Best Ocean Water Sports for College Students

Students are one of the least physically active groups there are. With a lot to study and many lectures to attend, an average student has a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Occasional jogging and a visit to the gym may help, but only to an extent as this very diverse group simply needs more sports in their lives. To help combat Freshman 15 (pounds added) and keep you healthy, here are some water sports that you can try this summer. We promise a lot of fun and a toned body within months.

Why Try Water Sports? 

While having fun, it is important to stay safe. Sports and high-impact activities cause a lot of injuries every year. Surprisingly or not, water sports cause very few injuries as the water itself can suppress any blows and keep you safely afloat. For as long as you can swim or have a life vest, that is. Here are some top sports that we recommend you try: 

  • Scuba Diving, 
  • Surfing, 
  • Kayaking, 
  • Kitesurfing, 
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding, 
  • Hydrofoil, and 
  • Yachting

Scuba Diving 

Summer vacations take much time to prepare and need a lot of money to fund. Some students decide to help themselves out by delegating some of their school work – in fact, all you need is to pay to write research paper – there are professional services that can do this for you. The extra time can then be used for prep work or even to find a sidekick that will help you fund your extravagant summer vacation. 

Scuba diving is the most picturesque water sport on our list. As you slowly get underwater and start exploring the depths, you discover a wholly new world that you can explore for days as it seems. Every time you hit the water and propel your body further, new vistas open for you to explore. 


Made iconic by the movies back in the 80s and the 90s, surfing is still one of the most popular, albeit a bit expensive, sports. You do not need a super expensive surfboard to start surfing, but the lessons themselves can be quite pricey. The best tip we have: get on board and start experimenting. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is and how much fun surfing can bring into an average day. 


Kayaking is the best water sport for students who are going to a picturesque area and would like to explore on their own. Being as simple as getting into your kayak boat and heading off, kayaking exercises your arms and is a great cardio exercise. 

Stand-Up Paddleboarding 

Stand-up paddleboarding is an interesting sport that seems to be easier than it actually is. In reality, you will spend most of the time trying to stay on top of the board unless you have some previous experience. SUP is great for the core and legs and will bring your balance to the ultimate test. 


If you have issues surfing or even staying on top of your board, or if you have traveled to a place that has no good waves, the hydrofoil is the sport for you. A hydrofoil resembles a regular surfboard, but, unlike a surfboard, it has a propeller that pushes you through the water. 

Water wings or a hydrofoil stay underneath the surface and provide an upward motion, so you stay at a safe height above the water surface. Hydrofoil was considered a sport for the rich, considering the price to buy or even rent a single device. However, recently, it has become possible to rent one for as little as $300 if you are on a smaller beach. 


Some students decide to take their vacation to the next level. You can either search for online courses and advise on writing skills for sports students and do the Uni work faster or alternatively, you can simply leave some of the school work to others and go onto the most luxurious option on our list: yachting. 

Yachting can be very pricey, this is why so many students decide to go on a small private cruise as a group. Splitting expenses among several people can help significantly, while everybody is certain to have a fun time. Yachting basically means that any beach in the area can be yours. For safety reasons, it is best to pay a designated driver or pilot as well, as this means that the entire group can relax to the max. 


Summer water sports are the perfect chance to tone your body before the next semester. Easy to learn but a bit on the costly side, you will need some exploration and prep work to really enjoy everything that these sports have to offer. You can always travel with your friends and double the fun, as most of these sports can be done in groups. 

About the Author

Eric Wyatt loves learning about people and their habits. Some of the most inspiring people in the world are students, he believes. He travels a lot and loves trying new things – including sports.

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