Etiquettes on Fishing You Must Know

There is an extra feel-good vibe when you hit the water. There’s fun, relaxation, and you-already-know-where-this-is-going! All the more, the excitement every angler feels casting and reeling in with their rods at their best spot. Yet, there are ‘must’ etiquettes observed to shove away stress and hassle in your angling trip on top of everything.

These are basic rules that most anglers know but not mostly talked about.

Etiquettes on Fishing: Do it Now!

In contrast to fishing guidelines, etiquettes in recreational fishing are not rules you need to follow. However, they are general rules that you are to follow, so you and other anglers can have a good fishing experience.

Various etiquettes apply to different circumstances. However, for the most part, the goal stays as before – To guarantee that your activities don’t influence other users and preserve the nature of the fishery.

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Be polite, even if others are not.

This etiquette is the most basic one. Be polite to your fishing neighbor. You may start by greeting them, show them your sincerest fisher-smile! Who knows, this might be the moment where you can find your new fishing buddy. Always remember, good manners will open doors, thus be polite.

Pay respect, talk to the boat owner.

Some of the most attractive fish locations can only be reached by boat. If you don’t own a boat, you can charter one or join a fishing tour.

On a fishing trip, one must play their cards right by drawing in the proper fishing etiquette.

Fishing is not a race but it always fun the be the one who catches the biggest fish!

Stay still; fishing is NOT a race.

Fun fact, over 49 million Americans went recreational fishing in 2017. Indeed the statistics are growing up to this date. It is the time to relax and hopefully have a bite on your bait. It is not a race. Take the time to prepare your gears, and keep in mind that other anglers are fishing nearby. Do not rush; the takeaway here is you have fun, make good fishing buddy, and the greatest of them all, you catch more fish!

Share your bait with all your heart.

Lures like worms, anchovies, crayfish, shiners, and other live baits will more often than not just enough for that one day of fishing. 

While you may have enough bait for the day, your fishing buddy or neighbor could conceivably have enough. It is always admirable to save some bait for others.

The alternate way you can share your bait is that when after your fishing session for the afternoon. You can give the lure that will, in any case, go to waste to your fishing neighbor.

Slow down for shore fishing anglers when boating.

To save you from a lost fishing pole caused by a snagged line on a fast boat, slow down if they can not. Otherwise, if you are on the boat, have the manners to slow down when you are passing by anglers on the shore. Better yet, drive on the opposite bank to utterly rid of snagging out fishing lines.

Do not fish from boat launch if shore fishing.

If you are shore fishing, keep in mind this fishing etiquette. Do not fish from the boat launch area. It may seem that the boat ramp is an accessible area to fish. But know that the site is for launching and docking the boats, NOT TO FISH FROM. Firstly, it unsafe for the boater, the boat, and you. Secondly, the boater is trying to have a safe, seamless way into and out of the water. You can fish near the dock as a general rule, but NO closer than 5-10 feet away. This is to give the boaters enough space to maneuver.

Leave enough room for everyone to fish.

It is always best to think for others! Keep in mind to leave at least 8-10 feet of space between you and the person fishing near you. Before casting out, notice closely where their fishing line is in the water. Then cast accordingly to avoid the fishing line. You don’t want it tangled with the other. The moment that it’s time to retrieve your line, search where your fishing neighbor is and try to avoid as much as possible.

Thou shall not steal someone’s fishing spot.

The reason why people lie about their fishing spot is that anglers like to use or steal them. Not offensive AT ALL. But you have broken the trust imparted to you when you tell this fishing spot to your neighbor, your cousin, your brother, and the list goes on here.

Somebody’s number one fishing spot is where it is agreeable to fish, presumably comfortable to get to, and they realize that the probability of catching tons of fish is high. 

If somebody shares a decent fishing area with you, don’t steal it. If you need to use it, sure, however, don’t tell everybody regarding it.

Handle your fish with care.

When out fishing, take care of your fish. Some anglers like to catch and release, and other anglers want to take them home. 

No matter which one turns out to be your option, your fish is a living organism that should be taken care of. So as the lake and streams you are fishing from. This not only for us but for the upcoming generations. 

Clean as you go.

It is such a polite manner always to leave the fishing spot cleaner than you found it.

Leaving your fishing spot clean for the next person to appreciate is a decent way to observe fishing etiquette rules. It truly doesn’t hurt you in any capacity, and the following person will like a perfect fishing spot.

This was a guest post by Jennifer Moran, the author and the social media manager at She has been working and passionate about writing for over four years. She spends most of her off-work time reading books, playing tennis, practicing yoga and dance, and catching up with the new TV shows she’s been missing. You can reach her at [email protected].

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