.

visit Dubai as a woman
Enjoy the unique architecture from Dubai from a boat
  1. Go on a boat tour in Dubai

Yes, we wouldn’t be SeaBookings if our top 5 travel tips for Dubai wouldn’t incorporate something to do with the sea! That’s why our next travel tip for Dubai is to go on a boat tour in Dubai. But we don’t just say so because this is what we love – it really is the best way to see all the main attractions in one go!

Private boat tour in Dubai
Let’s take a picture in front of the Atlantis Hotel

If you go on a boat tour in Dubai, you can see the highlights of the city like Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab without waiting in line forever. You don’t even have to get on a Metro or a Taxi to go see those places. And the best thing is, that you can do sightseeing without getting too hot, as the fresh breeze will keep you nice and refreshed during the boat tour!

Dubai is a romantic city, but take it easy ;)
Dubai is a romantic city, but take it easy 😉
  1. Couples, respect the local culture!

If you’re travelling to Dubai with your special other, please be aware that in Dubai culture, it is not welcome for couples to be (too) affectionate with each other in public. Be respectful of this cultural difference and make sure to keep your affections inside the hotel room.

Even hugging or holding hands is not something that is particularly well liked to be seen in public in Dubai. So we think that this is definitely important enough to be one of our top 5  travel tips in Dubai – respect the local culture and keep your hands away from your partner, at least while you’re out in public.

Not eating in public during Ramadan is a kind gesture of respect
Not eating in public during Ramadan is a kind gesture of respect
  1. During Ramadan, avoid eating in public

Last one of our top 5 travel tips in Dubai for you only applies, if you visit Dubai during the time of Ramadan, which is one month usually around May/June. In this month, it’s a Muslim tradition to fast from dawn until sunset. During this month, the locals in Dubai that are Muslims only eat in the dark, so very early in the morning or after sunset.

As you can imagine, this takes a lot of willpower. That’s why it’s not nice to see all the tourists in front of them eating tons of yummy food. So we think it’s quite an important travel tip in Dubai to avoid eating in public during the month of Ramadan to respect the local culture. Of course, you can eat in your hotel or your home!

Enjoy the Marina, of course ;)
Enjoy the Marina, of course 😉

So far so good! We hope we could help you prepare for your holidays in Dubai with our list of top 5 travel tips for Dubai! Enjoy your stay in this colorful part of the world.

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