• dolphin watching tour in Setúbal
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    We went on a dolphin watching tour in Setúbal with the family

    By Bo, co-founder of SeaBookings, working from Lisbon: What better birthday present can you give than a day out on a boat? This year, for my mother in law’s birthday, we decided to give a special present: we went on a dolphin watching tour in Setúbal with the family. When we finally found a Saturday where we were all available and the weather forecasts were OK, we booked our dolphin trip in Setúbal for the afternoon. Setúbal is known for its delicious fried squid. And as the dolphin watching tour in Setúbal would depart at 14h30, we’d have time to enjoy some of this local delicacies. We booked a table…

  • dolphins in Lagos
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    We went searching for wild dolphins in Lagos

    Nathalie, content and translations at SeaBookings, shares her unforgettable experience searching for wild dolphins in Lagos: Even though I live close to Lagos and have seen a couple of wild dolphins from the coast, I still wanted to try out the tours to search for dolphins in Lagos! And when my mum came to visit me in the beautiful Algarve, it was the perfect opportunity to take her out and go on this adventure in the search of wild dolphins in Lagos. The day we wanted to do it started not very promising – early in the morning the sky was very grey and it didn’t look like it was…

  • dolphins in Setúbal
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    Searching for the wild dolphins in Setúbal

    Lianne, responsible for the Spanish market and content/translations at SeaBookings, was so enthusiastic about her experience on the boat trip to the wild dolphins in Setúbal that she wrote a nice piece about it: If you are on holiday in Portugal, you want to do fun things. I’ve always wanted to see dolphins in the wild, and with SeaBookings, it became clear to me where I should be to spot dolphins, Setúbal! The same afternoon I could join the tour (and that in the high season!). I took a bus from Lisbon to Setúbal. From Praça de Espanha I could easily take the bus and I was told that the cheapest…

  • dolphin watching in Luz
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    We went dolphin watching in Luz

    Part of our team was in the South of Portugal, the Algarve, for some meetings with tour operators. The weather was amazing and the ocean was “calling” us for a boat ride. Paulo, who manages our partner company in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, immediately invited us for a trip. And so, we went dolphin watching in Luz. Praia da Luz, Vila da Luz, or simply Luz, is a very cute town, west of Lagos. It’s actually the beach where Femke and Bo grew up so, they have strong ties to this little summer paradise. The dolphin watching in Luz departs from the beach so you do not need to…

  • dolphin watching in Portimão
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    All you need to know about dolphin watching in Ferragudo

    Dolphins are amazing creatures! Did you know, that there are only 35 species of dolphins living in the sea worldwide? Most of them prefer warm waters, but we also have a great number of dolphins passing by the Portuguese coast every year! In fact, if you’re on holidays in Portugal, you should definitely go dolphin watching! Our partner for dolphin watching in Ferragudo gathered some interesting data about the sightings recently. Dolphin watching in Ferragudo, near Portimão, the South of Portugal, is a huge adventure! Since we’re dealing with wild animals who are not being fed, it is always a big excitement looking for some fins in the water to spot…

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    Em 2016 avistamos 8 espécies de cetáceos no Algarve

    Fomos conversar com dos nossos operadores marítimos parceiros, a Dream Wave. Esta operadora marítima, sediada na Marina de Albufeira, é especialista nos passeios de barco de observação de cetáceos no Algarve (entre outros passeios de barco). A operadora revelou que ao longo de 2016 foram avistadas 8 espécies de cetáceos no Algarve. As espécies de cetáceos no Algarve mais observadas foram: Roaz-corvineiro (Tursiops truncatus) – muito dinâmicos e divertidos. O roaz é a mais famosa e conhecida espécie de cetáceo no mundo. Estes golfinhos podem ser avistados em qualquer parte do globo exceto os mares polares. Além disso, é a espécie mais comum nos parques temáticos. Os roazes podem alcançar…