Cliff Diving in the Azores

Your ultimate guide to the Red Bull Cliff Diving in the Azores

Did you already hear about the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series? This super exciting event takes place all around the world, at 7 different locations, to find the best female and male cliff-diver! The jumps they do are spectacular, and watching the divers jump from up to 27m with such ele

We went Whale Watching in São Miguel

Our friend Cristina, blogger at The Choice of Magic, shares her unforgettable experience Whale Watching in São Miguel: The island of São Miguel is certainly one of the most breathtaking places in Portugal. With eternally green hills, blue-green water, spotted cows and delici
When to go whale watching in the Azores

When to go whale watching in the Azores

The Azores are a real paradise for nature lovers and active tourist who appreciate the outdoors. No wonder that the group of islands has been elected one of the Top 10 most sustainable destinations in the world. The Azores are also the best Atlantic destination according to the Intern

Dolphin & whale watching in São Miguel, Azores

If you are planning your holidays to the Azores archipelago, you are surely considering a whale watching in São Miguel. The island of São Miguel is worldwide known for its stunning green scenery and for dolphin and whale watching boat trips. São Miguel is the biggest island of the Azo

Cliff diving in Azores

After Texas and Copenhagen in June this year, in July the Redbull Cliff Diving will come to the Azores on the 7th. The Azores archipelago, part of Portugal, in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean will host the World Series of cliff diving for the fifth year in a row. If you like diving an