Activities to Do While Island Hopping in Greece

For those who always dreamed of taking an exotic getaway in a distant land, there is no better destination than the amazing Greek islands. This area is full of awesome sights, great beaches, and a lot of colorful mythology. After all, this is where Odysseus sailed around the Mediterranean and had incredible adventures, so why shouldn’t you?

When a place is this rich in culture, beauty, and new experiences, you want to have a plan ahead of time so you can fit in everything your heart desires. To help you with your itinerary, we have created a list of must-see destinations and adventures. Check them out and turn your next trip into an unforgettable Greek island sea adventure.

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Beaches are always a good plan

Go for the Beaches

While you may be excited just thinking about your trip to the islands, we must point out the potential travel restrictions due to COVID-19. When traveling to any country, you need to research the climate, determine if the country or areas in it is on lockdown, to see if you will even be allowed to visit in the first place. The lockdowns have been essential in protecting populations, and currently, Greece has an advisory level 3. This means that certain areas will allow guests, but masks will likely be mandatory, and you may not be able to visit some places if the crowds are too large. Keep this in mind as you plan your trip.

When you do go, the best idea may be to visit places where there is plenty of open space, and you can find that at many of the gorgeous beaches on the islands. One of the best is Elafonisi beach in Crete, which has soft sand, epic rock formations, and small coves to explore. Another beach is Porto Katsiki Beach on Lefkada, which features an epic cliff that is over 80 steps high but well worth the effort for the view you will enjoy.

While those islands are great for rest and relaxation, if you are looking for an epic party on the beach, then head to Mykonos Island, which is home to both Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. Both islands are known for their party lifestyle with a slew of hotels and nightclubs that are primary destinations for tourists during spring break. Pounda Beach on Paros is another great party spot with two of the most famous clubs on the island: Galea and Saloon Door.

Great for Camping

It may not be the first activity you think of when planning a trip to the Greek Islands, but this area is known for its camping, and there are plenty of great spots to enjoy. One of the best is Simos Camping, on Elafonisos Island, which is located near the Peloponnese region that is famous for its epic rock formations that are very picture-worthy. Another great site is Cyclades, Serifos, near Sifnos. When you camp here, you can rough it on the beach or go for their famous bungalows that have air conditioning, bathrooms, and more.

For a surefire hit, check out some of the highest-rated beaches in the area, including the camping available on Pefki Beach. This campground offers comfortable huts that have a television, a kitchen, and seating areas so you can enjoy the scenery. You should also check out the Far Out Camping Beach Club & Resort at Mylopotas, which has tents, bungalows, and a slew of activities, including epic water slides, in addition to areas for basketball and volleyball.

If the idea of camping sounds exciting, but you have never camped before, worry not. With a little guidance, camping can be an awesome activity as you become one with nature and enjoy the wildlife. Just remember to take the necessities, including a first aid kit, basic hygiene supplies like soap and mosquito spray, and food if there isn’t any supplied. Also, remember to follow all signage and markings and not stray too far from the campsite. 

Sea kayaking is one of the cool adventures we recommend in Greece

Other Adventures

While there are plenty of breathtaking beaches and campsites to withhold, an exotic location such as this is also rife with fun activities that you can enjoy on almost any island. Since you are always near the sea wherever you go, there are many opportunities to surf and scuba dive. If sea kayaking is your thing, then try the coast of Skopelos Island, where you can explore awe-inspiring caves and coves along with tons of wildlife, including dolphins and turtles.

If you are a hiker at heart, then you are in luck as the islands are filled with trails and high peaks for every skill level. The Menalon Trail offers seventy-five kilometers of epic paths complete with rugged canyons and picturesque villages. The Samaria Gorge national park in southern Crete is another hiking gem that has tall crevices to walk between and camping spots so you can stay the night during your journey.

For even more of a thrill, adrenaline junkies can test the limits of their rock climbing abilities on the island of Kalymnos. One of the most popular rock climbing locations in Greece, it has fun climbs for a variety of skill levels and gorgeous views that will reward you at the top of each peak. Another great spot is the town of Leonidio in Peloponnese, which features an epic 250-meter high cliff. Scale this wall and be the hero of Greece.

As you can see, there is a ton to do and see in the Greek Islands. Use these destinations as a starting point as you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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