Travel Destinations With Marine Excursions

As the weather starts to warm up, it is time for families to start planning their travel itineraries. Family vacations can be fun as long as the kids remain happy. Otherwise, the trip might turn into an absolute nightmare. 

Besides, pending educational duties can also prevent your children from traveling. In this situation, a college essay writing service can help them with some of their school work.

Once everything is settled on the homefront, you can now choose a location for the family. To this end, we’ve gathered some family-friendly travel destinations with amazing marine experiences you’ll love.

8 Family-Friendly Travel Destinations With Marine Excursions

Some boat trips are suitable for the whole family!

1 — US Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands offer a variety of exciting activities for families. The best marine destination in this part of the world is St. John. This larger-than-life island contains attractions like Trunk Bay Beach. 

For sports-loving families, St. John’s mountain range offers a variety of hiking opportunities. If you want a more laid-back marine excursion, Buck Island is a perfect choice. Families can also go snorkeling alongside beautiful marine creatures.

2 — Florida, USA

The state of Florida has some of the best family-friendly travel destinations With Marine Excursions in the world. Although cities like Miami paint an X-rated portrait of Florida, families can enjoy their stay in this beautiful state.

For example, Seaside Beach is an excellent destination for a beach vacation with toddler. The Picturesque marine environment possesses that lively Caribbean vibe.

If you want a more tranquil location, you can head down to Captiva Island and enjoy the calm waters. Parents can put their kids in surfing schools to have fun with their mates.

Travel Destinations With Marine Excursions
Alaska is a top Travel Destinations With Marine Excursions

3 — Alaska, USA

Whenever you hear Alaska, blocks of ice and mountains of snow come to mind. But that’s just Alaska in winter. During the hot days, this destination offers multiple marine attractions for tourists.

The extensive Inside Passage shoreline provides a great platform for whale-watching — an excellent bonding exercise for families with young kids. In Juneau, the entire family can tour the Auke Bay Harbor on locally-made rafts.

4 — Hawaii, USA

If you want your kids to experience a colorful marine experience, take them to Hawaii. This tourist destination has everything to keep the family entertained throughout the vacation. The entire family can hop on a boat cruise to Pearl Harbor in Honolulu.

Another Hawaii location to add to your travel list is Lahaina. This town has a stunning marine atmosphere. Kids at the beach can watch humpback whales come up for air. The entire family can also surf and snorkel at Kaanapali Beach. Read a descriptive essay about Hawaii for more information

5 — Mexico (North America)

Mexico is a popular tourist destination for families looking to travel to a marine destination.

Don’t worry about the ever-crowded beaches of Cancun; Mexico has other lesser-known gems. 

Destinations like Puerto Costa Maya promise a laidback vacation for the entire family at the beach. Parents can chill in the sand, sipping non-alcoholic hibiscus drinks with their children.

You can also visit Yucatan and enjoy the awe-inspiring marine view. Get into the groove with fun activities like kayaking and sailing.

Other destinations in Mexico include San Gervasio on the tropical island of Cozumel and the Mayan ruins scattered across the peninsula.

Anguilla is a different proposition from most-visit Caribbean destinations. The ban on cruise ships and casinos makes this island a paradise for the best family beach vacations. Surrounding the island is a large crystal-clear mass of blue water and family-themed beaches. 

You can tour around the Island of Sint Maarten for scuba diving and snorkeling activities. If you want to try out the best seafood restaurants, Anguilla has them in abundance. Visit road-side restaurants on the island to enjoy the local cuisine.

7 — Northern Europe (The Baltic)

The Baltic opens up some of the most relaxing cruise ports in Northern Europe. For instance, a boat cruise in Helsinki can take you to cities like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Riga, and Amsterdam.

These countries are home to attractions like kayaking and hot-air balloons. And most importantly, the seafood in this region is fresh and sublime.

Sailing Portugal
Portugal is surely one of the best Travel Destinations With Marine Excursions in Europe

8 — Portugal (Southern Europe)

Portugal is a perfect destination in the Iberian Peninsula. The country has many port cities like Lisbon, Setubal, and Porto. But of these exciting destinations, Setubal stands out because of its family-friendliness. The beaches of Setubal provide an excellent platform for watching dolphins.

You can also visit the Madeira and Azores archipelagos for exciting fishing trips with the entire family.

Final words

Traveling with the entire family is always a great idea, especially in low-key locations. With proper planning, you can enjoy marine excursions in the US or head as far as the Baltic. Pick the right destination for your kids, and enjoy a wonderful summer!

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