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I spent a semester in the beautiful city of Madrid as a graduate student and fell in love. The food was amazing. The weather was nice for this Midwestern gal, and the location was ideal. I’d never lived in a place where it was so easy to access the coast one day, then drive to Portugal for a weekend trip a few days later. 

While I love Spain year-round, I make a special effort to return in the spring as often as possible. I think you should do the same. If you haven’t added Spain to your shortlist of spring vacation considerations, take these five reasons into consideration.

5 Convincing Reasons to Come to Spain in Spring

The Fiestas

Fiestas really are a sign of spring in Spain. It’s when everyone emerges from their winter cocoons to celebrate the beautiful weather. They get together for drinking, dancing, and eating Spain’s amazing food. In fact, you will hardly be able to spend a day outdoors without running into large groups of people outside, celebrating together.

Each city or region has its own festivals to celebrate their history and culture. Madrid has Festimad each year, which is not to be missed. I think it’s one of the most underrated music festivals in the world. I regularly trek down to the Andalusian coast to enjoy spring there as well, and the many informal celebrations they have.

Gotta love the quietness of some parks in Spain in Spring

It’s Beautifully Uncrowded

In March thru May, the weather is beautiful and mild. In spite of this, it isn’t the prime tourist season. That comes in the summer months. Of course, you’ll run into a few tourists, but for the most part, you can expect most of your interactions to be with locals. Enjoy the lack of crowds and more organic experiences. As a writer, I find the relaxing atmosphere perfectly inspirational and write truly remarkable content this time of year.

When I visit Spain in the spring, I make sure that I choose at least one trendy eatery to enjoy. My most recent favorite is Cebo. Chef Morales is a Michelin Star chef who takes Spain’s famous small bite tradition and does amazing things. The wine pairings are also fabulous.

Malaga in Spring
Málaga is one of the hotspots in Andalucia

Those Beautiful Beaches on the Andalusian Coast

Madrid holds a special place in my heart, but I cannot deny the amazing experience of the Andalusian coast. The southern region of Spain has amazing beaches that draw tourists from Europe and elsewhere. The classic, brown-sand beaches are the places that are made for creating memories. There are hundreds of beaches to enjoy along the Costa del Sol.

If you have a passion for cycling or other athletic pursuits, head south for great surfing, cycling, and climbing. Enjoy some of the best seafood you will ever experience. Of course, you should make a trip out to at least one of the islands. Ibiza is amazing all year round, but especially in spring.

The Mild Weather and Scenery Cannot Be Beat

If you prefer weather that isn’t too hot or too cold, spring in Spain is ideal. You’ll spend the days outside in low humidity, and barely any rain. Even better, in just a day’s drive or less, you can find yourself on the coast, in the mountains, or enjoying a shopping trip in a major city. You’ll rarely need anything heavier than a light jacket. 

Of course, Madrid and other places in central Spain will be just a touch cooler. I actually lack this for walking and shopping. Spring is also still ski season in the mountain regions.

With plenty of luxurious shopping malls to cute markets, Spain is a mecca for shoppers

Spain is a Mecca for Shoppers

If you love clothing, there are two places you should visit in spring. The second one is Italy. The first is Spain. Even if you don’t buy a single outfit, you’ll find plenty of inspiration simply people-watching. It’s as if the entire country has amazing taste, and it shows in what they wear. It’s no wonder that fashion entrepreneurs see Spain as being such an important place.

For women, spending a week in Spain in the spring is a great opportunity. You’ll be discovering the latest trends in warm-weather fashion before they hit the shelves in America. 

Are You Ready to Go?

If I could, I would happily fill dozens of pages about my love of Spain. For now, this will have to be enough. Hopefully, I’ve given you enough details to get you to consider your own springtime trip to Spain. It’s an absolutely beautiful time of year to visit one of the most vibrant places in the world. I know that it will always be one of my top choices for spring holidays.

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