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Interview with Portugal Sail Week 2018 – 10 questions to Duarte Ribeiro Soares about Portugal Sail Week 2018

Spending a week on a luxury yacht, surrounded by cool people from all over the world! Sunbathing all day, partying all night! And all of that in one of the most beautiful corners in Europe, the Algarve in Portugal! No doubt, Portugal Sail Week 2018 (PSW) is definitely going to be the best week of your life!

We had a chat with Duarte Ribeiro Soares, one of three partners organising the Portugal Sail Week 2018 about the event! Thanks to his experience in event planning, he will make sure that Portugal Sail Week 2018 will be a huge success. Wanna know what he has to say about the event? Here are his answers to 10 questions about Portugal Sail Week 2018!

Portugal Sail Week - Algarve 2018
The most unforgettable week of your life
  1. How did you come up with the idea to do a Sail Week in Portugal?

The PSW is a pioneer idea in Portugal. Similar events already exist a lot in Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and Greece. But we thought – why not do a Sail Week here in Portugal? We have the best beaches, the best weather and the best clubs. So really, Portugal is just one of the best countries for a Sail Week! Cheap, fun, and everyone likes Portuguese people! I like to say that Portugal “is an easy country”.

2. Why did you choose the Algarve?

Why Algarve? The question is really: Why would we do it anywhere else? In the Algarve, we have the best weather, a lot of seas to sail, and like I said earlier, the best beaches of Portugal! We think that the Algarve is one of the best destinations in Portugal. You don’t only have stunning beaches, but also a lot of different things to experience. You can find the two best clubs in Portugal (Bliss Vilamoura and LICK), magical sunsets, amazing cliffs and grottos, and much more that you can discover if you come to the Portugal Sail Week 2018!

Be impressed by the coastline of the Algarve
Be impressed by the coastline of the Algarve

3. What’s the spirit of PSW?

We tried to create a Yacht Festival that is different from all the other festivals in Portugal, like NOS Alive or Meo Sudoeste for example. We wanted to create something fun, unique and exciting! Our first day shows immediately what PSW is all about. Our goal is not to have a group of 6/8/10 friends on each yacht, but a group of 100 friends on all yachts together instead! Our motto of PSW is that “at the end of the week there are no friends, there is bonding, friendship, and soul mates that will cross borders from all over the world“. I think it’s something very special and inspiring!

4. What can people expect when they embark on PSW 2018?

An all-inclusive 7-day yacht festival to experience the best beaches, clubs and parties Algarve has to offer. Live like a true rock star aboard your personal yacht with six to ten of your friends.  This is the key of our 7-day program!

Crazy days, crazier nights!
Crazy days, crazier nights!

5. Is it true that they’re going to be influencers and bloggers on board?

Haha, the first surprise is revealed! Yes, there are going to be influencers and bloggers on board of the yachts. We have guests like Lotti Moss, Lillie Lexis, Charlie Barker, Jessica Anne Woodley and Sharam Dinis. We are trying to raise the level of Portugal Sail Week 2018, and really put it on the top of the list of all events in Portugal!

6. How wild do the parties really get? 😉

You need to come and live them, not imagine them 😉 But just to give you an impression: We don’t pay any entrance in any club in Algarve and with us, you are all VIPs during Portugal Sail Week 2018!

VIP access to the best clubs in the Algarve? Check!
VIP access to the best clubs in the Algarve? Check!

7. What’s your favourite stop in the Algarve?

I personally think Vilamoura is one of the best stops. That’s also why we stop there twice! Vilamoura is right in the centre of our route and of course the two best clubs of the Algarve are there. But I also really love the island Ilha Deserta, it’s like paradise!

8. Where are the people from who join the PSW?

We were contacted by people from all over the world: Miami, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, London, Aberdeen and much more. So I think that it will be a really nice mix of international people who will all fall in love with Portugal!

The Deluxe Catamaran has enough space for 10 people
The Deluxe Catamaran has enough space for 10 people

9. What is an essential thing to bring to PSW?

I was tempted to say boardshorts, but we offer one for each guy in our welcome kit (DCK boardshorts), and with that a beach towel (FUTAH). And the ladies don’t need to worry about bringing their stylish towels, because we offer them a FUTAH beach towel too! And on top of that, they get a CAIA beach pillow. So, I think we just need your good mood and willingness to enjoy Portugal Sail Week 2018!

10. Is there something else you wanna say about PSW?

Take advantage while we still have a few yachts available, because soon they will be booked out and you might miss out on the best week of your life! 😉

If you have any more question or want to book the best week of your life, send an email to [email protected]! Come aboard of one of the most exclusive events in Portugal!



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