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A number of the top restaurants in Europe can be found in Barcelona. They include authentic Catalan and Spanish restaurants as well as Chinese, Japanese, and other cuisines. But irrespective of all the varied countries‘ cuisines available, seafood is a prevalent theme across the board.

As Barcelona is located beside the Mediterranean Sea, a vast variety of fresh seafood is readily available. Because there is such a wide range of seafood available and because the differences between frozen and fresh seafood are so substantial, it only makes sense to treat yourself. Many people believe that since you can’t be sure whether the fish is fresh or not, you better avoid eating it if you’re more than ten kilometers from the shore.

We can promise that each and every restaurant on our list will be of the greatest caliber. The following is a list of some of the city’s top seafood places.


A great seafood place in the Gothic Quarter. When it comes to exquisite seafood platters, paella, and mussels, Mariscco sets the standard high. Its outdoor patio is ideally placed, facing one of the Old City’s most prominent Plazas (Plaza Reial), and offers outstanding, exceptionally attentive service. It is great for people-watching, enjoying an exotic and lively ambiance, and soaking up the sun. 

Although Mariscco is famous for its seafood, there are also great vegetarian alternatives, a wholesome assortment of meats, various fish, and excellent salads. If you are looking to eat fantastic seafood in a prime location, this is a superb option.


Certainly, the name is intriguing. The label „casual seafood restaurant“ is derived from the name „llorito,“ a fish full of pleasures, and trust us, it does not fail to impress.

They provide a wide variety of seafood options on their menu, including grilled, cold, raw, and charcoal-grilled fish. Regarding the cooking methods, there isn’t much frying and no sauce, but there is a ton of excellent-quality raw seafood, such as sardines, red prawns, mussels, octopus, sea urchins, eel, and many more. But if you’re craving some fresh fried fish, you should learn about all the good fish for frying and order one of those. 

El Nacional

It is widely known that oysters are believed to boost libido. Bring your better half to El Nacional if you want to test whether this is true.

El Nacional is a collection of five restaurants, which includes a seafood restaurant, a steakhouse, a tapas bar, and an oyster bar, all of which are housed inside of a disused garage and furnished in Catalan art nouveau style. Sit back and relax on your stool while selecting your favorite oyster and side dish. 

El Nacional’s oyster bar is guaranteed to be a treat if the notion of a fresh oyster and a glass of champagne fits your ideal picture of a seafood supper.


Botafumeiro, one of Barcelona’s most renowned seafood restaurants, is exactly the type of place you’d want to enjoy a leisurely Sunday lunch or perhaps an early dinner after one of Barcelona’s most magnificent sunset tours

The best fish from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic is brought in daily, and the menu is a fusion of Cantabrian and Catalan cuisine. Large platters filled with crab, lobster, and much more are carried by waiters in starched white jackets as they walk past. To fit the event, the wine list features some rather remarkable bottles.

Els Pescadors

This former pub, now a high-end dining spot, is located in the rapidly developing Poblenou area and has been offering the freshest seafood and finest meals for years. Els Pescadors is a great choice if you want to have a meal in a sophisticated setting that is full of history, style, and creativity. 

If you’re curious about what will be cooked that evening, make sure to contact ahead of time because their menu changes daily based on the capture of the day. 

Can Sole

A staple of Barcelona, the restaurant exudes authenticity and history the moment you step inside. This seaside restaurant, which is located in the Barceloneta neighborhood, serves a variety of mouthwatering seafood and Catalan meals. This is a superb combination of Catalan, and Marine cuisine served in a classic but unpretentious setting. Can Sole is a restaurant that is nicely located near the water but not as touristic compared to some of the others, which are directly along the edge. Barceloneta is a picturesque, historic fishing hamlet. As a consequence, this restaurant offers a fusion of medieval and traditional Catalan and Spanish cuisine.

La Mar Salada

It can be a bit hit-or-miss choosing a restaurant in La Barceloneta, but there are some spots you can count on. In 1993, when Barcelona and the Barceloneta were just starting to become the popular tourist spots they are today, La Mar Salada first opened to the public. 

As it is today, the restaurant’s mission is to provide customers with affordable, freshly prepared seafood. The current head chef, Marc Singla, has tried to modernize traditional dishes to provide diners with a wholly more modern dining experience.

Cal Pinxo

Cal Pinxo, a well-known restaurant franchise, is located along the waterfront and offers views of Barcelona’s burgeoning yacht culture. It has a great terrace, fantastic service, and a sophisticated yet casual atmosphere. The restaurant, which specializes in seafood, also offers a variety of other meals, such as other fish, meats, salads, veggies, and other creative fares. 

Despite being surrounded by other portside establishments, Cal Pinxo stands out thanks to the premium ingredients that its famous chefs use to create their delectable dishes. Additionally, it’s one of the few eateries in the city serving vegetarian paella, which is uncommon.


Martínez looks out over the Mediterranean Sea and the bustling Barcelona port from its perch atop Montjuic hill. Despite not being a restaurant that specializes in seafood, Martínez is known for its line-caught prawns, French oysters, juicy lobster, gourmet canned seafood, and full roast fish. One of the best dishes in the province is the lobster „arroz caldoso,“ aka „stewed rice.“

Segons Mercat

This is a Barcelona treasure that is bright, breezy, and incredibly wonderful. Segons Mercat, a hidden gem in Barceloneta that is just a three-minute stroll from the beach, takes great delight in offering top-notch tapas, particularly when it pertains to their fish and shellfish. There are just two places in the city, the first on Gran Via in the Eixample neighborhood and another in the Old City, that offer the same. 

If you want to sample regional tapas with a gourmet touch, this is a terrific location. The proprietors are Edu and Billy, who are both charming, amiable, and eager to satisfy. Make sure to get their wonderful cava sangria.

Can Majó

This family-run, beachfront eatery, established in 1968, is a must-visit establishment in Barcelona. Can Majo, which is famous for its delectable paella, has a cozy patio outside that looks out onto the Mediterranean and is best in the summer. 

The proprietors take great care in delivering only the freshest fish, and they frequently visit the Barceloneta market, which is close to the restaurant. The short distance from the harbor is well worth it if you want to enjoy some traditional Spanish paella while looking out over the lake. Since Can Majo is a family-owned and -operated establishment, the service is extremely individualized.

La Paradeta

La Paredeta is a self-service seafood restaurant that is a romantic and casual paradise for seafood lovers. They select from a variety of innovative and fresh selections, which will then be presented to you in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In the metropolis, there are many Paradetas, each with a special vibe and personality. The one located in the Born is especially beautiful because it has a cozy, stone-covered lower seating space, perfect for dinner dates. You can pick the seafood for your dishes and, if you’d like, watch them cook it in the upper area. If not, you can sit at a table or order a drink from the bar.

Espai Kru

Another excellent restaurant that emphasizes creative menus and seasonal items is Espai Kru. You have the option of tartares, carpaccios, and various marinated dishes in this incredibly creative restaurant.

If you typically eat seafood, you might want to try something new. Fish, mollusks, shellfish, crustaceans, and well-prepared sushi are all excellent choices here. This is one of the best venues to experience both traditional Catalan cuisine and unique meals at once if you want to choose delectable seafood-heavy dishes.


Barraca is the best option if you’re seeking delectable seafood, outstanding paella, and a variety of selections, including vegan dishes. The top floor of this eatery has floor-to-ceiling windows that look out into the beach, making for stunning views, especially if you catch a seat by the window. The food is excellent, with a special emphasis on their paella and fish specialties. The staff is responsive to dietary constraints and eager to make accommodations. It’s also one of the few eateries with a mouthwatering, strictly vegan paella. The ideal place for a delicious beachside meal is Barraca.

El Bisaura

El Bisaura must be included on any list of the top fish and seafood eateries in Barcelona. In the Les Corts market, it is one of the most famous restaurants. It was once a fishmonger’s business before evolving into a prestigious restaurant.

This restaurant’s specialties are excellent seafood and fresh fish. Its resources are all of the utmost caliber and are freshly prepared to preserve their flavor, fragrance, and freshness. Because of this, the restaurant is constantly packed with regulars as well as people who come from far away having heard about the amazing food. 


It is no secret that Barcelona has some delicious fish because of its location on the Mediterranean coast and easy access to the Atlantic. Finding the greatest seafood places in the Catalan capital, however, is not always simple. These are the greatest spots in Barcelona for delicious seafood, regardless of whether you want a formal or more casual eating experience.

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