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Honolulu is a great place to go on vacation no matter what and no matter who you’re with, but if it’s your first time there, you might not know where to go. With that in mind, here are a few activities you can add to your itinerary for an enjoyable vacation in Honolulu.

1. Discover Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach

If you’re traveling anywhere in Hawaii, it would be a mistake not to travel to any beaches. It might be nigh impossible to avoid going to a beach altogether. With that in mind, if you are heading toward Honolulu, you should consider going to Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki Beach is that picture-perfect beach you always hear about in Honolulu and would expect if you’re traveling to Hawaii. There are turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and warm, sunny weather, which all contribute to the perfect beach day. Plus, it’s also great for surfing if you’re into that.

2. Explore Pearl Harbor

There are many historical sites you can find in Honolulu, but one place that people in particular who love historical spots should visit would be Pearl Harbor. If you want to see the sites in Pearl Harbor, you can head to the Pearl Harbor Visit Center, where you can head towards the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites of different places.

What’s also good about this is that it’s also free to visit. Therefore, if you’re interested in an extra trip or spot that you don’t have to spend extra money on, exploring Pearl Harbor can be an excellent history lesson.

3. Hike to the Top of Diamond Head

In the background of Waikiki Beach is a hiking trail called Diamond Head. If you want to do something a bit physical when you get to Honolulu, then hiking to the top of Diamond Head is undoubtedly a great choice since you get to enjoy the sights of a magnificent coastal view when you get there.

Hiking the Diamond Head Crater is an iconic hike since it’s not every day you get to say that you’ve hiked on a volcano’s crater. Do note that the hiking trail for Diamond Head is steep, but it is pretty short. However, having some experience with hiking steeper places will undoubtedly help you get through it.

After you finish the hike, you can dine in some restaurants near Diamond Head.

4. Take a Sunset Cruise

Regarding coastal views, you should also consider taking a sunset cruise in Honolulu. These sunset cruises usually come with dinner, so you can enjoy the waters and skies around you while dining on some local cuisine. You can even go diving or snorkeling during your sunset cruise. Or you can join a sunset cruise with whale watching in Honolulu.

If you’re traveling with your partner, this will set a romantic atmosphere for both of you while on vacation.

5. Visit the Bishop Museum

For people who love learning something new even when they’re on vacation, visiting the Bishop Museum is a must in their itinerary.

If you’re also traveling with your kids, this can be an excellent chance for them to learn more about cultural and historical moments. You can even get them to answer a general knowledge quiz regarding what you saw in the museum, and then you can give them treats to make sure they remember what they’ve discovered.

6. Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

There’s plenty of wildlife to enjoy underwater

Another thing that you should do if you’re in Honolulu is some water sport or water-based activity. If you are confident in your swimming abilities, you should consider scuba diving. However, there are also snorkeling activities or services available for those who are beginners or are looking for a family-friendly activity to do.

7. Take a Hike in Manoa Valley

If you’re itching for another hiking trail in Honolulu, consider going to Manoa Valley, where you can enjoy a more rainforest-like climate. Since it’s like the rainforest in Manoa Valley, it’s a good idea to expect rain regardless of whether or not the rest of Honolulu is hot and dry. That way, you don’t get surprised when it starts raining on you while on your hike.

You can even find Manoa Falls, which is around 100 feet tall. Do note that swimming at the pool where the end of the fall is prohibited.

8. Indulge in Hawaiian Cuisine

You will miss out a lot if you don’t even try a bit of Hawaiian food, both traditional and modern, when you’re in Honolulu. There are a lot of restaurants that offer not just Hawaiian food but other cuisines as well. However, it would be a mistake not to go on a food trip through the Hawaiian or local meals in this area.

9. Relax at Hanauma Bay

Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

Honolulu has vibrant wildlife and marine life, so snorkeling is always a great idea. One of the places in Honolulu that is a great place for snorkeling, you should consider doing it in Hanauma Bay. The reefs there are teeming with all sorts of fish, as it is also a marine conservation area.

10. Enjoy a Traditional Luau

Since you’re in Hawaii, you might as well enjoy a traditional luau as it’s one of this area’s most iconic cultural icons. Although observing a luau might feel like one of the generic touristy things you do when you first land in Honolulu, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth attending.

It’s a fantastic form of art worth watching, and you also get the chance to try some Polynesian food, as there are all sorts of things that happen with it.


These activities can all make for an exciting and enjoyable Honolulu vacation, whether traveling with yourself, your family, friends, lover, or kids. Therefore, next time you plan a holiday in Honolulu, consider these activities.

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