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If you happen to go to Ibiza with your best friends, family or maybe only just with your most beloved one, we have listed the best boat trips in Ibiza for you! For everyone, there is something suitable and if you have a special request, no problem! Please let us know and we will try to make the impossible possible!

How do you decide what is the best boat trip in Ibiza for your group?

1. Duration of your boat trip in Ibiza

First, it is important to check out if you prefer to do a full- day boat tour, a half-day boat tour or a sunset boat tour. All our day trips depart from Port San Antonio and will return to the same place afterwards. During the boat trips, you will get to know the west coast of Ibiza a little better and you will visit some beautiful bays like Cala Comte, Cala Bassa and many more!

Full-day boat trips in Ibiza

The Es Vedra island is really worth a visit
The Es Vedra island is really worth a visit

Private motorboat tour to Ibiza and Es Vedra

If you decide to do a full day boat trip in Ibiza this means that you have plenty of time to do everything you want! The friendly guide and skipper will take you to see the amazing coastline of Ibiza and he does not only know all the secrets of the coast, but also of the mystical island Es Vedra and Atlantis.

Es Vedra is said to be the home to sirens and sea-nymphs and surely a place like few on Earth. Come on board and discover it yourself with this private motorboat tour in Ibiza. The tour takes about 7 hours and you will pay 1100€ per charter up to 10 guests.

The skipper will tell you all you want to know about Ibiza
The skipper will tell you all you want to know about Ibiza

Private full day boat tour in Ibiza on a traditional llaut

If you are looking for another type of boat, then this traditional llaut named “Julia” is maybe the right choice. With space for up to 9 people on board, this lovely full day boat trip will show you the best of the west coast of Ibiza.

Paddleboards and snorkeling equipment is included so you can take a dive into the ocean and explore the marine life around the beautiful island while snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. Prices vary from 710€ (for 2 people) up to 950€ (for 9 people).

Why not enjoying the sunset on a speedboat?
Why not enjoy the sunset on a speedboat?

Private full-day sunset boat tour to Formentera

During our 8 hours boat tour to Formentera, you will get the best of the best. Formentera is a unique and beautiful island and definitely worth a visit! If you want, we can organise a picnic on board (price of the picnic not included). Or we stop in Formentera and suggest a nice restaurant with great seafood.

Because Formentera is situated a little further from Ibiza, it is only possible to do this with a full day 8-hour tour. After we visited this beautiful island with its white sanded beaches we will head back with a thrilling speed ride to Café Mambo. In front of the popular Café Mambo, you can admire the magical colors of a beautiful sunset and party like there is no tomorrow!

The price of this whole adventure is 1600€ per charter for up to 10 people. If you decide to not go to Formentera then you will only pay 1300€ per charter. The nice thing about a full-day tour is that you can add some fun water sports like for example wakeboard, waterski or inflatables (for more information, please send us an email).

Half-day boat trips in Ibiza

Book a private boat party!
Book a private boat party!

Private boat party in Ibiza

We understand like no one else that if you are in Ibiza and planning to organize a bachelor party, this has to be PERFECT! That’s why this 3 hours private boat party will be the best option for you and your group of friends. During 3 hours we will take you wherever you would like to go. You can party as loud as you want and if you think the drinks that are included are not enough, it is also possible to add some extra drink packages (please send us an email for more information). Prices differ in the morning (390€ per charter) and the afternoon (550€ per charter) up to 10 party people.

The whole family is welcome!
The whole family is welcome!

Family boat tour in Ibiza

Are you with your family and looking for some quality time together? Our friendly skipper knows every place around Ibiza very well and if you want, you can decide together with him which places you would like to visit, where it’s best to stop for snorkeling or where you will have some privacy at a hidden beautiful beach or bay. So what are you waiting for? 😉 Charters start at 390€ for up to 10 guests.

Sunset boat trips in Ibiza

The most magical time of the day for a boat tour? Sunset!
The most magical time of the day for a boat tour? Sunset!

Private sunset boat tour in Ibiza

Did you know that an Ibiza sunset is magical? No? Come and experience it yourself during this 4-hour sunset boat tour in Ibiza on the traditional llaut named “Julia”. During these 4 hours aboard, you’ll have the chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset of Ibiza while sailing along the west coast and being surrounded by unique landscapes.

As the sun sets you can do exactly what you feel like. There is a chance to swim in the refreshing sea, toast with cava or simply relax on the sun deck and possibly see the best sunset on the island. Prices vary from 500€ (for 2 people) up to 670€ (for 9 people).

A motorboat and a sunset are just the perfect combo, right?
A motorboat and a sunset are just the perfect combo, right?

Private sunset boat trip in Ibiza

This sunset boat tour in Ibiza takes you to discover the beautiful coastline of Ibiza. It is possible to book your own private boat for 3 hours (590€) or 4 hours (690€). During this time you can relax, swim in the sea, do some snorkelling and drink with your friends and/or family. Why not finish the tour with a thrilling speed ride back to enjoy the sunset in front of café Mambo?

You can stay to sunset and enjoy stunning views
You can stay until sunset and enjoy stunning views

2. Type of boat for your boat tour

After choosing if you would like to do a full day boat tour, a half day boat tour or a sunset boat tour, it’s important that you decide which type of boat will be more suitable for your group of friends and/or family.

Our traditional llaut can take up to 9 people and the motorboat can take up to 10 people. Are you with a group of more than 10 people? No problem! We can take up to 20 people on two motorboats and if you are with more people, please send us an email and we will try our best to find something suitable. 

Ibiza during Winter
Discover hidden beaches by boat

3. What do you want to have included?

Traditional llaut 

Professional skipper, fuel, towels, drinks, tasting of local products, ecologic wine, snorkeling gear, paddle surf, insurance, regulatory safety equipment..


Professional skipper, fuel, sound system, snorkeling gear, complimentary drinks (beer, cava & soft drinks) and welcome snacks

As you can see, there are some awesome private boat trip in Ibiza where you can choose from. Do you have a special request? Just send us an email! We’re happy to help you find the best boat trip in Ibiza for your group!

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