Valentine’s Day is coming closer! Do you already have the perfect day planned for you and your beloved one? If not and you’re planning to be in Portugal, maybe we can help you plan the perfect romantic experience for Valentine’s Day in Portugal!

Around Portugal, from Noth to South, we’ve got lots of super romantic experiences in various destinations to choose from! We think that being out on the sea is always a special experience. On our most romantic experiences for Valentine’s Day in Portugal that extra portion of love is guaranteed!

Here are our most romantic experiences for Valentine’s Day in Portugal, so that you can just pick and choose whichever is closest to you!


Private Sunset Boat Tour in Portimão

Sunset Algarve Portimão SeaBookings 3
Enjoy this tour from Portimão

No surprise that one of the most romantic experiences in the Algarve is a sunset tour! We think this private sunset boat tour in Portimão is simply perfect to enjoy together with your loved one. On board, the motorboat is only your private skipper, who will take you to the most impressive and beautiful places along the coast!

The famous rock formations of Benagil look the most beautiful during the most magical hour of the day. This private sunset boat tour in Portimão is simply one of the most romantic experiences in the Algarve! And by the way, many people already made a proposal during this tour!

SUP Tour in Benagil

Valentine's Day in Portugal
A visit to the cave of Benagil is always a good idea!

For more active lovers, this beautiful SUP Tour in Benagil is the best one of the most romantic experiences in the Algarve! The famous grotto of Benagil is famous worldwide, and being able to see this natural artwork in real life is always a great experience.

You can also book this SUP Tour in Benagil privately, to make it even more romantic! Your guide will make sure you have a great time while paddling through the amazing grottos of the Algarve. During this SUP Tour in Benagil, you and your special person will be amazed by the beauty of the coastline!

Lisbon Area

Private Sunset Sailing Tour in Lisbon

solar boat tour in Lisbon
Enjoy the magical colors!

Cruising along the Tagus River during sunset, admiring the impressive skyline of Lisbon on board of a sailing boat – seriously, can you imagine anything more romantic than this?? This private sunset tour in Lisbon is by far one of the most romantic experiences in Lisbon!

On board of a sailing boat, you will be able to admire the most important tourist attractions of Lisbon, like 25th of April Bridge, the Padrão dos Descobrimentos and the majestic Jerónimos Monastery. These sights look even more beautiful in the enchanting colors during sunset! You and your loved one can relax on the deck, enjoy the view and have great quality time together!

Dolphin Watching in Setúbal

Setúbal entdecken
Enjoy nature together!

Another one of our most romantic experiences in Lisbon is a great option if your beloved one likes dolphins. This dolphin watching in Setúbal is only a 40min drive from the Portuguese capital city. Seeing these magical animals in their natural habitat is such a unique feeling, and sharing this moment with your favourite person will connect you even more!

Imagine yourself sitting with your girlfriend or boyfriend on board of a beautiful catamaran, sailing along the amazing coastline of Setúbal. In the distance, you see the first splashes, and as you get closer you see a whole pack of happy and free dolphins! This experience is simply beautiful and thus one of the most romantic experiences in Lisbon! And we have another smaller catamaran available for a private dolphin tour if you prefer that!

Wherever you and your partner spend Valentine’s Day in Portugal together, we hope we could give you some inspiration with our most romantic experienced for this special day!

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