Good news for dolphin watching tours in the Sado River and for nature! This year there were two births of wild dolphins in Setúbal, one in August and another in October.

Dolphin Sado Out16
This calf was born in October 2016

It was the Portuguese Institute of Nature and Forest Conservation that confirmed that two baby bottlenose dolphins were born in the Sado estuary in 2016. Thus, with these two births, the number of dolphins in Setúbal rises to 29 elements of this species in the resident community in the Sado River. The names of the two calves will be chosen by the students of a primary school of the municipality of Setúbal.

The pod of wild dolphins in Setúbal are a particular case in Europe. In fact, the community of 29 bottlenose dolphins is resident. Only two more dolphin communities living in estuaries are known: one in Scotland and another in Ireland.

Dolphin Sado Aug16
This calf was born in August 2016

Unfortunately, in the 1980s and 1990s, the dolphin population on the Sado River declined. The minimum number of animals was recorded in 2011: 25 elements. However, the Portuguese Institute of Nature and Forest Conservation points out that this trend seems to have been reversed.

Boat tour to observe the wild dolphins in Setúbal

For the observation of the wild dolphins in Setúbal, SeaBookings collaborates with a maritime operator of excellence. This operator has been recognized for its merit with several awards and certifications of quality and respect for nature. This operator also collaborates with the Portuguese Institute of Nature and Forest Conservation to monitor the Sado River dolphin community.

dolphins in setúbal
Dolphin watching in Setúbal is done on a luxury catamaran

We invite you to come and meet the dolphin community of the Rio Sado and the two new cute calves on a boat trip. The tour lasts 3 to 4 hours and departs from Setúbal. We recommend booking in advance to secure your seat. Dolphin watching in the Sado can be done all year round and this is the ideal family trip as kids love it and all ages are welcome!

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