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Split is one of the most charming cities in Europe. It has a history dating back to the 4th century in the form of architecture. It also preserves some of the best Roman architectural monuments in the region. For travelers, Split offers the most beautiful and memorable beaches. If you want a taste of nightlife, Split is still the place to visit. 

Traveling to and from Split by boat is a lifetime experience. Whether you are passing on a cruise or would like to spend a few days there, the city has a plateful for you to enjoy. Hire coursework help UK experts to resolve any financial issues as you take a cruise to one of the most rewarding destinations around the world.

There are many types of boat trips from Split

Here are the best boat trips from Split in Croatia. 

Blue Cave Tour

It is one of a kind. It is the most popular among the trips you can take from Split. Blue Cave is only an hour away from Split. The boat tour to the Blue Cave allows you to enjoy an Adriatic scene while you travel.

You access the cave using smaller boats. Inside the cave is blue and clear water that gives you a feeling of heaven. On a sunny day, the scene changes. Light-reflecting on the while limestone sea bottom produces spectacular reflections. The shade of blue changes depending on the time of day and the intensity of the light. This is an unforgettable experience. 

boat trip Split
By boat you can enjoy the islands of Croatia best

Paklinski, Brac, and Hvar tour

How about visiting three islands on a single boat trip? The islands are picturesque, helping you to create the most beautiful moments. If you love water activities, the islands are waiting for you. You have the option of water rafting, snorkeling, and swimming. 

Hvar is regarded among the sunniest cities in Europe. You will be interacting with the world’s VIPs coming for lifetime holidays. For history lovers, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and a 1612 public theatre are waiting. It is regarded as the oldest public theater in Europe. You will understand why these three islands are packed with yachts throughout the year. 


Do you have time to travel? Vis is the place to spend your time. The island is unspoiled despite centuries of attracting tourists. It served as a military base for the Yugoslav army for more than 40 years. It is a tranquil destination that allows you to relax and unwind from tough days. 

The bays are secluded and perfect for a postcard. It is also prepared for water lovers with a chance to swim alongside dolphins. The fresh and diverse seafood in the area will add to your reward for visiting this exclusive area. The city has a museum that was part of the 19th-century fortress. It houses artifacts dating back to the 4th Century BC. 

Split has a lot of destinations whenever you visit Croatia. You will be lucky to find a lot of people who speak the international languages, making it easy to navigate around. The amenities you need while you travel are extremely affordable. Make Croatia your target destination throughout the year. 


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