The 10 Best Destinations for Digital Nomads in 2022

Your location affects everything in your life. It influences your work, entertainment, communication, family, etc. So many people dream of moving somewhere else they can build their lives and live happily ever after. And today, more than ever, you have real opportunities to live your life how you want! 

Digital nomads perspectives 

Nowadays, the group of digital nomads creates a new subculture of people. They want to combine work with leisure, traveling with everyday routine. Such flexibility in life allows you to keep your lifestyle the way you are comfortable with. No need to regret, struggle, and experience anxiety about today’s because you are the one to choose how to live.

And thanks to modern technologies, this is a possible scenario for many people. If you work in IT design and application development, marketing, sales. transcription, and other modern areas, you can easily prefer remote employment. 

Top 10 digital nomads destinations in 2022 

Here is the list of the best cities to work remotely. They have high scores according to numerous indexes like level of safety, Internet availability, apartment rental, and so on. Choose the place you want to be now and start planning your living there without a doubt!

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is the capital of Argentina that is also known as “The Paris of South America”. If you are an artist in your soul and adore beautiful landscapes, architecture, and sights, then this city will definitely amaze you. 

Buenos Aires attracts digital nomads from a rational point of view. It can offer you cheap prices for living, including rent, food, and other basic needs. Additional advantages of living in Buenos Aires are amazing national cuisine and spectacular nightlife. But be aware of the high crime rate and security issues. 

Welcome to Buenos Aires

2. Krakow, Poland

This is an example of a beautiful European city that combines both new and old atmospheres. It is famous for spectacular old architecture sights and modern buildings among them. The climate there varies, so you will live in all 4 seasons, including sunny summer and snowy winter.

An important benefit of living in Krakow is affordable rent. At the same time, it is known that Poland isn’t LGBTQ+ friendly and has plenty of issues with minorities. 

3. Budapest, Hungary

This is a city of Vajdahunyad Castle, fantastic architecture, and amazing history. This city belongs to the list of the best places to travel and work remotely because of affordable living there, high safety level, and lovely environment. 

Budapest has a variety of co-working spaces for everyone. At the same time, cold winters and difficult national language are big challenges. 

4. Any city in Singapore

Despite the high cost of living for Southern Asia, this country impresses us with its current advantages and perspectives for the future. It contains a mix of the most modern technologies and fantastic architecture that is worth seeing. 

In general, it is very clean and safe there. Also, don’t be surprised that most cities in Singapore are very crowded. 

5. Austin, USA

At first sight, the American city seems to be not the proper option in the list of digital nomads best cities. But Austin is a quite affordable place with fast-racing technical opportunities for modern people. 

The Internet speed there is super fast. Anyway, living in Austin is more expensive than in other cities from this list. 

6. Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife is a perfect mix of isolation from outer space and a variety of sights to enjoy. The nature there is absolutely stunning, and the climate is perfect. 

If you have ever wanted to live on the island, this is your chance! Just keep in mind that there are only a few co-working places at the moment. 

Tenerife’s impressive Teide Natural Park

7. Chiang Mai, Thailand

In general, Thailand is one of the best countries for digital nomads. And Chiang Mai is a perfect option for living with a safe environment, relaxed rhythm of life, and good average Internet Speed.

While it is a very safe and calm place for normal living, Thai cities are quite isolated. The air quality is also an issue. 

8. Porto and Lisbon, Portugal

Both are cities of great walkability, fast Internet speed, and a very relaxed rhythm of living. Compared to other European cities, rents and food costs are quite affordable too. 

The climate there is controversial. If rains aren’t your favorite weather, then think twice before selecting Porto for life and work.

Porto’s River side

9. Prague, The Czech Republic

Prague is well-known as one of the most picturesque European cities. This is a favorite place for tourists and digital nomads because of the great transportation and general quality of living. 

If you live in Prague, you can easily reach other destinations you want. At the same time winters, there are quite cold. 

10. Toronto, Canada

Toronto has earned the award of one of the best destinations for digital nomads because of the amazing variety of co-working spaces and high-quality Internet connections. It is a very modern, calm, and cozy place in North America.

Yes, living there isn’t as affordable as we would like to. Besides, it’s very cold in winter there. But Toronto has a unique charm and entertainment for everyone. 

In Conclusion

As a result, there is not a big deal where you are doing your job. Now we have great opportunities to choose any country to work in. So take your opportunities and change your life for the better now. 

Author’s Bio: Aston Rhodes is a content writer and marketing expert from the custom mobile app development company. She does research and discussion on tech-related topics. She enjoys sharing her experiences with a like-minded audience and writes about software development, digital marketing, business, career, wellness, and more.

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