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For a student, summer is usually not complete without traveling and exploration. You will want to plan a trip to a destination or more. It is usually a good idea to explore locations within your country. However, there are several places you can go to in Europe while studying. Below are some destinations in Europe to visit.

Venice is an exceptional location to visit in Europe. In particular, you will love the romantic undertones of the city if you are traveling with a partner. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy your stay in Venice with family and friends. Traveling to this location is not like visiting other cities. As such, you will spend a considerable time accessing the city via canals in water taxis. Some of the best places to visit in Venice include:

  • Grand Canal;
  • Doge’s Palace;
  • Rialto Bridge;
  • Piazza San Marco;
  • Teatro La Fenice.

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A visit to Europe is usually not complete without going to Rome. You can spend days exploring the ins and outs of this ancient city without getting tired. In particular, if you are a student studying history or find it fascinating, you will love the sight of buildings and landmarks in the city. You can visit cathedrals, government buildings, and several museums through a guided tour. In addition, the nightlife in this part of the world is vibrant. You may decide to eat different types of pizzas and kinds of pasta. Also, you can shop at some of the most prestigious stores in Europe.

Next on your list should be Paris. If for anything, you will want to travel to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower live and direct. Likewise, this city is an excellent summer location for ourists who want to experience the culture, art, perfume, and food. Similarly, like most uropean cities, Paris is a center for shopping, offering you a wide range of clothing and accessories. Best of all, you will enjoy the city’s famous croissants, which are a staple all across the country.

Although not located in the heart of the European continent, Reykjavik is a summer location that is becoming popular by the year. Located in Iceland, this destination is ideal if you love adventure and exploration. Unlike many places, a visit to this city in the summer lets you experience constant daylight since the sun barely sets during this time. Speaking of outdoor adventure, you have the option of exploring waterfalls, sandy beaches, hiking, and horseback riding while in Reykjavik. Or, you may spend some time relaxing in the hot springs powered by volcanic activity.

Madrid – the capital of Spain – is an excellent summer destination for students. This city is particularly an exciting location for festivals and sunbathes. Beyond just outdoor activities, there are several indoor locations you can visit in Madrid. You may explore museums, palaces, Uthman Emperor mosques, cathedrals, and other cultural sites. In addition, there are several local markets you should explore, which will give you a taste of local food.

Traveling to Spain is usually incomplete if you do not visit Barcelona. This city is one of the most historic and colorful destinations in Europe. It has a fantastic array of old buildings and cathedrals that make up the city. Likewise, the buildings are perfectly aligned, which gives an organized outlook for a modern location. For a student, traveling to Barcelona is ideal because it has a lively population of young adults studying and working in this part of the world. Nonetheless, you will discover a rich culture and tradition across the entire location. Plus, you can always relax on the beaches, which overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

The Irish city of Dublin is a great city to visit during summer. You will experience cool weather and excellent miles of plat green landscape. Apart from the environment, you will experience one of the most welcoming and inviting cultures in Europe when you visit Dublin. In addition, there are hundreds of cafes, pubs, and restaurants that serve traditional Irish food, which you will not find elsewhere.

Traveling to Europe is an excellent choice for students during the summer. As such, you will explore stunning locations within the continent. Likewise, you get to learn about different cultures and try various foods.

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Eric Wyatt is a travel expert. He writes articles on travel, tourism, and hospitality. Likewise, Eric and his team organize summer programs for college students.

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