5 Tips For Your Holidays In Aljezur

Aljezur is a small town with ordinary houses located on the western coast of Algarve, Portugal. If you’re planning holidays in Aljezur, read further.

You will see a lot of whitewashed houses, rural architecture, windows with painted borders, and victorian era streets here. It has greenery and wildlife all around it. 

You can find empty beaches around Aljezur

Here are five tips you need to know before spending your holidays in Aljezur.

1. Beaches, Parks and Walks

Aljezur is home to some beautiful beaches, parks, and nature walks. They are clean, unspoiled, and quiet, which gives you several reasons to spend your day there. Here are a few beaches and parks in Aljezur.

1.1 Beaches of Aljezur

Many places near the western Atlantic region of Algarve are still untouched. The scenery of the beaches on the West Coast is much distinct from the South Coast Beaches. They are clean, unspoiled, and quiet, which gives you several reasons to spend your day there. The most famous beach on the west shore is the Praia do Amado beach. This beach is famous among surfers for the pipeline waves. Make sure that you wear appropriate beach costumes, and don’t forget to carry your sunscreen. You can show off your surfing skills by taking one of the guided SUP tours.

1.2 Costa Vicentina natural park

This park is a dense and hilly natural park, untouched by humans. It is located on the western shore of Algarve, this park lies secluded, and is not spoiled by high rises. It is excellent for biking, hiking, horse-riding, and even bird watching. When going with your friends and family, go on a vehicle with a sturdy roof rack to carry your biking and hiking gear without any discomfort.

1.3 Pontal da Carrapateira

It is a lovely walking trail along the cliffs between “Praia da Bordeira”, and “Praia da Amado”, recognized for its picturesque landscapes and natural beauty.

2. Castles and Forts

The castles and forts are fantastic pieces of history. They are well preserved in Aljezur and give you a glimpse of what life had been in the past. Below are the two most famous castle and fort of Aljezur.

2.1 Castle of Aljezur

As per the archaeological evidence, the Aljezur Castle antedates to the iron and bronze age. This structure stood as a guard of the local community and the port. Later in the mid-13th century, the Christians captured it. Visit this place to take a walk to the top of two towers and get a stunning view of Aljezur.

2.2 Fort of Arrifana ruins

The Fortaleza da Arrifana stands on the cliff of Paris da Arrifana on the west shore of Aljezur. Earlier, this fort acted as a guard to protect the local fishers and the seashore. The fort was constructed in the 17th century and was instrumental in preserving the coast and the local tuna fishing area.

White is the color of most local chruches

3. Church

The Misericórdia Church, with the foundation laid around 1611, is a beautiful church with bell towers and pinnacles. You will witness fascinating statues and sacred art inside. The church survived an earthquake in the mid-18th century and has a marvelous white facade to it. There is a guided tour that you can take to know the history of the place.

The “Nossa Senhora da Alva Church”, constructed in the 18th century, is another famous church built after the earthquake hit the Misericordia Church. The appearance of the entrance gateway of this church is extraordinary and displays several statues.

4. Museums

Museums help you learn about the past of a place. Aljezur has four museums that cover the city’s history. The Municipal Museum is a structure built in the late 19th century that portrays antiques from the Islamic periods. It is an excellent place to learn about the local culture. The “Sacred Art Museum” is another museum that is famous in Aljezur for its array of religious paintings and sculptures. A shelter for elderlies in the medieval era, this museum now stands next to the “Igreja da Misericordia”. The Museum of Portuguese painter Jose Cercas is another place to reminisce of the Portuguese art of the mid 20th century at the house of the great painter himself.

Holidays in Aljezur are a good idea for seafood-lovers

5. What and where to eat and shop in Aljezur

The best foods to try in Aljezur are fish and seafood as they are available right next to the shore. One of the top seafood eateries in Aljezur is the Sabor’arte. If you are looking for a sumptuous lunch, visit the Mo Bistro at the center of Aljezur. If you want a nice hot cup of coffee along with new and exquisite meals every day, then this is the cafe to visit. Visit Trigo Vermelho for delicious homemade gluten-free Pizzas.

If you are looking to shop for local goods and are a fan of local street food, then take a tour of the “municipal market of Aljezur”. Here you can buy fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables.


Plan your next holidays in Aljezur, keeping the above pointers in mind. Also, prepare a budget for spending on each activity. Aljezur is best explored on foot, so remember to travel light while you are sightseeing.


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