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By Vânia, from the SeaBookings Customer Care team, who decided to take advantage of a visit to Lisbon for a concert to try something new! Surf in Lisbon!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

Think about it for a moment, as I share my latest adventure: I took an amazing surf lesson in Lisbon

During my last visit to the capital I decided to put myself to the test, and challenged some friends and my boyfriend to get out of our comfort zone. We all like adventure, we all love the sea and we were all craving to do something new! 

So I thought – why not a surf lesson? 

The weather was in our favour, which brightened and encouraged our beginners’ spirit. It was a perfect morning: sunny and nice small waves for learning. 

The beach for the surf lesson would be chosen according to our availability and to the sea conditions. For those who, like us, do not have their own transport, there was no problem: they have a transfer service! No worries and no hassle. All this allowed us to enjoy the morning to the fullest. 

When we arrived at the beach, we were welcomed by the good mood of the instructors. We put on our wetsuits and they handed us our boards. All the gear is included in the price of the experience. 

The next step was the most fun – the practice. We did some warm ups and simulated movements and positions on the sand, in order to prepare ourselves for the movements in the sea. 

After that, let the challenge begin! For the first time, me, my friends and boyfriend were surfing. Something we had never done before. 

And you know what the funniest thing is? 

I don’t know how to swim (I do take some lessons, but am not the best swimmer). But despite the nervousness, I was totally confident. I trusted the instructors, and I just let myself go. Just go with the flow (or with the waves). 

Lying on the board, we paddled with our arms, and as the waves approached, we tried to stand up and surf as far as our balance would take us. I won’t hide it… I’ve fallen more times than I’ve managed to get up. 

It sounds easy but in practice it is much harder! The best thing about it all is that we did not feel alone or helpless for a second. The instructors were always watching our movements and helping us to improve our positions so that it was easier to keep our balance on the board. 

In all the attempts and falls, I managed a good few seconds of balance, which allowed me to surf, or rather «surf». But come on: you know: fake it, until you make it. 

Two hours passed and it was time to finish. The tiredness started to be felt, but nothing better than a lunch to recover energies. We couldn’t ask for a better way to start our day. 

We still managed to get some photos to eternalize the morning.

If you’re thinking of visiting Lisbon, or if you want to get out of your routine, why not take a surfing class? Take a chance and plan a lesson. 

It’s a perfect adventure to create memories. 

Also, if you are afraid because you don’t know how to swim. Don’t worry. Here’s the testimony of someone who did quite well, and who would do it again, without a second thought 😉

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