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When SeaBookings talks about the best ideas for your Bachelorette Party in Lisbon it has got to do something with the sea! Or with a river!

For your Bachelorette or Bachelor Party in Lisbon you can choose from a lot of different water-related activities, from Boat Tours over SUP all the way to Surfing.

Lately, we have been getting a lot of requests for Stag Parties in Lisbon on the sea. That is why we decided to make a list of the best ideas for your Bachelor celebration.

We have something for every taste. We have activities for the more active bridal get-together, that would like to do something sporty like surfing.

But, we also provide activities for those who rather picture themselves relaxing on a boat while watching the sunset and having some drinks. 

You will find something here. Bachelors can go fishing and Bachelorettes can go for a SUP Tour. With offers ranging between 25€ and 75€, we also have something for all budgets.

The best ideas for your Bachelorette Party in Lisbon

Sailing – one of the best stag parties in Lisbon
  1. Sailing Boat Party

This private boat party take you to discover the most impressive spots of the Tagus river during an amazing sunset.

This boat party is ideal for hen or stag parties but also for other celebrations, of course.

Come aboard our private boat party, on a vintage sailing boat just for you and your friends, offering you the best boat party in Lisbon.

Besides partying, there will be time to enjoy the historical monuments. We can take up to 12 people partying on our boat. Drinks are included!

Prices: from 280€ for up to 12 people, making it 23,33€ per person for 2 hours if it is a group of 12 people.

Sunset on the Tagus River
  1. Two hours “Lisboa Antiga”

This is a private Sailing Tour to Alfama that takes you to see all the main attractions of the city from a different perspective. This is especially suited for a Bachelor Party in Lisbon with a Bride that loves Lisbon and the River Tejo.

This private Sailing Tour includes a skipper, one drink per person (water, beer or sodas) and snacks (almonds or crackers). We can organize catering for you or you can bring your own food and drinks on board.

Prices: 250€ for up to 12 people. For a group of 12 for 2 hours, this is 20,83€ per person.

Boat tour from Sesimbra
Get aboard of this adventure in Sesimbra for your hen party in Lisbon
  1. Dolphin Watching in Sesimbra

Brides as well as grooms who like animals are going to love this special surprise for their Bachelor’s celebration.

On board on rigid inflatable boats, come looking for dolphins along the coast of Arrábida. Dolphin watching in Sesimbra is a real adventure, and we will even spot some of the most famous spots along the coast.

However, the fact that they are wild dolphins means that we cannot guarantee 100 % that we will spot some. But even if we don’t the boat tour itself is fun enough and you get to admire the beautiful landscapes of the coastline!

Prices: 35€ per person for 3 hours.


  1. Boat Trip to the secret beaches of Sesimbra

This Boat Trip is a perfect option for a Bachelorette gathering, no matter if it’s for the bride or the groom!

During this boat trip to the secret beaches of Sesimbra, we will stop at a beautiful beach for 2 hours. Regarding food and drinks, you can either bring your own or we can check out the options for catering.

This is a boat trip on a rigid inflatable boat along the coastline of Sesimbra until the Cape of Cabo Espichel, which is situated in the marine reserve Professor Luiz Saldanha.

Prices: 32€ per person for 4 hours.

Fun boat sesimbra
For a super fun bachelorette party in Lisbon!
  1. Fun Boat em Sesimbra

A super fun idea for your Bachelorette celebration. We recommend this fun boat where you are pulled by the speedboat while holding on to a floaty.

This fun boat happens in Sesimbra on a rigid inflatable boat SUPER FUN! Along with the breathtaking view over the impressive Natural Park of Serra da Arrábida you also get to go for a refreshing swim in the ocean!

This boat trip includes a floaty for those who are in for some fun and want to be pulled by our fast boat.

Prices: 45€ per person for 2 hours.


  1. Coasteering in Sesimbra

The best idea for a Bachelor get-together in Lisbon for all real adventurers! Coasteering is a great activity for all those, who love an adrenaline rush and also the sea. Coasteering is a relatively new sport and it keeps growing rapidly on the rocky coast of Sesimbra.

This activity takes you on various adventures, from swimming, climbing, rappeling, cliff jumping and walking. This Tour starts from Porto de Abrigo in Sesimbra and takes you to the Natural Park of Serra da Arrábida, the perfect spot for Coasteering!

Prices: 35€ per person for 5 hours.

Fishing Sesimbra 0
Why not go for some fishing Sesimbra for your stag party in Lisbon?
  1. Fishing in Sesimbra

A Fishing trip in Sesimbra is a great idea for a Bachelor celebration with “real men”. Who’s gonna catch the biggest fish? This is a bottom fishing trip, which means that you go fishing on the high sea, about 3 or 5 miles off the coast of Sesimbra.

Bottom fishing is done in depths of 30m to 80m, giving us the opportunity to catch fish like Breams, Snappers, and Groupers among others. This bottom fishing tour in Sesimbra is guided by local and experienced fishermen.

Prices: 75€ per person for 5 hours.


  1. Sailing in Sesimbra

This is one of the favourite Sailing Cruises. And of course for Bachelor Parties too.

After leaving the harbour Porto de Abrigo in Sesimbra, you have two options: A cruise for 2 hours or one for 4 hours. During the 2 hour trip, you sail along these spots: Sesimbra/ Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo/ Praia da Baleeira/ Cabo Espichel.

We can anchor either in Boca do Tamboril or at Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo. During both sailing cruises, you have enough time to swim, snorkel and to party! Of course, we would recommend the cruise for 4 hours, because it gives you more time for swimming and for partying.

Both tours include a Welcome Drink, and you can bring along your own food and drinks.

Prices: 300€ for 2 hours or 450€ for 4 hours. So that makes 25€ or 37,50€ per person, depending if it is the 2 or 4 hours cruise.


  1. Stand-up Paddle in Cascais

Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) lessons in Cascais are becoming more and more popular, especially amongst women, who also like to mix this sport with yoga. SUP in Cascais is a great idea for any get-together. 

During this 1 hour SUP lesson, you will learn the art of stand-up paddling while enjoying the sun and the stunning view of Cascais. One of the reasons why SUP is so popular is because it is super easy to learn and a lot of fun. 

Prices: 25€ per person for 1 hour. There is also the option for SUP-Yoga or SUP-Tours.

surf lisboa
Surfing is a good way to spend your bachelor party in Lisbon!
  1. Surf lesson in Lisbon

This surf lesson in Carcavelos is a fun and sporty way of celebrating your best friend almost married.

The surf lesson takes place at Carcavelos beach and your instructors are local and experienced surfers as well as instructors. A well spent afternoon playing in the waves is a great way to get ready for a wild night!

Price: 25€ per person for 2 hours. You can also book a surf day with two surf sessions, where we pick you up with our surf van in Lisbon and spend the day at the beach!

All prices above already include taxes and insurance for all participants. Activities which require equipment like wetsuits, boards, or others also include all the necessary equipment. Prices can vary depending on the size of the group.

If one of those activities sound interesting for your Boat Party in Lisbon, feel free to contact us. Please let us know the number of people in your group as well as the desired dates.

The bigger the group, the more discounts are possible. For catering and games, we have a lot of options. For bookings, questions and recommendations, please contact Bo and Nathalie, specialists on Boat Parties in Lisbon: [email protected]

Ready for an unforgettable stag or hen boat party in Lisbon?


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